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my last breath

A girl by the name of Bella has been adopted after both of her parents have died. She has been adopted by two strangly beautiful people by the name of Esme and Carlilse. She soon finds out that they do not live alone and then soon realizes that they are not so normal. This is for good reasons, they are not human. After falling in love with their youngest "adopted" son Edward She finds out thier secret. Will she protect that secret, or die trying?


15. Thoughts

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I shook my head hoping to clear the thoughts out of my head unsucessfully and continued home. As i turned the truck off i was aware of Edward opening my door for me. This was going to be weird.

“How was the beach?” I smiled and slowly got out of the truck.

“It was pretty nice. I met this kid I knew from when I was younger. He lives on the res.” I saw his jaw get tight. He then looked down at my hands.

“So how many times did you trip?” He smiled at me and I laughed.

“Only a few times.” We then went inside the house. As I got in I was greated by a nervous Alice.

“Hey Bella. How was the trip?” She seemed a little on edge.

“It was pretty good. I think im going to go read now.” She nodded her head and I went to my room. I layed down on my bed and stared at my ceiling with a book I had picked up on my way in. I wasn’t in the mood to read. My mind was still swirling. Soon I drifted off into sleep.

Edwards pov~

As I had gone outside to great Bella I was only slightly aware of how off Alice was acting. As we went inside I was fully aware of it as she greeted Bella. Something was wrong. I tried to read her mind but she blocked me out with other thoughts. As Bella walked into her room Alice motioned for me to follow her and we went to Carlisle’s study. The rest of the family was already their. Alice then spoke.

“I don’t know when its going to happen but something horrible is going to happen.” Carlisle then stood up.

“What exactly is going to happen Alice?” She looked down at her feet as if she was about to start crying.

“Bella’s going to die soon. Very soon.” She ended in a whisper. “I would have to guess about a month or two from now.” I shook my head with disbelief.

“HOW ALICE? HOW?” I was almost yelling. Jasper put a hand on my shoulder and I shrugged it off.

“Other vampires.” I shook my head again.

“We can protect her.” Alice shook her head.

“I’ve been having visions all day Edward. Sometimes its her dying, and other times she’s changing into one of us. But nothing other than those two things.” I clenched my fists and ran off.


I stopped at her door and listened. I heard slowed breathing which meant she was sleeping. I opened the door and walked in. She had a book in one hand and was peacefully asleep. I sat down in a chair on the other side of the room and cradled my head in my hands.

I was falling in love with her and she was going to die. Their was no way she was going to become one of us. She didn’t even know what we were. I let out a tearless sob that grew with the pain that attacked me. This is the kind of girl I had been waiting for all my life, or rather death. A girl I would marry in a heart beat and she was going to die. I then heard the softest sweetest voice and lifted my head.

“Edward… are you ok?” She looked at me with sleepy eyes as she partially sat up. I gathered myself together got up and sat on the edge of her bed.

“Yea, everything’s alright. Just go back to sleep.” She lay back down and slowly closed her eyes and in a whispered tone said something that stopped all thought process I had.

“I don’t care if you’re a vampire. I still love you.” With that she drifted back to sleep. I got up and walked out of the room in disbelief. She knew. She knew our secret.