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Edwards Wish

Edward has thought countless times, “What is Bella thinking?” What will happen when he is finally granted his wish. And how can the impossible happen? What’s wrong with Bella?


2. Headache

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“What was that?” I asked politely trying to control the excitement that rushed through my veins kicking up my dead heart.

“Hmm,” she mumbled, “I didn’t say anything.”

Edward must be picking up something from outside.

My eyes widen, and my breathing kicked up. I tried to remain as calm as possible. Was this really happening? Bella’s heat radiated from her still form, I kept my eyes on her face, afraid to loose this gift that I so desperately cleaved to.

What’s wrong with Edward?

She smiled unsurely, her eyes curious. “Edward what’s wrong?” I was surprised that she asked the first thought that entered her head, her thoughts overlapped her spoken question, congealing the words together, I had to work quickly to properly decipher them into understandable English.

“Nothing,” I said brusquely, I was surprised at how rough my voice was. I tried to conceal the excitement that was practically bubbling up over the edges, making my body buzz.

Bella’s eyebrows pulled together as skepticism crossed her perfect face.

Is he O.K. maybe I’m to close; I don’t want him to be in anymore pain that he already has to be… I knew he should have gone hunting when I told him to.

Bella’s thoughts seemed to close into my eyes, examining the darkness and circles that lined them.

I couldn’t help it; I reflexively answered her unspoken concerns. “Bella,” I caught her small delicate hand that rested on my chest. “I’m fine, more then fine. It’s you I’m worried about. I’m not hungry at all,” I winked “I promise.” I realized too late that I shouldn’t have said anything at all, considering that she hadn’t even opened her mouth. My mind suddenly burst in panic. Bella’s going to find out, and she’ll try to conceal her thoughts from me…But how can she find out? I knew I would have to tell her… eventually. But I just wanted to hear her when she has her guard down. Hopefully she’ll forgive me. I had no doubt that she would, and a smile tugged at my lips before I could stop it.

God, aren’t I mysteriou? Edward can read me just like anyone else. Curse my easily read face.

I almost laughed, but quickly refrained it, trying desperately to rid the smile that was threatening my face.

Bella’s thoughts switched and I saw exactly what she was seeing: Me. My eyes were dangerously dark, and my hair sticking up in three directions, as I had been clenching my head in worry all night. Her mouth went dry, and I could feel the desire that ran through her head, leaving a sensation that skittered over my body. Craving ran a course through my frame, doubling as I could also experience Bella’s. Her focus centered on my lips.

This time I couldn’t help as a smile cracked my face, leaving a wide unexplainable grin, betraying me.

“What’s so funny?” she asked twisting her fingers out of my loose grip from where I still held her, bringing her long fingers to my face. Smoothing out her hand, as she pressed her palm to my cheek. She closed her eyes, relishing in the texture and refreshing coolness of my skin.


She sighed. I brought my hand up to cup her cheek. She opened her dazzling eyes, to greet mine. I’d always wondered… I slowly bent my head towards hers and gently kissed her lips. I lingered before I pulled back waiting for her to respond.

Oh no, you don’t.

She reacted with her body. Twining her hands into my hair and tightening her fist in a handful, as if daring me to escape. Her breathing became erratic as she covered my lips with hers. She teasingly opened her hot mouth on my cold firm lips, enticingly tracing the contours with her damp tongue. I sucked in a breath in restraint which was a mistake as her floral scent penetrated my head, making my thoughts spin. Her lips urged mine open, pushing against them, prodding them to access my mouth. My human instincts took over as I allowed my lips to part. Her hands tightened in my hair and she pressed her warm body taunt against mine. I gripped her neck as her tongue slowly traced the opening I allowed, inviting me inside her redolent, hot mouth. I could taste her scent as it hung on the back of my tongue; she exhaled, blowing her hot breath against my mouth. I smoothly slid my tongue across her tongue between her teeth, tasting her scent. She gasped fighting to push into my mouth. I reluctantly pulled away.

Oh god, that is so unfair

She tried to control her breathing, struggling for air. I pressed my lips down her face towards her neck.

Just Breathe.

I smiled against her skin, feeling the goose bumps that were skittered across her neck. She still had her hands in my hair and fanned her fingers through it, feeling the texture and marveling at the way I could make all her senses shut down, she couldn’t think, breathe, or question, just feel.

I got more then I bargained for, and I felt a twinge of guilt as I knew Bella would never want me to impose on her inner thoughts.

She pulled my face back to hers, her eyelids were heavily hooded, desire burning in the dark depths. I swallowed hard, trying to control my own desire, as it doubled. She bit her bottom lip a pensive expression crossing her face. I braced myself, excitement lighting my face as I waited for the inevitable secrets that wafted into the air. Her eyebrows pulled together.

How can he be my match? He is so perfect, how can I ever compete with that? How can I make him happy? Why does he have to be so wonderful? He’s just tipping the proverbial scale in his favor, when there is no competition!

I felt anger scorch my eyes, is that what she thinks?! I thought back to all those times when a look of sadness would distort her features, refusing to explain the sorrow that filled her eyes. This is what filled her with pain! She thought I was too good for her!

Bella swiftly lifted her hand that was still tangled in my hair and brought it towards her forehead. Cringing in pain as she pressed her fingers to her temple.

Oh god, this really hurts! This is the worst pain I’ve felt in a long time… I might have to go to the hospital or at least take Edward’s offer on some stronger narcotics. No, I don’t want to alarm him, he’ll just overreact. It’s nothing Bella, just a migraine. It'll pass.

Something horrifyingly presage hit me, as a realization hung in the air. Something I was too selfish to acknowledge with my own raging desire. Why could I suddenly hear Bella’s banned secrets? It wasn’t a coincidence that suddenly Bella has agonizing headaches as I sit back and reap the benefits of her mind not being undisclosed. Guilt struck, then an appalling comprehension. Bella was in more pain then she let on. How bad could this be? Is she going to be alright? Was she in real danger from this?