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Edwards Wish

Edward has thought countless times, “What is Bella thinking?” What will happen when he is finally granted his wish. And how can the impossible happen? What’s wrong with Bella?


6. Vomit

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Edward shut the door and then his voice exploded, causing me to jump two feet in the air. My head twinged uncomfortably as the sound waves hit me and my stomach rolled in a fresh dose of nausea.

“What the hell is going on Alice!?” He screamed causing the door to vibrate.

That was harsh Edward.

He really shouldn’t yell at Alice like that. I leaned forward, trying to catch as much of the inexplicable conversation as possible.

“I don’t know!” Alice squeaked her voice traveled easily through the door frame.

My heart started to race. Alice doesn’t know?

Questions boiled up inside of me, causing my breath to tear through my lungs in jagged gasps.

Was it werewolves? No, Alice wouldn’t be scared of them. What about the Volturi? They know about Alice’s ability as well as she does, they know exactly how to counter her visions. My heart skipped. Maybe.

An obvious realization hung in the air and I knew I was just in denial.

This was about me. It was always about me.

What else could cause Edward to react so desperately? The sadness in his eyes struck me as I tried to decipher what he was thinking earlier. He was worried about me.

Guilt pulled at my conscious, I must have really scared him. Of course I scared him, I fainted. I literally flopped and fallen in his arms, causing his already over reactive self to explode in horror.

I felt my forehead furrow as I thought of the ramifications of my actions. Was he going to make me stay in the hospitable all week? I just have the flu, I’m dehydrated, nothing to call an ambulance over. He’s acting as if I’m on my proverbial death-bed; a smile crossed my lips as the irony sunk in.

The wedding was so close I could practically taste it on the back of my tongue. I couldn’t wait to start my life as a vampire, forever binded with Edward in every possible way. In a way, I am on my death bed… Shame painted my face in red; I knew Edward would be furious at this particular thought.

But Edward would never ‘hear’ the dark inner workings of my mind. A small smile pulled at my lips as I reveled in my smugness

I strained my ears trying to pick up their lost conversation, but I couldn’t hear a whisper. My head cleared and the dull throb in my head slowed, pulsing only under the surface. I relaxed in the bed, untwisting my hands that were taut in tight fists and unclenched my teeth as the pain slowly subsided. I guess the drugs were finally kicking in, I thought idly.

Edward’s eyes frightened me; the desperation and the fear in his golden orbs hung and stung the atmosphere with trepidation. His voice velvet and rough, as he tried to control his emotions to keep me placate. My hands fluttered to my heart as I tried to control the tears bubbling up inside me. The memory of the pain that hung in his eyes, pulled at my heart, causing it to thump uneasily.

My stomach abruptly churned and I awkwardly stumbled from the bed. I felt my throat tighten and my reflexes constrict trying to force the hot mouthful of vomit back down. I slipped as my socks hit the hard, glassy, surface of the marble floor. I landed desolately, bruising my entire left side in the process. I tiredly crawled across the floor and into the washroom.

The vomit creeped back up my throat and my body shook and heaved, emptying the contents that my stomach held. Dry gasps escaped as my body still stubbornly pushed, my throat started to burn with the motion. When my body finally gave up I hung my head in the toilet. My face was covered in a sheen of perspiration and my eyes watered as I laid my forehead against the cold side of the toilet. I tried dejectedly to reach for the handle to flush my shame down, but my arm waved in the air and my fingers fumbled on the slippery handle. I let my hand drop and twisted myself in a ball, letting sleep take me.

My eyelids fluttered and my muscles ached from the position I maintained from my nap on the bathroom floor. Two cool hands gently lifted my arms from where they clutched at my sides. I lay curled in a fetal position, my hair hung in my face, I must look like a corpse.

I realized immediately that the gentle cold hands that insistently pulled at my arms were vaguely familiar, but entirely disappointing as I identified the tiny cold grasp.

“Alice” I whispered hoarsely. My nose stung from the smell that penetrated the room, and I found myself horizontal as she lithely scooped me up and gently deposited me back in bed. I heard the distant rushing of water and identified it as the swirl of the toilet, from where she must have flushed. She dotingly tucked me in; making sure the blanket was tight and secure around me. I cracked open my eyelids trying to find her face in the velvety darkness that the night created.

My eyes slowly adjusted and an odd pale light found Alice’s face. She never looked more human. Her eyes held darkened black rings that sunk in her porcelain skin; her eyes were distant and haggard. Her lips turned down in a concerned scowl.

“Alice,” I tried, my lips mouthed the word but created no sound. But I knew she’d understand.

“Shh Bella, its okay, go to sleep.” Her voice was soft and gentle, the musical tone was placid and reassuring and I felt myself slowly being pulled into unconsciousness. Before I sunk just behind the enticing notion of slumber, my thoughts pulled and taunted me. First in a whisper, but building and building getting louder and louder as the question swirled around me and caused my heart to beat erratically. My eyes tried desperately to open, to escape the temptation of sleep as the question raged and burned, morphing into an animal that clawed and screamed gnawing at me, squirming and writhing in fury. Turning into a nightmare as my mind melted and sleep overcame me. But the question still lingered, hanging at the back of my head. I knew immediately without a shadow of a doubt that something wasn’t right, I didn’t get my answers. The question flared angrily, yelling and demanding for my attention.

“Where is Edward?”