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Fates Mark

"58 years after the new millennia, two sisters alike in blood and beauty, will meet for the first time. Marked with the same symbol and yet their seemingly polar opposites. Both will have extraordinary powers, both destined to become vampires through lovers venom. They, and they alone will have the power to restore order to the chaos made by the twins' empire" Isabella Marie and Serenity Renée, were sisters but they never knew it. Renée Swan, their mother, never told anyone about Serenity and immediately separated the two. At the age of 15 Serenity, known as Ren, died in a horrific car fire. Isabella, known as Bella, got married at 18; her and her husband died in a tragic car accident shortly after their wedding. But thats what their family thought. Both became vampires. After Isabella was changed by her true love, a weird mark appeared on her right hand. Three years before Serenity was changed by her love, a strange symbol appeared on her left hand. Almost 50 years after Bella was changed, Serenity and Isabella meet. Photobucket This story can be found at: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4783717/1/Fates_Mark

I only own what i have created in my head. Stephanie Mayer owns most of everything (except Ren and her clan)!!!!! and my only wish is for everyone to review!!!!

5. Light switch

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Bella's POV

How could this be? My Charlie and my Renée can't possibly be her Charlie and Renée. We probably weren't even born in the same time period. She also has to be younger than me, physically at least. Then again, how could she look so much like me? The eyes, the hair, the facial features, granted if she were related to me, she looked more like Renée.

My current family were immobile statues, their eyes flicking between me and Ren. Alice looked like she was about to jump out of her seat and dance around the room, a large smile plastered onto her face.

The Collins family had mixed expressions. Lily fidgeted in her seat, uncomfortable with the silence and tension. Nick was smiling as well, but his wasn't as large as Alice's. It was like he knew everything from now to the distant future. William and Ren had collapsed onto the couch and were looking at my family, waiting, like everyone else.

Could I possibly have a living family member? There was only one way to find out. I didn't know how I would react but here goes nothing.

"Erm, Ren, wh-when were you born?"

"Wh-" She looked dumbfounded by my sudden question. "August of 1991. Why?"

I felt a spasm run through my body. I was about to break down for some reason. I couldn't let everyone see me like that, again. I did the only thing that came to my mind. I ran.

As I threw open the front door I heard Ren say, "Was it something I said?"

I was gone into a sea of green.

Ren's POV

Why did she run? Did I say something she didn't want to hear? She was the one who asked. As soon as she left the house, everyone's powers seemed to turn on, like a light switch. All the different powers surged through me. The usually distant voices of thoughts were screaming in my head. Damn it, two mind readers in one room is not a good thing. I could hear everyone's thoughts in a 10 mile radius, and they echoed. I needed to get one of them out of here.

I should probably go after her. But what's wrong with this Ren girl? She looks pained. What happened? He's a telepath too! I can't tell about her but I know he is… I should go see if Bella is alright.

"Well then go! Please go!" I almost yelled at the person who thought it, Edward. He looked at me, his brows furrowing together.

Alice, the spiky-haired pixie, shot out of her seat. "You should go, see if Bella's alright. Go. I'll fill you in later." She pushed him to the door.

With the roaring noise back to the normal whispers, I could concentrate on figuring out these people. A psychic, strength, and empathy.

Alice's the psychic, Emmett, the big one, is the super strong one and Jasper, the blonde guy, is the empathy. And as you know Edward is the other mind reader. Nick informed me in his thoughts. I nodded. The other blonde is Rosalie, she has no power. Bella blocks everyone's powers in a room when she wants.