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Family Secrets

Bella is sent to live with her aunt and two cousins in Portland, Maine, after Edward leaves her the first time. She discovers some interesting things about her family. Takes place during New Moon. WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS

Ok, so everyone must READ THIS!!!! Unless you want to be hopelessly confused. Ok, so Edward left. Bella promised Charlie that she would attempt to be social again, that was in November. Now, it's December, Bella never went to Port Angeles with Jessica and she never went to visit Jacob. If you're confused, I don't know what to say, just try reading the first chapter and maybe it will make sense, maybe.

12. Chapter 12

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“Hello Bella.” A familiar voice said.

“What do you want?” I asked.

Victoria laughed but was cut off by one of the other people.

“We want you three to come with us.” The tallest one said. I noticed that there was one other vampire there besides Victoria, and he didn’t exactly look relaxed.

“Why would we come with you?” Lilia snapped, she hated being told what to do by complete strangers, “Who are you anyways?”

“My name is Cecily, this,” she gestured to the man on her left, “is Michael, and this,” she pointed to the woman on her right, “is Maria. We, and a few others who aren’t present, call ourselves the Order.” Aunt Peggy gasped when she said that.

“Why are Victoria and that other vampire here?” I questioned. Her intentions weren’t all that good the last time I had seen her, so I doubted that they were that nice now.

“I have a name you know.” He spoke for the first time since I had noticed him, “its Riley.”

“Well excuse me, why are Victoria and Riley here?” I asked again.

“They wanted to join us. They agreed with our beliefs.” Cecily stated.

“Then obviously your beliefs aren’t kind.” I reasoned with them.

“How could you know that? You haven’t given us a chance to tell you.” Cecily responded coolly.

“Because, anything Victoria’s involved in could never have good intentions, isn’t that right Victoria?” I turned my gaze to her.

“James’ and mine relationship had good intentions until you and your stupid little vampire boyfriend” I flinched a tiny bit, and I could feel the pain overtake my features but I hoped she didn’t notice, “Came along.”

My hopes were in vain, she noticed the pain, “oh, isn’t that sad. You and Edward aren’t together anymore? What, did he think that if he left you, you would be safe? Ha, he and his family must be too scared to fight me like they fought James-“

“That’s enough Victoria.” Cecily cut her off again, she turned to us, “Now, would you like to come with us?”

“Well,” Elsbeth chirped in happily, oblivious to the fact that they were evil. Aunt Peggy grabbed her arm and dragged her back, she was walking forward eagerly.

“Girls, I’ve heard of the Others before. They are not good people.”

I rolled my eyes, “Obviously.”

“Yes, now if you go with them, they will most likely make you use your powers for bad. They want to take over the world, if they had three fairywitches on their side, they wouldn’t have any problems doing just that. You can not go with them.”

“Of course we wouldn’t go with them.” Lilia shot a meaningful glare at Elsbeth, “Why would we leave you Aunt Peggy? Let’s go break it to them nicely.”

We walked back over to where they were standing.

“I’m so sorry, but I don’t think we’ll go with you.” Lilia said with a fake sweet tone and apologetic smile on her face.

“Oh, that’s too bad.” Cecily said with the same tone of voice, and then she turned to the woman. “Maria the mind control spell please. Michael make sure they don’t run.” Michael walked behind us, and pulled a rope out. He started to tie Lilia and Elsbeth’s hands.

“What?!” screeched Victoria. “You said if they didn’t come with us you would destroy them! You even said you had the destruction spell or whatever!” As Victoria kept rambling, Cecily looked more and more annoyed. Maria started chanting, and I realized that we didn’t have that much time.

“Riley, take care of Victoria please.” Cecily instructed.

“But, but I could never.” Riley glanced at Victoria who had stopped ranting when Cecily had spoken. It was obvious that they were mates now, and no matter what, he was not going to attack Victoria. Michael was temporarily distracted by Riley’s disobedience and I saw that as my only chance at saving us.

I sprang on Maria, knocking her to the ground and breaking her concentration.

“Oh man, now I have to start over.” She complained, “Thanks a lot.” Once she realized who was on her, that’s when she started to fight.

“A little help here!” I yelled. Maria’s hand grabbed my hair, but dealing with vampires for half a year put me at an advantage. I grabbed her arm and pulled her off of me, then threw my right fist at her stomach. I heard her groan at the impact, and I smiled at my success. She chose that second to flip and land on top of me.

We hit at each other, but no one gained an advantage. Suddenly though, another pair of hands joined the mix, grabbing Maria’s shoulder and throwing her across the meadow. I blinked in shock.

Victoria stood over me, a slight smile on her lips. She held out her hand and helped me up.

“Um, don’t you hate me and want me dead?” I questioned her as I gazed around the meadow. Riley was fighting; well it wasn’t really fighting since he had the advantage, with Michael, while Cecily and my family looked on in horror.

“I just had an epiphany a moment ago when Riley defended me. I never did love James.” She smiled. “And if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have ever met Riley, my true love. So, thank you.”

“Um, wow, your welcome I guess.” Just then Maria came behind Victoria and jumped on her back with what looked like a broken arm. A look of pure annoyance crossed Victoria’s face before she threw Maria off and turned to fight her.

I ran over to Lilia, Elsbeth, and Aunt Peggy.

“We need to leave now while Cecily’s distracted.” They nodded and we took off into the forest. As we left, I glanced over my shoulder and caught a glimpse of Cecily disappearing into the forest just as Victoria and Riley bite into Maria and Michael. I shuddered a little at that last bit.

“So, what now?” Elsbeth asked as we flew through the forest.

“We move.” Aunt Peggy said with a shrug of her shoulders. “We can’t stay here, Cecily could come back with reinforcements, and we wouldn’t have a distraction like that again.” We all nodded in agreement. “So girls, say goodbye to anyone you want to, you only have a few minutes.”

“I know that Lilia and I don’t have anyone, but what about you Bella?” They looked to me.

For a second I thought of saying goodbye to the Cullens, but thought better of it. “No, I don’t.”