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Edwards Wish

Edward has thought countless times, “What is Bella thinking?” What will happen when he is finally granted his wish. And how can the impossible happen? What’s wrong with Bella?


3. Undisclosed Panic

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“I think we should give her a cat scan.” Edward said; panic etching every line on his perfect face.

“WHAT!” I screamed causing Carlisle to jump. “Edward you’re being ridiculously over reactive. It’s not like I have a concussion. I haven’t been in any serious accidents recently either. I just have a migraine, just give me some aspirin and I’ll be on my way.” I said exasperatedly.

Carlisle laughed “She’s right Edward, a cat scan isn’t necessary. Being human comes with the bad immune system; headaches are one of the perks. In fact bringing her in at all is a little redundant. There’s really nothing I can do for her, she’ll have to wait it out, with some regular painkillers Edward.” He said sternly.

I laughed internally; Carlisle was probably referring to some secret code Edward gave him for probably slipping me an illegal drug. It drove me crazy that they could have whole conversations with just a shake of the head or a supersonic whisper that I wouldn’t have a dream of hearing; I’d never be able to stand it.

Edward glanced at me with a look of apology.

Carlisle rested his hand on my shoulder to help me down from the stupid mat with the crinkly white paper for contamination purposes, lining it. I cringed internally as his freezing fingers stung my skin through the thin coating of my pajama shirt. Oh God how embarrassing. I can’t believe how Edwards reacted, randomly jumping up and rushing me to the hospital, without any explanation, insisting that there was absolutely no time for changing out of my embarrassing sweats and old t-shirt. God I could kill him! Well I could try to at least... And if that won’t work, I can definitely think of a few things that would make up for it. #1 I’m driving from now on. He’s gonna have to sell his Volvo. Yes, he won’t like that to much, now will he?

Edwards face which was just in a mask of concerned impatience, flashed with amusement, but it happened so quickly I couldn’t be sure if it was just a flash of lighting or if I really did need a cat-scan.

I turned to Carlisle offering a smile as I allowed him to help me down. He made sure I was securely on my feet before stepping back and dropping his hand. I was glad he did as I could feel my balance waver, and quickly planted my feet to save myself the embarrassment of falling on my face. I sighed blowing out a mouthful of air through my teeth before allowing myself to look at Edward again, determined to stay mad at him and not allowing him to worm his way out of this. I peeked up at him, and realized I wasn’t ready for it. He had a very amused expression on his face trying to contain his laughter, as if he could hear what I was thinking. I glared at him just as my head gave an exceptional twinge.

“Carlisle she’s having severe chronic headaches. It might be a secondary headache.” Edward said gravelly, painting his face in a mask of horror. His mood changes were making me extremely confused and I wondered irrationally if he had Bipolar disorder.

“Edward,” Carlisle said, comically juxtaposed against Edward. He looked completely unconcerned, his body language informal and his expression light and amused. Edward however looked like someone just ran over his dog. No… actually he looked like he wanted to punch Carlisle in the face. He had his arms tightly folded across his chest (in restraint) his hair windswept. His expression dangerous and unamused, his lips set in a firm thin line, his eyes were seas of black depths. Even though I was really annoyed with him, and I planned to make him pay for humiliating me, I couldn’t help but notice how good he looked. Its not like he could look bad –ever, but he look especially good today. He was wearing a black sweater, which was rare, he almost never wore black; the sleeves were pushed casually up to his elbows, exposing his pale skin and the muscles of his forearms. The black contrasted with his skin, bringing out his flawless features. I loved his hair, which was always messy, but it looked extra good right now. He locked eyes with me, a smile playing across his eyes.

“…Judging from Bella’s symptoms, there’s no way it’s a secondary headache. She doesn’t have a brain tumor Edward. Stop overreacting. It’s a migraine, which is still serious but there’s not much I can do for her.” Carlisle finished pulling me out of my reverie. I blushed severely as I realized I missed the whole conversation, as I was reviewing Edward's perfection. I barley had a chance to notice how those jeans on him hugged him in all the right places. I glanced up quickly, hoping that he didn’t notice my roaming eyes, his head was turned away, as though examining one of the posters stuck to the wall, his mouth was trying to hide his receding smile.

“I can offer her triptans? It’s not really necessary, but if it’d ease your comfort level I’m sure Bella can handle it.” Carlisle voiced.

“Okay, she needs the shot though.” Edward growled, not finding this situation as humorous as Carlisle was. But his eyes still held something deep in the blackness, something reserved just for me, my stomach tightened uncomfortably.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute; I’m not taking some mystery drug just to ease Edward's comfort level!” I glared at the subject in question; he glared right back, without apology. In fact I knew Carlisle would never drug me, but I do not like needles, and there was no way I was getting a shot, no matter how much Edward insisted. Edward’s eyes narrowed as though taking on my unasked challenge. I gulped trying to ignore the quiver that flipped my stomach. “What is it?” I asked a little less severely.

Even though I was staring determinedly at Carlisle to which I was directing my question, Edward faced me, effectively blocking out his father from my impaired view.

“Triptans are safe. They attach to serotonin receptors on the blood vessels and nerves and thereby reduce inflammation and constrict the blood vessels. This stops the headache. It’s a common diagnosis for migraines” Edward said swiftly, turning to Carlisle, before I could open my mouth. “I'd prefer if we used sumatriptan as the injection, the oral tablet, and the nasal spray have a less chance of effectiveness.”

“Um no, if there’s a pill. I’ll take the pill. I’m not getting a needle if it’s not necessary.” I said ignoring Edward, as he clenched his head in exasperation and annoyance.

Edward was about to object, but Carlisle quickly overtook the conversation. “Edward the pill just takes longer to spread, it has the same amount of effectiveness, and I know that you know that. I’d just thought I’d remind you.”

I glared at Edwards suddenly innocent face just as another rush of pain ran through my head paralysing me for a second before the ache burst in the center of my head. I could barely contain the screech of pain as my knees quivered and I lost my weight sending me to the hard marble floor. I barely realized I was in Edward's arms as he looked down at me, his eyebrows pulled together.

“Bella, your going to be ok, I promise.” He whispered, as my eyes closed, my body shutting down from the twinge that burned in my skull.