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Family Secrets

Bella is sent to live with her aunt and two cousins in Portland, Maine, after Edward leaves her the first time. She discovers some interesting things about her family. Takes place during New Moon. WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS

Ok, so everyone must READ THIS!!!! Unless you want to be hopelessly confused. Ok, so Edward left. Bella promised Charlie that she would attempt to be social again, that was in November. Now, it's December, Bella never went to Port Angeles with Jessica and she never went to visit Jacob. If you're confused, I don't know what to say, just try reading the first chapter and maybe it will make sense, maybe.

2. Chapter 2

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“Welcome home!” Aunt Peggy exclaimed as she threw the door open to the large house. “Now,” she said as she set down my two bags, “we have a room for you upstairs.”

“Thank you.” I was in awe of their large foyer. It was light and open and it reminded me a lot of them and their large house in the woods. “Lilia, Elsbeth!” She called. Their heads poked around a corner.

“Bella!” They exclaimed and ran over to give a bone crushing hug to me.

“Now, now girls, show Bella her room and then let her get settle in. Maybe you two girls can show her the town before dinner, then after,” she turned to me, “we need to talk with you about something important Bella.” I nodded and Lilia and Elsbeth dragged me up a large staircase and into my room.

It was painted a baby blue color, and had light tinted wood floors. There was a dresser and a desk, with a computer on top, pushed against one wall, and a bed against the opposite. A small door on the opposite wall revealed a tiny closet that was no bigger than my one in Forks.

Lilia and Elsbeth left me then, and I collapsed on the bed exhausted from my long trip. But I had to unpack because Lilia and Elsbeth obviously wanted to take me out; they were continuously knocking on my door and asking if I was ready to go. I didn’t know what had gotten into them, usually they avoided me, but today they seemed excited, maybe even anxious for me to be with them.

I finally finished packing and walked out of my room, only to have them each grab on of my arms and drag me out into their car. We drove around town for the next few hours. They pointed out places to me, like school, the mall, the bookstore, the grocery store, and any other place that they thought I would need to know the location of. We stopped at the occasional store for them to run in and grab things that they needed for New Year’s Eve which was in a few days, but eventually we had to return home for dinner.

Aunt Peggy knew how to cook, unlike Renee and Charlie, so I simply had to sit down at the table. She had grilled chicken and tossed it into a salad, and it was delicious. I ate two servings; I hadn’t noticed how hungry I was when I had first arrived.

After dinner Aunt Peggy suggested that we go into the living room and sit down to have our talk.

“So, what did you want to talk about?” I asked.

“Well, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but your cousins and I aren’t exactly normal.” Aunt Peggy said this slowly, and hesitantly, like she didn’t know how to phrase what she was saying.

“I have noticed, a little.” I wondered where this was going.

“Well Bella,” She paused, “I’m not even your real aunt, I’m just a good friend of your mothers. And Lilia and Elsbeth are not my daughters, and they are not your blood relatives.”

Now I was confused, “What are you talking about?”

“You see, I’m a witch.”

“Oh. I see. So, am I a witch to?”

“Yes, but you’re a more, how do I say this, special kind.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re a fairywitch.”

“And that’s special because?” I could barely comprehend what she was saying.

“There are only supposed to be five fairywitches.”

“And I’m one of them.” I finished the sentence for her, “Who are the other four?” This didn’t surprise me; I had dealt with mythological creatures before, what are next, werewolves?

“Lilia and Elsbeth,” She answered and I nodded, “That’s why they live with me. I took care of training them because they transformed at the same time. The other two have yet to be transformed, but it’s going to happen next year.” She paused, ”You’re taking this surprisingly well.” Aunt Peggy noted.

“I’m used to weird.” That was the best I could say, I would protect the secret of the Cullens with my life.

“Oh, okay. Well, any questions?”

“Yes. Um, so what did you mean by transform?”

Lilia answered my question, “At twelve o’clock midnight on New Year’s Eve of your eighteenth year, you will gain your full powers.”

“So that’s why my mom wanted me to move here so badly.”

“Yes, so that we can help you learn to use your powers.”

“Will I have pale skin and violet eyes like you, and will I be incredibly beautiful like you?”

“Yes, but it will happen slowly. First it will just be things like your hair, and it won’t be noticeable, but then after about six months, they will become drastic and people will notice, but you’ll be done with school then, so there’s nothing to worry about.” I pondered that for a moment.

“What other things will happen to me?” I was curious now.

“Well, you’ll be invincible, except if someone used a destruction spell, but no one knows the destruction spell, it was lost hundreds of years ago. You won’t age at all; you’ll be stuck at eighteen.” Aunt Peggy spoke the words quickly and it made them hard to understand.

“What makes us so special besides the fact that there are only five of us?”

Aunt Peggy looked grave for a moment, “You five will be the most powerful witches in the universe. You have the powers of a fairy and witch combined, plus so much more.”

“So?” I still didn’t get why she was so upset about this.

“If someone made you go in the wrong direction with the use of your powers… it could be very bad for everyone.” I shook my head, I understood what that meant.

An awkward silence fell over the room, and I felt like I had to break it. “So… can I fly?”