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A short poem that randomly popped into my head. Bella's POV

Enjoy! Reviews are much appreciated.

1. MEANT to BE

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How can it be, this love of ours?

How can such happiness be true?

How can life have so many pleasures,

When all I want is you?

Just yesterday I was all alone,

Not knowing what the future had in store.

Now I know it’s you I want,

I know it in my very core.

I can only hope, that one day,

Our road will be strait,

And you and I will be together,

Supporting each others weight.

One day this pain will go away,

And we can freely love,

No boundaries will block our way,

No harm from above.

You and me, Me and you,

This is the truth I see,

We will always be together,

That’s how it was meant to be.