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Edwards Wish

Edward has thought countless times, “What is Bella thinking?” What will happen when he is finally granted his wish. And how can the impossible happen? What’s wrong with Bella?


7. Mystified

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Carlisle’s eyebrows pulled together. “What did you see Alice?”

She swallowed hard, trying to control her thoughts to keep me out. But she slipped, I saw just passed her panicked thoughts to see one of her various visions.

Bella was a vampire. This wasn’t new, but it wasn’t the same. It was done to fast, we weren’t married, and our plans fell through. The vision flashed, showing how we fled town, without Bella having a chance to say goodbye to her family. It wasn’t the way it was supposed to happen.

I don’t know Carlisle; I keep getting a range of visions. Everyone’s in a panic.” Alice’s pixie-like face was etched with worry and her eyes bulged. Her voice cracked.

Carlisle kept his thoughts secure, and his face serene. “What is the out-come if we do nothing and let this pass?” I ground my teeth, an objection on my lips before Alice interrupted.

She dies.” She whispered.


“What?” Edward said in complete monotone. His face was completely blank his eyes dead, the muscles jumped along his jawbone from the tension it held. His fists were tightly wound stiff at his sides. I could feel the anxiety fuming off of him in waves and could tell he was on the very edge of reason. I quickly examined his future.

His choices spun in different radical directions, it all happened in a shadow of a second. The choices shifted and changed, weaving throughout my head and inevitably transferring to his abrasive, importunate mind. Edward could see what I saw and the choices he made modified. Spinning out of control, altering and shifting through dozens of absurdly irrational choices. Varying from losing compete control and stealing Bella away, to completely illogical reasoning and indecisiveness. His thoughts were extremely childish and inconclusive, leading in several different directions. The visions blurred and stopped as he abruptly picked the one that was immediate and inevitable.

The decision of immediately changing Bella. The vision grew specific closing in on Bella’s agonized face. Her tortured screaming, pleading for death as she writhed and seethed on Edwards lap. His eyes were a deep crimson and blood flowed relentlessly from Bella’s neck, soaking her and Edward in thick, red, appetizing gore.

My stomach clenched as the vision moved and distorted into the outcome of the ramifications of Edward’s choice. The sudden ensured departure, the careful concern taken to transfer Bella without her coming in contact with any humans. The hostility and resentment of Charlie’s face, switching to impending bitterness and regret. From Renée to Jacob, sneering at Bella’s abrupt departure. The hostility held for her abandonment that served and would never be forgiven. No explanation. No wedding. No goodbyes. Bella’s apathetic pallid face, her dark hair framing her bright red eyes as she stared desolately out the window of the Volvo. She would always live in regret.

The decision locked and Edward turned from the room. The verdict was already set in motion and he wasn’t changing his mind, even after he saw the consequences of this decision. But the alternative was something he couldn’t live with. I didn’t blame him, I knew he would never allow Bella to die, but I couldn’t permit him to act on his instincts so rashly and ruin Bella’s right to say goodbye.

“No Edward.” I said gravelly and locked his retreating shoulder in the strongest hold I could possibly maintain against his determined situation. He stopped as my hand connected. He hung his head and buried his fingers in his hair gripping with all his might. I’ve never seen him so desperately torn. He shook his head and tried to regain his breaking composure. I could tell he barely was able to refrain from breaking; the pain wafted from him in wave’s, dousing the atmosphere in anxiety and foreboding. He turned, his dark eyes locking on mine, penetrating past me and seeing into my mind, reading my every thought, seeing my every experience and imposing on my darkest shames.

His eyes were held in agonized pain. The anxiety swimming in the onyx depths disturbed me and caused my instincts to coil and share in his torture.

“Edward, you can’t…” I swallowed hard, already feeling his scorn and his posture sag as he prepared to disregard my claim. “Edward listen to me.” I said faintly stronger, tightening my grip on his shoulder. “There has to be a better way. We have to look at this rationally.

Edward shrugged off my hand and deftly stepped farther in the room. “What do you suggest Alice?” He said, his voice seething with acidic sarcasm. “We just inject Bella with some pain killers and hope for the best.” He gave a very pointed glance to Carlisle an accusation deep in his eyes, from unknown thoughts I’d never hear. He started to pace the small cramped space. Carlisle remained clueless from our psychic exchange, but knew better then to interrupt with questions. Edward’s feet didn’t make a whisper as he sped back and forth; weaving throughout the room around the two chairs that sat in front of Carlisle’s desk.

“Alice,” I whipped my head up as Carlisle interrupted the tense silence that accumulated. I got lost in the hypnotic rhythm of Edwards constant and perfect sequence of steps, as he still paced like a big cat in a small cage.

“What is it Carlisle?” I asked desperately holding on to the tiniest hope that he had suddenly solved the problem without a tear being shed.

“Did you see any sort of explanation as to why Edward can suddenly hear Bella’s thoughts?” he asked, his eyebrows furrowed and his flawless forehead creased with tiny lines of worry.

I felt my face scrunch, as I tried to understand what Carlisle said. Edward immediately stopped pacing and his dark eyes glinted as they flashed to mine. His face held expectation and slight apprehension as he waited for my conceivable answer.

“What?” I whispered confusion running throughout every line of my face as I repeated Carlisle’s words back in my head, trying to make sense of them. “You can hear Bella’s thoughts?” I asked completely mystified.