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my last breath

A girl by the name of Bella has been adopted after both of her parents have died. She has been adopted by two strangly beautiful people by the name of Esme and Carlilse. She soon finds out that they do not live alone and then soon realizes that they are not so normal. This is for good reasons, they are not human. After falling in love with their youngest "adopted" son Edward She finds out thier secret. Will she protect that secret, or die trying?


9. pretty odd

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~Bella’s pov~

I had felt earlier that something would go wrong. I guess my gut instinct was right.

As I waited for Edward to get done on the phone I looked at my arm. It was now starting to hurt. I poked at it and then winced. After a few more seconds Edward got back into the car. He looked at me arm again and then at me.

“I’m sorry if it hurts but I don’t have anything for it. Do you want to stay and eat here or go back home? Every one is worried about you.” I did not really want to go back to a house full of worried people.

“I would like to eat here.” He nodded his head and got a rain coat out for me and I slipped it on.


When we got inside we where by a waiter who then so kindly started walking us to our seats. I also noticed she stared a lot at Edward. In my head I was adding things up. No normal person was ice cold to the touch, no normal person was soundlessly graceful, and certainly no normal person could hold there breathe for an extended length of time. Yet Edward seemed to be and do all of these things.

I had also noticed that his gold toned eyes seemed to change to a charcoal black and then back all the time, and so did all his family. The man with coal black eyes reminded me of that and how when Edward had found that man trying to take me away, his gold eyes almost immediately turned black. There skin was so pale. In my head nothing really did add up. While I was walking I bumped into a table and lost my balance but quickly got it back. I apologized and sat down at our table which we had now reached.

I was finally brought out of my deep thought when the waitress asked Edward what he wanted to drink and completely ignored me.

“What would you like to drink Bella?” I looked at him and then at the waitress as she slowly turned to me.

“I’ll have a Coke.” I answered. Edward then spoke without looking at her.

“We’ll take two.” She then left. I could see anger in his beautiful features. I was still deep in thought and I could tell that he saw that.

“Tell me... what are you thinking about.” He turned his head to the side and looked at me with smoldering eyes. They where hypnotizing and my resistance melted.

“I’m just trying to figure out what you are.” He tried to keep a smile on his face, but I could tell that it took a great effort.

“How is that search going?” He seemed tense as he waited for my answer.

“I have a few theories.” The waiter then came back with our drinks, some bread sticks, gave us some menus, gave Edward a smile, and then left.

“Would you like to tell me those theories?” He had a smile on his face but it was like he was still hiding something.

“Not really.” I had been going back and forth with some superheroes.

“Please” He looked at me again with smoldering eyes.

“Err... what?” I had forgotten the question.

“One little theory...” He looked at me with a tense but pleading look.

“You’ll laugh!” I just knew he would.

“I promise I won’t laugh... please.” He then looked at me with his hypnotic eyes again and I gave in.

“Umm... bitten by a radioactive spider?” He then laughed.

“No, not even close.” He smiled and then laughed and added

“Kryptonite doesn’t bother me either.” his face relaxed and I was glad he wasn’t mad. I was however a little annoyed.

“You promised you wouldn’t laugh.” He then nodded and tried to compose his face. The waitress then came over to take our orders.

“What will we be having?” I was beginning to hate this waitress as she looked at Edward with her bubble gum smile. Edward spoke but did not look at her to my great relief. I could tell the waitress was getting upset.

“Nothing for me. What about you Bella?” The waitress then turned to me unwillingly. I then picked the first thing I saw.

“I’ll have the mushroom ravioli.” She then nodded and left. Edward then pushed a drink towards me.


“I’m not in shock.” He then looked at me sternly so I started to drink. I realized I was thirstier than I thought. Maybe I was in shock.


When I was done with my drink Edward pushed the other towards me. I was now feeling the coldness from the drink rush through me as I shivered. Edward noticed and shrugged off his jacket to me. When I put it on it felt like putting on a coat in the morning in a cold and drafted hallway. I also noticed his very muscular chest.

The waitress then came with my food. I picked up my fork and stabbed at my ravioli as the waitress left.

“I know I mentioned it earlier but, I really do admire that color blue on you.” I blushed and turned my head down.

“Thank you.” It was quiet for the rest of the time I was eating. The ride home was quiet as well. I did not want to talk very much. I was confused with my thought and how strange his family seemed. I also remembered how they barely ate anything if they really ate anything at all. My confusion drifted me off into a deep sleep.


The next thing I knew Edward was carrying me into the house and set me onto the couch. I did not want to drift back off to sleep so I sat up and looked around and noticed everyone was there staring at me.

Than Esme came over to me, sat down and put her arms around me.

“Are you alright dear?” She looked at me with worried eyes. I smiled softly and nodded my head yes. I felt a pain and remembered my hand and looked down at it. As I looked down at my hands Carlise came and crouched in front of me and took my hand in his. He then spoke.

“Well... I guess you’ll have more time with an ace bandage on that hand.” He looked up at me with an easy smile.

“You’re room is also finished. You can go and look at it now if you like we’ll stay out here so you can have some privacy. All your new clothes are in the dresser.” I nodded and got up. Before I went to my room I looked at all of there faces. They all had easy smiles (except for Rosalie who never really smiled at me as much as glared) but yet they all seamed tense and worried. Something was wrong but I knew I would not figure it out yet- time would be needed.


I was in my new room staring at the window but not seeing it. I was too worried about what had happened today and too consumed over the mystery my new family brought me. ‘Family’ I thought, they where all family, even Edward. He was more or less my brother now, but it did not feel that way.

I mean would you really go on a date with your brother. That was not what bothered me the most. What bothered me was the fact that they where nothing like any other human I had ever seen. There grace was over whelming, when they walked there was no noise, there skin was paper white, there eyes seemed to change over the course of days from a gold color to black, and any contact they made was made with there ice cold skin, they rarely ever-if they ever had- ate, and there beauty was strikingly amazing and always seemed to leave me breathless.

I knew I should be worrying about other things-like what had happened today- but my mind seemed to be stuck.

I had just removed myself from my new bed to look at all my new clothes when Esme walked into the room. Her face was filled with worry but yet had a smile. She came over to me and put a hand on my shoulder and led me back to the bed to sit. She angled herself towards me and then spoke.

“How are you doing Bella?” Worry saturated her voice as her smile became a line of concern.

“A little shocked but I’ll be fine.” She nodded and looked to the door.

“Esme...” I paused because if I asked the question I really wanted to she would probably look at me like I was crazy.

“Yes dear?” I quickly thought up a different question.

“How much more did Alice spend on clothes?” I looked at her with a small smile. She laughed as brightness was brought to her face.

It made me so much happier when Esme was happy. She was such a good person.