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Family Secrets

Bella is sent to live with her aunt and two cousins in Portland, Maine, after Edward leaves her the first time. She discovers some interesting things about her family. Takes place during New Moon. WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS

Ok, so everyone must READ THIS!!!! Unless you want to be hopelessly confused. Ok, so Edward left. Bella promised Charlie that she would attempt to be social again, that was in November. Now, it's December, Bella never went to Port Angeles with Jessica and she never went to visit Jacob. If you're confused, I don't know what to say, just try reading the first chapter and maybe it will make sense, maybe.

7. Chapter 7

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“Ok dear,” Aunt Peggy said when we had sat down in the living room, “What do you want to talk with us about?” I didn’t know exactly how to go about saying what I had to, they couldn’t know the Cullens’ secret, but I needed to let them know about Victoria.

“Well,” I paused and they nodded for me to continue. “When I moved to Forks, I met some people. And, um, they were kind of different from other people.”

“How so?” Lilia asked, leaning forward in her seat.

“Um, they were vampires.”

“They were what?!?” Elsbeth exclaimed.

“Vampires. Now let Bella finish her story girls.” Aunt Peggy said turning back to me, “What happened with these vampires?”

“Well, I started to fall in love with one of them,” I winced slightly but continued, “I was watching them play baseball one night when three nomads showed up, James, Victoria, and Laurent. One of them, James, noticed that I was human. He was a tracker, and he wanted to kill me.” I heard all three of them gasp. “Victoria helped him track me, while Laurent went to Alaska.”

“The family took me out of town, to Phoenix. But he somehow found me there.”

“That was when you were in the hospital.” Elsbeth concluded. I nodded.

“He really got that close?” Lilia asked quietly.

“He told me he had my mom, so I went to meet him. It turns out he tricked me. He had just started drinking my blood when, um, the family showed up.”

“Shouldn’t you be a vampire then?” Aunt Peggy was apparently clued in on how that worked, but none of them obviously knew what vampires looked like; otherwise they would know what the Cullens were, although the school was so big that they probably hadn’t even noticed the Cullens.

“The one who I fell in love with sucked the venom back out. He left me, they all left me after my 18th birthday, which was the reason I thought I was coming here for. Anyways, Victoria and James were mates apparently, and now she’s after me, that’s who you saw with me in the back yard today Aunt Peggy. She’s also the one who came to the house the other day. She wants to kill me.”

“But, she can’t, you’re a fairywitch.” Elsbeth stated confused.

“That’s what she found out today, but she threatened to get to me somehow.”

“Well, she’s not going to be able to kill you, or do anything to hurt you, so why are you so worried?” Aunt Peggy didn’t seem to get the concept of ‘get to me somehow’.

“She means that she’s going to hurt me somehow. And while Lilia, Elsbeth, and I may be invincible, she can still hurt you.”

Aunt Peggy nodded her head in understanding.

“Well, I can take care of myself. Don’t worry about it honey.” She leaned over and patted my knee comfortingly.

And while I wasn’t too concerned about her, I was worried that Victoria was going to go after Edward. I knew that he and his family could take care of themselves, but they weren’t invincible when it came to being attacked by a vampire, especially one avenging her mate.