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Joyeux Anniversaire Bella


Joyeux Anniversaire means Happy Birthday in French. This is Rosalie's POV on Bella's 18th Birthday

This is my first fanfic. I hope everyone enjoys reading it! I am not the writing goddess that Stephenie Meyer is. SO THERE WAS NO WAY I WROTE ANYTHING IN THE TWILIGHT SAGA. I just enjoy elaborating her charactars personalities. :).

1. The Party

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When Bella walked in the room she was overwhelmed with all Alice had done. I didn’t think it was much. If it had been my birthday I would have scoffed at the decorations Alice put up. It would have been extremely extravagant and expensive. The decorations Alice put up were plain and simple.

Emmett was actually happy to see Bella, unlike me. I was completely uninterested. I didn’t glare at Bella like I usually did; I was not in the mood to be hostile. It was after all her birthday, even if I had no interest in it. I would not be mean tonight. There would be plenty of other times to make her feel like the dirty rotten human she was.

Alice announced that it was time to open presents. Bella looked annoyed; she had told everyone that we shouldn’t make a big deal out of her birthday. She was so mean and selfish. We had spent all this time on the party to make her happy, and she is telling us that she didn’t want us to. I wished we hadn’t, it was a waste of time.

Bella took the present from Emmett and Jasper first; it was Emmy’s idea to buy her a stereo for her car. I didn’t care and I told everybody to tell her that it was from me as well. She ripped off the wrapping paper, and saw the box for the stereo; the confusion was written all over her face. She opened the box and of course it was empty. I smiled.

That surprised me, I wished I hadn’t. It might make her think that I like her, but I don’t like her, and I wasn’t about to change my feelings toward her anytime soon. Emmy came back after installing the stereo into her car just as we were about to watch her open the next present.

As she was taking off the wrapping paper she got a paper cut. A drop of blood oozed out and Jasper lunged at her. She was a fool; didn’t she know how blood affected vampires? She fell back as Edward threw himself at her. Blood started flowing freely from her arm. I was thirsty, and I wanted to have her blood. It was so lovely and red…and it smelled mouth-watering. I stopped breathing at once.

Carlisle told me and Emmett to take Jasper outside. I walked over to Emmett and helped him push Jasper back while avoiding his venomous teeth. As we took him away, I felt happy. I knew that having a human mingling with vampires would cause problems, and it did. I remembered last spring when we all had to risk our lives just to save Bella. We took Jasper away.

When he had come to his senses he was horrified. He kept on repeating that it was his entire fault, and it was. He needed to control himself, like the rest of us. He should follow my example, I had never tasted human blood in my whole existence and I was not about to change that.

Jasper, Emmett, and I sat there for awhile. Pretty soon we saw Edward walking toward us. He looked grim and serious. Emmett and I walked to the nearest pond and sat there so Edward and Jasper could have some privacy, even though we would still be able to hear everything.

Edward was mad, and we all knew that. But he easily forgave Jasper and told him not to worry. I knew Jasper could feel the anger coming off of Edward at the time. He walked back to the house deep in thought. All three of us waited outside until Edward and Bella were gone for the night.

Happy Birthday Bella, I hope you had fun.