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Edwards Wish

Edward has thought countless times, “What is Bella thinking?” What will happen when he is finally granted his wish. And how can the impossible happen? What’s wrong with Bella?


1. Edward's Wish

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Her face was nestled in my chest and I hugged her closer pressing my face in her hair. I could hear her perfect heartbeat as she breathed in and out. The rising and falling of her chest hypnotized me as I reveled in the sensation of her scent, tainting the air and dosing my mind.

She breathed in deeply and mumbled something I didn’t catch, because the sound waves were obscured and muffled by my chest. Her teeth started chattering, horrified I pulled back determined to put as much space between her and my below 0 skin.

“Bella,” I whispered, she moaned. Her heart rate increased. I didn’t want to wake her, but there was definitely something wrong. “Bella,” I whispered in her ear I felt the heat radiating off of her. She was burning up; I covered her small forehead with my palm, and flinched from the heat. She started moaning and twisting tangling the sheets, as they stuck to her. “Bella, sweetheart. You got to calm down.” I whispered.

She started shaking. “Edward,” she whimpered her brown eyes glistened in the moonlight as she unwillingly cracked her eyelids.

“Hey” I whispered, “are you okay?”

“I’m really cold,” she cried, as salty tears rolled down her red cheeks. I jumped up from where I kneeled above her, and pulled the blanket gently out from under her. I smoothly tucked her in, trying hard not to touch her with my freezing skin. Her long hair stuck to her face from the perspiration that her hot body was forming.

“You’ve got pyrexia,” I whispered vaguely watching her wiggle and her face distort.

“Isn’t that death metal?” she said, she was pale and pasty, as nausea crossed her face.

I let a fake smile light my lips as I tucked her more securely into the bed. “Oh uhh, no. well it is… “I whispered detachedly, while focusing on her breathing and heart rate. “It’s used connotatively, it really means fever.”

“Oh” she said, as her eyes dropped. “I think I may have the flu. I also have a really bad headache.” She winced as she lifted her hands to her temple.

I jumped up quickly, rushing towards the kitchen to grab Tylenol and a glass of water. I was back at her side in record time. I bet she hadn’t noticed I was gone.

“Okay, you got to sit up.” I said trying to douse the worry that creeped in my voice.

A thin-lipped smile lighted her face; I noticed that her lips were chapped. She tiredly and stiffly lifted herself. I helped her by carefully wrapping my arm around her back, using my sleeve to cover my freezing hand. She dutifully swallowed the two little red pills I held readily in my hand. I brought her back down, careful to lay her delicate head on her pillow.

My eyebrows pulled together, I felt momentarily helpless, and panic seized me. I know I shouldn’t freak out, she most likely had the flu, and it was going around. But my dead heart squeezed as Bella cleared her throat and hacked a dry rasp.

I reflexively reached for her, but quickly dropped my unwilling fingers before I could touch her. “Did you want me to wake Charlie?” I asked desperately.

She tittered a broken laugh. “Edward, I’m fine, it’s just a small headache. I’m much more afraid of Charlie’s response in finding that you were sleeping with me.” She closed her eyes.

I refrained my response to correct her, hoping she’d sleep. She remained awake tossing and turning and occasionally letting out a small whimper. I couldn’t stand it, I offered to take her to the hospital, and when she refused I begged to go and consult Carlisle, but her eyes revealed how scared she was at the prospect of being alone, I couldn’t bring myself to leave her.

I stayed with her all night, and by the morning her fever had satisfactorily broke. Light streamed in through the window as the sun unusually dosed the cloudy town of Forks in an unexpected shine. I crossed the room, watching as the rainbows reflected from my skin danced on the walls. I swiftly shut the window blocking the sun, and dosing the small room in a sheen of darkness.

I quickly returned to her side. “That’s unexpected,” She whispered, I didn’t miss how pain touched her voice. I squished my lips together. “You think Alice would’ve told you.”

