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A Hidden Truth

This is after Eclipse, when Bella and Edward meet someone that they didnt know existed. This then leads to a huge goose chase for the truth.


1. An unexected appearence

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I stared furiously at the plate that I was scrubbing. I’d been scrubbing it for ages but the sauce on it just wouldn’t come off!

“Stupid plate.” I muttered under my breath. “Stupid, stupid stu…”

I jumped and nearly dropped the plate when I felt familiar cold arms encircling me. When I felt his cool breath on my neck, I could hear my heart speed, and I’m sure that people over in Australia could too.

“What did the plate ever do to you?” He chuckled softly, a sound that lifted my spirits. I spun around and came face to face with my angel.

“Hello love.” Edward greeted me with my favourite crooked grin on his face. As usual he was perfect in every single way. His jaw, his lips, his nose. I saved his eyes for last, knowing that once I looked at them I probably wouldn’t be able to look away ever again. As my eyes met his, I lost myself in the gold. He slowly moved forward and his lips met mine not a second after. The kiss was soft with passion, yet I wanted more and threw myself in roughly. I felt my heart stop beating and I forgot to breathe. As usual it was Edward who pulled away. He laughed when he saw my pout.

“Weren’t you in the middle of something?” He asked, still chuckling. I was confused. Middle of something? I glanced around me and my gaze rested on the opposing plate. Oh. Sighing I walked over to the plate and resumed scrubbing as Edward seated himself on one of the chairs around the table. I scrubbed with all my might, but the plate was still resisting.

“ Oh I give up! This plate can just stay dirty.” I huffed, causing Edward’s grin to widen. I turned around to walk over to where he was only to find that he had disappeared. The sound of a tap turning off made me turn around abruptly and there he was. My angel, standing where I was a few seconds ago, with a shiny clean plate in his hands and an incredibly big smile on his face.

“Not everyone can have super human strength.” I grumbled as Edward, still smiling, wrapped his cold arms around me. He sat down on the chair and pulled me onto his lap.

“Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that. What was that?” He teased.

“Nothing.” I felt my blood rise and knew I was blushing. As if he didn’t know, I mean after all vampires have super sensitive hearing as well.

“ I thought our relationship was honest.” He said, faking hurt. Slowly he trailed kisses up my neck, stopping right before my lips. He was teasing me.

“Fine.” I answered, giving in quickly because I wanted to feel his lips on mine. “I said that not everyone could have super human strength.” He smirked at my comment, but fulfilled my wish. His lips were on mine, this time with more force. But once again it finished too quickly.

“So what were you going to do today?” I had planned to do the grocery shopping today and I told him so.

“Mind if I come along?”

“Not at all.” I grabbed a jacket and my keys and headed out the door. Edward waited for me to lock up and then guided me to his Volvo, although I had my truck’s keys. He must have seen the expression on my face because he shot me a look that said don’t try to complain. Reluctantly I opened the passenger door to the Volvo and slid in. Edward hopped into the driver's seat and began to start the car.

Even though the supermarket was over the other side of town, Edward’s driving made sure that we were there in five minutes. I had once tried to make him drive slowly, but that was so long ago and I had tried so many times that I had just given up, like this morning. He pulled the car into a parking space and we got out. Once we were inside the supermarket I headed straight to the cereal isle. I was running low on cereal. Predictably I ran into someone on my way down the where the cereal was, causing them to drop all their things. I helped them to pick up their things.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! I wasn’t looking where I was going!” The other person gushed. It was not a person whose voice I recognized, but it was strange how their voice sounded so much like the Cullens. Musical, sweet and soft. I felt Edward growl beside me, but when I turned my head sideways to look at Edward who had stopped growling and was now in shock, staring at the person I had bumped into with his mouth gaping open. How unlike Edward this was. I was afraid to look at the person I had bumped into, but curiosity got the better of me and I slowly raised my head.

The sight that awaited me was unexpected. In front of me stood my exact reflection, but that was impossible! There wasn’t a mirror there. I slowly began to register other things, but there were two main differences.

One: the Bella who was standing in front of me was much more beautiful. Her skin was paler and her hair was shorter. She also had more curves to flaunt.


Two: her eyes were blood red.