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Sisters Forever

Edward leaves, but he didn't know something important. Bella was pregnant. When the Cullens show up two years later, Bella needs to decide on a very important issue.

I hope it's good. I'm going to update almost every day. Reviews make me update faster. ;)

1. Chapter 1

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"Lyn! Stop pulling your brother's hair!" I called to my twins, who were arguing over who-knows-what. The loved to argue.

My children's names are Lyn Marie Swan, and Anthony James Swan. I don't know why I gave Anthony the middle name James. It just seemed to fit.

The children were 4 years old and twins. They were also Edward's. It turns out that I had gotten pregnant before he left, and hadn't found out until he left. I shivered at the memory.

I was snapped back into reality by a knock at the door. "Come in!" I yelled. I was up to my elbows in dish water.

Emily and Sam walked into the room. I hear my kids gasp. "Aunt Emily! Uncle Sam!"

They both came running down the stairs. Lyn ran into Emily and hugged her around the legs. Anthony jumped on Sam's back. Emily and Sam grinned as the kids released their holds.

"Hi Bella. Hi whatever-your-names-are," Emily said. She liked to pretend she couldn't remember their names.

"Hey!" They both exclaimed.

Emily grinned. "Don't worry. I didn't forget your names, Anthony, and Lyn."

Both kids grinned and clapped. Then, they got bored with the new arrivals and ran upstairs. They had the attention spans of squirrels.

"Hey, guys," I said.

Sam bit his lip. "Um, Bella, we have bad news."

I stopped scrubbing the plate in my hands and looked at him.

"What is it?" I asked calmly.

Emily looked worried. She knew.

Sam looked scared. That was rare. "Bella, we found a fresh trail. The vampires are back."

I dropped the plate, and it shattered to the floor at my feet. Emily ran to my side and started picking up the pieces of glass. I finally snapped out of it.

"Oh, Emily! Let me do that!" I bent down and started helping. Then, Jake walked in the door.

Jake and I lived together. We weren't married. We were sort of dating. Not really. He mostly helped me with the kids. So did Emily, Kim, and Leah. The were the twin's 'Aunts'. They helped me a lot. It was hard being a single mother at the age of 22.

Jake walked into the kitchen and gave Sam a knowing look.

When Emily and I had picked up the glass, she hugged me. Then, I realised I was crying. I pulled back, blushing, and wiped the tears from me face.

Then, Sam and Jake growled. Emily and I whipped to face Sam and Jake. They were both shaking.

"Vampires." Jake said through clenched teeth.