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Edward this is Wrong

A short one shot based on the line in the trailer, "Edward this is wrong. She's not one of us." Funny, funny, funny line!


1. Love

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Edward’s Point of View

“Edward this is wrong. She’s not one of us.” Emmett stated quickly from his side of the Volvo. Edward was on the other side, thinking about what his favorite brother was saying.

Was it wrong? He was already eternally damned, right? Why would anyone care if he just kept being selfish? Who would care about one measly, human life?

Edward grimaced. Carlisle would care. Carlisle who’s been so kind to him. Carlisle who’s been like a father to him. Carlisle who had good intentions.

But beside, Carlisle, who would care? Why had God done this to him? Put him into such a situation?

But would it be wrong to fall in love with a human? Carlisle had. Rosalie had. Had he? Was that a sin?

Could even following your instincts be wrong? Biting her, drinking in her precious blood, letting the warmness fall over his lips…Could this be wrong? Yes. Edward knew that being that selfish was defiantly a sin.

But what about falling in love? Making her fall back in love with him? Was that wrong? Was he damning her, too? Could falling in love be wrong?

He looked up to where his favorite brother’s eyes were boring into him. “No, Emmett. It’s not wrong. Falling in love isn’t wrong.”

Emmett’s Point of View

“Edward, this is wrong. She’s not one of us.” I proclaimed as I leaned over the slightly ostentatious silver Volvo that sat just outside our huge garage.

My brother didn’t respond. Of course not, Rosalie would tell me later. He refuses to admit that he in all of his perfection could be wrong. And I would have to agree.

Lately, my brother wasn’t acting like himself. Normally, he would play the piano and amuse himself at night, but now he just watched Bella sleep.

I looked once again to Edward. “No, Emmett. It’s not wrong. Falling in love isn’t wrong.” He proclaimed as he quickly walked from the Volvo into our house.

So, he thought that he was in love, huh? How could you be in love with something that you constantly wanted to kill? Perhaps he meant that he was in love with her blood?

No, Edward knew what I was talking about, bringing a human girl into our secret life, endangering both her and us. Did he not care for any of us? Were we just little pawns in his eternal life? No, no, no. I knew that what I was thinking was ridiculous.

He must really care for this girl. Could I care for Rose, even if whenever we were next to each other, even if each time we kissed I wanted to kill her? Yes, yes, yes. I do believe that my Rose could even be a werewolf and I would still care for her. Yes, yes, yes. Nothing could change my Rose. Nothing, nothing, nothing.

Even my Rose’s ostentatious and pig headed behavior did not keep me from loving her. Nothing did.

I guess Edward could love this girl. Boy, would Rose be surprised