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my last breath

A girl by the name of Bella has been adopted after both of her parents have died. She has been adopted by two strangly beautiful people by the name of Esme and Carlilse. She soon finds out that they do not live alone and then soon realizes that they are not so normal. This is for good reasons, they are not human. After falling in love with their youngest "adopted" son Edward She finds out thier secret. Will she protect that secret, or die trying?


8. T-R-O-U-B-L-E

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~Bella’s pov~

Today was sure to interesting. That’s what I told myself.

I was making my way down the stairs from Alice’s room. She had dragged me up to her room to do my make up. As I made my way down I was becoming more and more nervous.

What if he didn’t like me? What if he thought I was a freak? Millions of thoughts where raging through my head and telling me something would go wrong. As I came to the door I saw Edward.

He was wearing a Tan jacket over a white shirt with the two top buttons undone leaving a path to his muscularly sculpted chest. He also had on tan dress pants that hugged to his legs with light brown gym shoes. Overall he looked like a god, and I felt like an awkward out of place girl. We where truly polar opposites.

I then looked at his face. He had a crooked smile that I was beginning to love. He then spoke.

“You look ravishing. I like that color blue on you.” I then blushed and looked at him. It looked like he was holding his breath again. I then noticed an umbrella and two raincoats in his hands. He also noticed my gaze and laughed.

“I got these because it’s supposed to rain today.” I nodded my head and with that we left out the door.

When we got to his Volvo he opened the passenger door for me with a smile.

“Thank you” I said shyly and returned the smile. He nodded his head and then closed the door for me and went to the other side to get in. He was so graceful. More than I could ever hope of being.


I looked out the window as he started to pull out of the drive way. When we got to a highway he turned to me and smiled again. I looked at his composer.

His hands where clenched on the steering wheel while his jaw was clenched and it looked as if he was not breathing again. I was beginning to worry about his health. He then started to speak to me.

“So... are you finding Forks to your liking?” I smiled and nodded.

“There adding the final touches to your room today. You should be able to sleep in it tonight.” I laughed.

“That’s good. I can hardly wait.” He then laughed too.

“So what exactly are we doing today?”

“Well first, where going to the mall. Alice will be mad but you should get a chance without her. She will buy you anything in her path that she thinks you need, and then were going to this small little Italian restaurant. I booked reservations this morning, and then...” I then interrupted him.

“You really didn’t have to do that for me.”

“No, I wanted to. Really, if you haven’t learned already that being in this family means having money, then you will now.” He smiled and then laughed at my facial expression. My face said it all. I was not used to having excess money and was not willing to take any.

He then pulled off an exit and I saw it. The hugest mall I had ever seen in my entire life. It looked bigger then three football fields in my eyes and was two stories high. The parking lot alone was bigger than the biggest mall I had seen before.

I then heard a roar of musical laughter coming from Edward. This was because my eyes where popping out of my head and my jaw probably touched the floor.

“Well here it is. You might want to put your rain coat on.” That got my attention. I looked up to the sky and there was a dark ominous sky. I slipped my rain coat on with curses under my breath. I hated the rain.

Unannounced to me Edward had gotten out of the car to open my door. His manners kept surprising me. I was unsure what to think. When I had first seen him I had gotten glares and now he treated me greatly.


We then started walking towards the mall when it had started to sprinkle. When we got inside it was huge. Edward then stopped and grabbed a bag out of his pants.

“Here, we can put our rain coats in the bag until we have to leave.” I nodded, took my coat off, and then he took it to put it in the bag.

“So what store would you like to go to first?” He said with a smile. I looked around at all of the closest stores. That was when I saw the perfect one. A book store! He fallowed my gaze.

“So you like books?” He smiled crookedly at me.

“Yeah, I like books a lot.” He then nodded.

“Well then let’s go.” We then went into the store.


He had let me walk off on my own way while he looked at the books in the way back of the store. I then went to the romance section. I looked until I saw the book Weigthering Heights. I already had a copy but needed a new one. I had enough money of my own so I picked it up. I had just found a copy of Jane Eyre when I felt a presence right behind me.

I turned around only to see a man in a flannel shirt. He was tall and very muscular. His messy brown hair laid in his seductive coal black eyes that seemed to have a red tint. His skin was also very pale and when he spoke his voice was a purr.

“What’s a girl like you doing all alone?” He then grabbed my arm. I froze in my spot unable to speak. I looked to both sides and then back to his face.

A tear streamed down my cheek as I tried to scream but nothing came out. As he started to pull me further into darkness in the store I dropped the books and he then spoke again.

“So tell me, why are you all alone?” I then heard a stern and angered musical voice behind me and felt safe.

“She’s not alone” The man spun me around so we where both facing Edward. The look on Edwards face was murderous. The man then pushed my forward and onto the ground.

Luckily Edward was there to catch me. As soon as I looked around he was gone. I then realized Edward was holding me in his arms. I also felt throbbing in my already hurt hand.

“Are you O.K.?” I could still hear left over anger in his voice. He helped me up and then looked at my arm and shook his head. I then looked at my arm myself. I t was starting to bruise.

“Yeah, although my hand is starting to hurt again.” He looked at it and then put his hands on my. I then noticed that his skin was ice cold and felt good on my hand. After a while he let go only to look in to my eyes.

“We better get you something to eat.” We then left the mall and headed off to the Italian restaurant. He called and moved are table up for when we got there. I had tried to tell him that I was not in shock, but he did not believe me.

All the way there I could tell he still angry. His mouth was in a grim line and his skin was stretched over his knuckles holding onto the steering wheel.


When we got into the parking lot his phone rang. He looked at it and then looked at me.

“It’s Alice. You stay in the car while I talk to her.” I nodded and then he got out of the car. He started pacing back an fourth. His face filled with anger. I could tell he was talking, but his lips where moving so fast.

I had felt earlier that something would go wrong. I guess my gut instinct was right.