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Fates Mark

"58 years after the new millennia, two sisters alike in blood and beauty, will meet for the first time. Marked with the same symbol and yet their seemingly polar opposites. Both will have extraordinary powers, both destined to become vampires through lovers venom. They, and they alone will have the power to restore order to the chaos made by the twins' empire" Isabella Marie and Serenity Renée, were sisters but they never knew it. Renée Swan, their mother, never told anyone about Serenity and immediately separated the two. At the age of 15 Serenity, known as Ren, died in a horrific car fire. Isabella, known as Bella, got married at 18; her and her husband died in a tragic car accident shortly after their wedding. But thats what their family thought. Both became vampires. After Isabella was changed by her true love, a weird mark appeared on her right hand. Three years before Serenity was changed by her love, a strange symbol appeared on her left hand. Almost 50 years after Bella was changed, Serenity and Isabella meet. Photobucket This story can be found at: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4783717/1/Fates_Mark

I only own what i have created in my head. Stephanie Mayer owns most of everything (except Ren and her clan)!!!!! and my only wish is for everyone to review!!!!

4. Ren's story

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Ren's POV

Who was this girl that looked like me? Why did she look so strange when I said my name? Why couldn't I read her mind, or for that matter, anyone's?

Normally I could simulate anyone's powers, if they were in the same room as me. I've tried and failed to use Nick's. I tried to set the flowers on the table on fire, but that didn't work. What was wrong with me? Just for the hell of it, I tried to make a storm outside. IT DIDN'T WORK!!

I started to get really frustrated. What the hell was going on? I've always been able use other's powers. Was it one of them? Were they doing it? Sucking all the powers out of the room? It had to be.

My left hand still in my pocket, I looked into every one of their faces, trying to see who was the one blocking my powers. They were all looking at me. Was my mood change that visible?

"What?" I demanded. It was a few moments before anyone spoke.

"Your last name is Swan?" A lean, blond-haired man asked.

"Yeah, it was my father's name," I answered. Why would he question that?

"Your father's," a bronze haired man repeated. He was holding onto the look-a-like, who looked petrified.

"Yeah, I didn't know my father that well, but my mother went by Swan until she got married again. That picture there," I pointed to the framed picture in Nick's hands. "is a picture of my patents before they got divorced. You see, my mother left him when she was only two months pregnant with me. She didn't like the rain, and she didn't want her two children to grow up, never seeing the sun. She moved us to California, where I was born. My father never knew I existed. She had left me with her Aunt Marie in Riverside, California when I was about 2. After four years of living in California she moved, with my sister, to Arizona.

"Marie never told me my sister's name. My sister, like my father, was to never know I existed. I attended school. When I was 14, a new kid appeared at school. He was talked about a lot. He was mysterious and gorgeous and super smart. Every girl loved him and every boy envied him. All the girls tried to ask him out, but he refused every one of them. I avoided him just as he avoided me after I had said hello to him one day, and he ran straight out of the school.

"He saved my life when we met again, away from school. He had explained how he saved me, and why. He told me what he was, he expected that I would've run screaming away from him, but I didn't. We became very good friends, and soon we fell in love.

"About two months before my 16th birthday, I decided to run away with William. Marie was always saying that I acted like I was in my 20's. WE faked a car explosion; we were both supposedly killed instantly. And here I am today." I finished, leaving out the fact that when I was changed I had this weird mark on my hand.

"What happened to your parents and sister, do you know?" A dark-haired pixie like girl asked.

"My mother died of old age with her husband. My father had a heart attack in his early 50s and died. My sister, she got married the summer after she graduated from high school. Unfortunately, on her was back from her honeymoon, both her and her new husband were killed instantly in a huge car crash. I still don't know her name, to this day." The tragedies of the past hunted me even on this day. I didn't know them and yet I loved them.

"What were your parent's names?" the pixie girl urged. I could have sworn that she knew what I was going to say.

"I'm sorry for boring you with my story, it’s just that when I get into telling a little bit, more comes out." I laughed. "But my parents names were, Renée Dwyer and Charlie Swan," I said as I fell into William's comforting embrace.