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Edwards Wish

Edward has thought countless times, “What is Bella thinking?” What will happen when he is finally granted his wish. And how can the impossible happen? What’s wrong with Bella?


5. Apprehension

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“Hey Bella, how are you feeling?” Alice said, her face immediately changing as she plastered a fake smile on, and started singing the Spice Girls in her head. I couldn’t help but breathe a short growl, too low for Bella to hear, but loud enough to notify Alice of my annoyance. Bringing out the Spice Girls was a low-blow.

She swiftly shot me a quick look, her golden depths swimming with apology and worry.

It was too quick for Bella to see, but she shifted uncomfortably in response. Her thoughts started to spin with apprehensiveness. She planned on questioning me as soon as Alice left; she was far too perceptive for her own good.

Alice quickly perched on the edge of the bed, and flipped out a familiar red binder. Bella sighed internally as she cursed the book to the deepest fires of hell, I would’ve laughed if I wasn’t so worried. It was Alice’s wedding planner binder, Bella asked me on more then one occasion, if I’d steal and burn it for her. But after many attempts and several fires, we realized that Alice had made dozens of copies, obviously in anticipation of our massacre.

Alice was talking at top speed, the still-fake smile on her face and phony enthusiasm and excitement rang in her voice. I sat dutifully beside Bella rubbing tiny circles into her palm. Alice’s voice rang out higher and higher, betraying her as she let worry corrupt her animated face. Soon the Spice Girl’s she was singing to block me, muted and altered into different songs as she quickly fumbled to control her thoughts.

I swallowed hard, watching Alice go to pieces, was more then I could take. I had never witnessed her so frantic before, and I felt my thoughts jump to exaggerated notions as I thought the worst. I tried again to delve into her mind but she quickly started to translate the Spanish Dictionary into German.

Bella eyed us skeptically, reading my rigidness and Alice’s less then typical behavior. She quickly assumed the worst; panic dosed her head, as she thought of the Volturi.

Alice kept on going, babbling about RSVP’s and flowers. “Wait, wait a minute Alice!” Bella said sternly, lifting out her free hand in a gesture of silence.

Alice was too startled to hold onto her breaking façade, “Oh god Bella what is it? Are you okay? Do you need some drugs?” She turned frantically to me, her eyes etched with worry and her thoughts screaming and spinning with agonized concern. “For god’s sake Edward! Go get her some drugs! No get Carlisle! Oh my god Bella I’m so sorry, are you in horrible pain?” Alice was clenching Bella’s hand in a vice-grip and hacking up dry sobs, her face a very vivid white.

I quickly peeled her hand off Bella’s, as Bella cringed in protest thinking that Alice might have crushed her bones.

“Alice calm down.” I said through my teeth. She hiccupped and quickly nodded her head. Her eyes looked very bright, if she could cry, tears would’ve drenched her cheeks by now.

Is Charlie all right? Jake? Renee? Is it the Volturi? What is going on? What’s the matter with them?

I quickly straightened my face and turned to Bella, her eyes were wide as questions weaved throughout her head. I quickly kissed the tip of her nose and her eyebrows pulled together. “Do you mind if I talk to Alice for a sec?” I asked a little desperately, I could feel my control breaking and Bella could see that.

She licked her lips and squeezed my hand. Her eyes glinted with fire as she looked up at me. “Only if you promise to explain everything when you come back.” Her eyes burned and she took in my face trying to decipher if I’d tell the truth.

“I promise,” I whispered, my heart ached.

Why is he in so much pain? I can’t stand it.

Her thoughts pulled at her, bringing her the memory of the time we spent in Italy. I watched the scene laid out before me, Bella felt helpless as she was restrained in Alice’s iron grip. I watched myself writhing on the ground, absorbing the pain as Jane practiced her skill on me. Her emotions desperate as she witnessed the most horrifying thing she’d ever imagine. She zeroed in on my face distorted and twisted in pain; she associated the same face with the present. Her one desire was to step between us and take the pain from me.

I didn’t deserve her. I could feel my mask slipping; I quickly closed my eyes bringing my lips to cover hers. Anything to make the fear leave her eyes. I crushed myself to her, slipping my hand to the back of her neck to secure her to me. She was worried by this kissed, afraid of my desperation, reminding her of the times when I’d kiss her just as urgently in times of horror. I loosened my grip on her neck and kissed her softly, trying to reassure her without words. She relaxed under my lips, and dug her hands in my hair to bring me closer. She was shy enough to remember Alice, and a blush filled her cheeks, causing her lips to burn under mine. I pulled back and offered her a small smile, before turning and leaving, dragging Alice behind me.

As soon as I shut the door behind me, my mask slipped. “What the hell is going on Alice?” I roared. I immediately regretted my tone as Bella heard every word just as perfectly as if I was standing beside her. She leaned forward in anticipation, hoping that our conversation would remain loud enough for her to eavesdrop. She also mentally scolded me for yelling at Alice, making a note to talk to me about it later. If it was possible, I fell even more in love with her.

“I don’t know!” Alice screamed, her soprano voice easily leaking through the door for Bella to hear. She could have plugged her ears, and still would have heard crystal clear. Attendants and nurses stared at us, startled from our yelling.

I diligently grabbed her shoulder and led her down the hallway, well dragged her down the hallway. “Edward what are you doing?” she demanded as she struggled in my grip.

“Bella isn’t deaf, Alice.” I said, barely inaudibly. She didn’t answer; we kept walking barely passing for believable human speed as we burst into Carlisle’s office without knocking.

He looked up from where he sat in front of his desk his eyes looked haggard and his mouth was a thin hard line.

I slammed the door behind us and released Alice, giving her a small shove to face her to Carlisle. She glared at me through skinny eyes.

Carlisle’s eyebrows pulled together. “What did you see Alice?”

She swallowed hard, trying to control her thoughts to keep me out. But she slipped, I saw just passed her panicked thoughts to see one of her various visions.

Bella was a vampire. This wasn’t new, but it wasn’t the same. It was done to fast, we weren’t married, and our plans fell through. The vision flashed, showing how we fled town, without Bella having a chance to say goodbye to her family. It wasn’t the way it was supposed to happen.

“I don’t know Carlisle; I keep getting a range of visions. Everyone’s in a panic.” Alice’s pixie-like face was etched with worry and her eyes bulged. Her voice cracked.

Carlisle kept his thoughts secure, and his face serene. “What is the out-come if we do nothing and let this pass?” I ground my teeth, an objection on my lips before Alice interrupted.

“She dies.” She whispered.