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"Till Death do we Part..."

Bella's POV


3. Chapter 3 "Seven Months Later"

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Chapter 3 “Seven Months Later”

It’s been seven months since I have found out that I was pregnant. Edward insisted on me living at home with him and his family, so they could protect me.

“Edward, what was Charlie thinking when we told him I was pregnant? Was he mad at me?” As we told Charlie my big secret it was like he went into zombie mode, he had no feeling, no emotion on his face.

“He is upset, but only because you are only eighteen and he still doesn’t trust me that much. He thinks I’ll leave you again and this time you will have to raise children all by yourself.” I could tell that when Edward thought of the time he left me that he still becomes very uneasy and upset at himself. He thought that by leaving me I would be safer and happier, but he was wrong. I am only safe and happy when I am in his arms.

“Would you ever leave me again?”

“NEVER! Bella, I love you and I would never leave you to raise two children by yourself!!!” He said standing up looking angry.

“Ok, well then you know you won’t leave me and I know you won’t leave me so who cares what other people think. I have the man I love, I’m going to be a mother of two beautiful baby girls, and I’m going to have the perfect life and after life. What more can a girl ask for?”

As we pulled into the driveway of our house I could feel something in the pit of my stomach, it felt like my babies were trying to crawl there way out of my stomach. It hurt; I couldn’t bare the pain any longer.

“Edward- AHHH- Edward something is wrong with the babies. Take me to Carlisle please hurry, FAST!”

Edward lifted me up and carried me at vampire speeds to Carlisle and explained that everything was fine but then all of a sudden I started screaming.

“Edward she is in labor I have to give her a c-section or else her and the babies will die. Please wait outside the door and I will call you in when you can come see them.”


I can’t believe my Bella, my angel, had to go through this alone. I should be in there with her, holding her, and talking her through this. What kind of husband am I for leaving her in her greatest time of need?

Bella and Carlisle have been in there for 2 hours now. What could he possibly be doing? Are my babies ok? Are they going to survive?

Edward if you don’t stop pacing I am going to punch you. Bella and the babies are going to be fine, actually you should here there cries in about…3, 2, 1


I busted through the door that was separating me and my family and if I could cry I would have because when I saw my baby girls it took my breath away.

“Edward, the one with the gold eyes is Leona and the one with the brown eyes is Nicolette. Just to let you know.”

“Thank you Alice, but I’ll let Bella decided who is who when she wakes up.”

“Suit yourself.”

Bella’s POV


“Yes love?”

“Where are they? My babies, can I hold them?”

As Edward sat them into my arms, I noticed something about them.

“There- there cold… Edward what is wrong with them, Edward I can’t lose them, what is wr-“

“Bella, there fine, if you have forgotten they are half vampire. They are perfectly healthy. Don’t worry so much it’s not good for you.”

As I look down at my two beautiful baby girls I couldn’t help but feel pure happiness. Leona was the older one out of the two. She had golden eyes just like Edward did but I could see that she had my face. At first glance she looked exactly like her sister Nicolette but to me she was completely different. She was quieter then Nicolette and had darker hair then her. Nicolette had my big brown eyes and even at this young of age she had Edward’s crooked smile I loved. Her hair was much lighter and she was very loud (probably got it from her Aunt Alice).

“Oh Edward, look at them there perfect. They look just like you.”

“No love, not just like me I can see a lot of you in them to.”

“I love you Edward, thank you”

“For what, love?”

“For marring me and giving me an amazing family.”

“No, don’t thank me, you’re the stubborn one who moved to Forks in the first place and made me fall in love with you. I love you and our two little angels. Get some rest now, you must be exhausted.”

“Watch them for me please, while I sleep?”