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my last breath

A girl by the name of Bella has been adopted after both of her parents have died. She has been adopted by two strangly beautiful people by the name of Esme and Carlilse. She soon finds out that they do not live alone and then soon realizes that they are not so normal. This is for good reasons, they are not human. After falling in love with their youngest "adopted" son Edward She finds out thier secret. Will she protect that secret, or die trying?


1. Tears and Rain Drops

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Sleep is an odd thing that along with it brings dreams. My dream right now was something that had already happened. That didn't mean it wouldn't bring tears.

My dream was about my parents death. I was in the backseat listening to my cd player while my parents where driving. They had just been divorced. My dad was driving me and my mother to the airport. The snow had made the roads slick and dangerous.

I could still hear them yelling so I turned up my cd player. The next thing I knew we where in a ditch and through my clouded eyes all I could see was blood. I then faded into a deep darkness.

I opened my eyes, awaking from my deam with tears and raindrops falling outside the car window. I was now headed to my new home to which the occupants had adoupted me after many years after the car accident. The adouption agency only gave them the information about dead parents not how it happend.

Their names where Esme and Carlisle Cullen. When I first saw them my jaw dropped. They where beautiful people. Esme had a carmel colored hair that fell on her shoulders. Carlisle had silky and unbelievably gorgeous blond hair. They both had an odd yellowish gold toned eye color. I had seen them enough now that I was partially used to their beauty. Although I had a fealing it was not something you got used too.

I whiped off my tears and looked back out the window.

"Oh I see you're awake Isabella. Where almost home." Esme was smiling a warm motherly smile. I did not want to be rude so I spoke back.

"How long untill we get there? To your home I mean." I shifted in my seat and smiled back at her.

"Just about ten minutes" I nodded and she then nodded back and turned back around. Carlisle then spoke while still looking straight out the window.

"I think you'll realy like the place. We don't have a good room for you yet so regretfully you'll have to sleep on our couch. I hope you don't mind?" He then turned his head to the side a little to look at me with sorry eyes.

"No, i don't mind at all. It'll be a lot better just by their being no other kids." He then gave me an awkward smile and truned his head back to looking straight out the window. I then closed my eyes. The next thing I knew we where parked in front of the most beautiful house I had ever seen.

I got out of the car while Esme put her arm around my shoulder and Carlisle got my bags. The rain had turned into a light sprinkle. Esme's arm seemed unusualy cold for normal human temperature. I felt warm so I payed no attention.

When we got inside esme took her arm off me and took a step forward. What happened next surprised me. Esme called up the stairs.

"Rose, Emmet, Alice, Jasper, Edward come down where home." Then five beautifull creatures came walking down the stairs. The first was a blond bombshell, the next was a brown haired weight lifting man, after him was a pixilike black haired girl walking with a tall handsome blond, a distance behind them was a bronze haired wonder boy.

Carlisle turned to me with a sheepish smile and then spoke.

"Well I guess the agency didn't tell you... we have other kids" He then laughed a little and continued. "I hope that's O.K." I nodded my head and replied.

"Yeah, thats O.K." I looked back at their "other kids" and saw that the bronze haired boy was looking at me like he wanted to kill me while the others where polightly smiling at me. This was surly an odd family and I wasn't sure I wanted to get to know all of them.