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Sisters Forever

Edward leaves, but he didn't know something important. Bella was pregnant. When the Cullens show up two years later, Bella needs to decide on a very important issue.

I hope it's good. I'm going to update almost every day. Reviews make me update faster. ;)

2. Chapter 2

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Emily and I gasped. Then, the boys bursted out the door, trying to hold themselves together. Emily and I ran out onto the front forch, following the furious snarls. There, in my front yard, was the entire Cullen coven.

All heads turned to me for a split second. Then, the pack came running out of the trees. Lickily, they were all in their human forms.

I collapsed. Jake ran over to me and held me up. The kids came outside then. Their eyes grew wide.

"Mommy, who are these people?" Lyn asked, tugging on my shirt.

The Cullens were staring at me.

I picked the twins up and took a deep breath.

"Kids, this is your family."


The Cullens continued to stare at me.

They twins eyes widened even more. "You mean...our dad?" Anthony asked.

I noded, my eyes blurring with tears. Emily took the kids from me, and I collapsed into Jacob's arms again.

I heard Emily try to sooth the children, who had also burst into tears. They didn't know what to do, so they did what I did. Sob.

I sank into one of theporch chairs, and tooka few deep breaths.

"Edward, may I speak to you alone?" I asked, my voice a hoarse whisper.

Sam and Jacob growled.

I rolled my eyes.

"I'll be fine. He won't hurt me. Not with the kids so near. He'd wait until they were gone."

Edward grimaced, and opened his mouth to speak. I silenced him with a look.

Sam and Jake exchanged a look, and Sam spoke. "I guess you have a point. We'll all be listening. Just say something if he tries to hurt you."

I nodded. Edward and the rest of the Cullen's were baffled. Edward looked like he was in severe pain, but followed me into the house. We sat down in the living room. It reminded me of Billy's, who lived down the street.

I sat in a chair, forcing him to sit on the sofa. I didn't want to be next to him.

"Bella, I'm sorry," he said, in obvious pain. His eyes made it even more clear.

I looked away. I couldn't afford to lose myself in those eyes. Not now.

"Edward, I honestly don't care. I don't want to hear all of your fake apologies. I just want to know why you're here, and confirm that the kids are yours. Thanks for that, by the way."

"Thanks for what?" He looked puzzled.

"Leaving me, pregnant and broken. Charlie and Renee disowned me when they found out. I had to come live wwith Jake." I said sarcastically.


I waited.

"I love you. I love you more than anything in the world. That's why I came back. I can't stand not being with you."