At first I thought she was referring to her sickness, but I realized she meant the sun. That question bubbled up inside me, and anger scorched through me as I thought. Why hadn’t Alice warned me, or come help me? I dug my hand into my pocket and retrieved my small silver phone.

Two messages blinked at me from the small screen. Both from Alice

Hey Edward, Sunny tomorrow, Tell Bella I said Hi!

I quickly switched to the other one.

Edward, Bella’s going o be fine, Stop freaking out. Just keep her in bed. And watch out for Charlie!

This was sent at precisely 3:00am, right around the time I had made the decision to scoop Bella up and rush her to the hospital.

I furrowed my eyebrows reviewing her warning about Charlie. At that exact moment I heard the turn of Bella’s doorknob. My mind went blank as I dumbly stared at the opening door.

“Edward,” Bella hissed.

I caught my thoughts and quickly dove into the sanctuary of the closet.

“Bella,” Charlie said concern in his tone.

Was Edward just here? I could have sworn she just said his name. If he was here, I’ll kill him!

“Hey kid, its rarely nice out, get up and catch some rays.”

Is she O.K.?

I saw Bella through Charlie’s mind; she seamed to have gotten worse. The little colour she regained this morning was lost in the stark white in her cheeks. I had to repress my instincts to quickly run to her side.

“Bells, are you okay?” Charlie said quickly taking my place by her side, and leaning down to feel Bella’s forehead.

She doesn’t have a temperature.

I crossed examined Charlie’s observation quickly. Her temperature was at a perfect 98.6°.

“I just have a headache.” She said reassuringly. “Go to work I’ll be okay, I think I just need some sleep.”

“Are you sure? I can stay home if you want me to?” Charlie said anxiously.

“No its fine.” She whispered.

“Ok,” Charlie said unsurely, as he reluctantly said good-bye and trudged out the door, his thoughts swirling with worry.

I swiftly returned to her side. She smiled, “Edward, I’m fine, I’m just tired, and still have a small headache.” I reached out to cup her cheek, she sighed. Her warm fingers found my face; she traced the darkness under my eyes. I could practically hear her thoughts hum (I wish,) as she tried to remember the last time I hunted. “Edward, you should go hunting today,” I was about to object, but she covered my mouth with her palm. “I’m just going to end up sleeping, and wasting the day, you should go and get some breakfast.” She said lightheartedly.

I peeled her hand from my lips and kept it in my palm. “Yeah right.” I said stubbornly. She sighed in defeat, allowing her eyelids to droop.


She slept until mid-afternoon. I was watching her face for any changes, her heartbeat picked up a couple times, but she still slept.

She cracked open her eyelids and her lips turned down in a frown as she found my face. She reached up and rubbed her temple. “Still got a headache?” I whispered, already making plans to steal codeine or morphine, to take her pain away. But maybe it wasn’t a good idea, to get your girlfriend to become addicted to narcotics.

“More like a migraine” she said cringing and grating her teeth together. Screw it! How long would it take to get some pot? “Can I get you anything; did you want some more Tylenol? I can get Carlisle to write a subscription for something stronger?” I asked desperately.

She laughed, “No, your doing enough, just stay with me, Kay.” She pulled at my hands, and I followed her pull, rising from where I kneeled by her bed. I wrapped my arms around her and snuggled her, trying to rid my screaming concerns that swirled in my head. I hated the idea that Bella was in any sort of pain. I rested my head inches from hers so I could see in her eyes.

Her eyelids were heavily hooded, and the dark brown depths mocked me with their forbidden secrets. How I wished what she was thinking? Was she in more pain then she let on? So many things she’d never tell me, my eyes burned as I tried to lift the secrets from her eyes.

I wonder what Edward is thinking?

I gasped wonderingly, as I recognized the most beautiful voice saturate my head, coming from the most beautiful girl inches from me. Realizing immediately that her lips did not open to extricate that sound. Her thought.