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Beautiful banner by eternitys_charm! Bella lives in Phoenix, along with Edward and the rest of the group. Everything is going great until Edward starts noticing marks on Bella's arms, and strange behavior from her. Then the storm hits, leaving Edward badly injured and Bella with no place to stay. Is distance enough to end the strongest of friendships? Of course not. ALL HUMAN. Awesome banner was made by eternitys_charm!

Hey look! I'm doing something serious! If you've read my stuff from FF you'll know this is a first... I'm not too sure on the title, so it may change. A warning: This story contains ABUSE. If you don't like that, then I suggest you don't read it. It doesn't come up until later, but it's still there.

1. Chapter 1

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As my sister and her friends walked down the hall after class my eyes fixated on one particular girl, as usual.


She had moved here about two years after us. Once Alice saw that she was having trouble making friends, due to Bella being incredibly shy, and some bad rumors, she immediately started including her, inviting her over, and generally making her feel welcome in the sunny city of Phoenix. They were now two of the closest people I'd ever met. We were friends also, Bella and I, but I doubt she knew the extent of my feelings for her. Emmett and Jasper on the other hand, knew it all too well, as I was reminded when Emmett thumped my back rather hard and said, “Dude, if you don't ask her to the party this weekend, I'll shove your soccer ball up your—”

“What Emmett is trying to say,” Jasper cut in quickly, “is that you've been hiding your feelings from her for far too long.”

“It hasn't been that long...,” I said angrily. They liked to over exaggerate.

“It's been six years.” Okay, so maybe they weren't exaggerating. Only a week after she'd moved here I had the biggest crush on her. And when she would blush as I spoke to her, I had the faint hope that she liked me as well, until I realized she blushed all the time.

“I tell you two this every day! She doesn't like me as more than a friend,” I said.

Emmett rolled his eyes and said, “Sure she does, don't you pay attention when she's around? She can't stop looking at you.”

“I probably have something on my face.”

“Every day?” Jasper asked.

I shrugged. “Maybe it's my nose or something... maybe my eyes cross when I talk to her... maybe I—”

“Enough! You know none of that's true!” Emmett yelled. Yes, I knew that. I was just messing with them now. We seemed to have this same conversation every time an event came up. They would bug me to ask her out and I would almost be brave enough to do it, but not quite. This time it was the party after the big soccer game.

Jasper turned to me and said, “Here they come. Ask her.”

“But Jasper, what if she says no?” I asked, now more afraid than before.

Emmett laughed and said, “She won't, duh. But in the very, very rare scenario where she does, you'll just drown your sorrows in your music, like you always do...”

I just glared at him. I was unable to answer him though because at that moment Alice and Bella walked up, Alice going straight to Jasper, to make up for all the lost make out time she'd spent in class I suppose.

Bella walked up to us and said, “Hey Edward. Emmett. How are you guys today?”

Emmett smiled and said, “Oh Bella! I've missed you so much in the day and a half since we last saw each other! Come, give me a hug!” Emmett ran towards her, arms outstretched and she giggled and ran away. She wasn't quite fast enough. Emmett grabbed her and squeezed her into a bear hug that made her squeak.

“Emmett, let her breathe!” I yelled playfully, my nervousness forgotten.

Emmett laughed and let her go. Just as I was thinking about how I'd gotten off free, Jasper broke away from Alice long enough to say, “Bella, Edward wants to ask you something!”

I inwardly groaned. Scratch that about the nerves. They were back more than ever. Bella came up to me and I noticed that she was wearing a long sleeved shirt. Again. I had looked every day, and every day she always wore a long sleeved shirt. I had asked her about it once, why she did that in such a hot city, but somehow the question never got answered. She looked at me curiously and said, “Yes, Edward?”

“Um...,” was all I managed to get out. Emmett shoved me so that there was only about a foot between Bella and I. I cleared my throat and said, “Bella, um, I was wondering... um... if you... well... if you would want to come with me to the party after the game on Saturday. You know, as my... date.” I did it. Was all I could think. After all this time, I did it. And now... Bella had turned a bright pink. Just when I thought I would just crawl in a hole and die, she smiled and said, “I'd love to, Edward.”