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banner by me banner by me Its Jessica flirting with Edward. How awkward must that be for her ...and Edward?

I tried to submit this into the Twilight Fanfiction but i guess i didnt make it into the authors so I figured putting it on here and see what you think. ENJOY!!

1. Flirtatious

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I jumped up when I heard my alarm go off, I hurried up to get dressed. I fixed my hair rapidly but carefully, I had to look my best for Mike, even though he never noticed me.

My mother was in the car honking for me to hurry up, I hurried to the car.

We reached the school, I got out immediately giving my mother a quick goodbye. Then there I noticed something in the parking lot that I hadn’t noticed there before. It was a very shiny, very expensive looking 2003 black Volvo. Wow. Whoever had that car must be hot. They must be new too. I saw a very handsome looking man walk out of the admin building and into the car...it must be their father too. WOW.

I went to my class and immediately I noticed something different ...a new boy. Wow. He must be the owner of that shiny silver Volvo that was in the parking lot. I knew because the clothes he wore were expensive looking too. He was hot.

Sorry Mike. I just found myself a new eye candy. His back stiffened as soon as I finished my thought. How weird. He turned to look at me I smiled the best smile I could make without looking like a total and complete idiot. I took a deep breath, got to impress I thought to myself. He rolled his eyes. Oh playing hard to get, I like a challenge.

I had to go introduce myself; besides we were going to be together all year, he sat next to me. I puffed my hair and skipped up to him. "Hello. My name is Jessica. You must be new here." I said still smiling, Wow his face was really gorgeous. He was very handsome. Oh I forgot how to breath…inhale exhale inhale exhale. Ok I think I can get through with this.

He had to be the most handsome freshmen here. He didn’t look like a freshman though. He had these incredible golden colored eyes. And this tousled red-brown hair. Wow. That was all I could think of. Wow.

My mind went on its own little world. I shook my head, he looked at me with an odd expression, he must think I’m mentally challenged now. Great what a way to impress a new boy.

He rolled his eyes again but he smiled a wonderful crooked smile. Wow. "Hello. My name is Edward Cullen. Nice to meet you …Jessica." I had to remember how to talk and breath. I just stared at him mouth wide open. His voice was so smooth so...so…Sexy. I had to stop looking at him, I couldn’t think straight. He shook his head a turned around.

I had to keep talking. We needed to keep talking, I couldn’t let the magic go away. "So were did you come from?" That was an innocent question to ask. Right? I wonder if he would ask me out by the end of the week.

He growled under his breath, but answered my question anyway. "Alaska." He said still looking the other way. Am I annoying him? No! I cant let this happen.

Ooh a foreign boy. No wait what was I thinking Alaska is part of the U.S, wow he was so gorgeous I couldn’t think straight. "So far away. It must be a big change."

"Yes… It is." He still wouldn’t look at me. All I could see was his wonderful shiny hair. I reached my hand out to brush his hair. He flinched; I stopped short. It was like he knew what I was doing before I could do it at all.

I had to keep the conversation flowing again. He probably thought I was desperate though, but I didnt care, "So did you have a girlfriend back home?" I had to lead him on. My mind raced again. How wonderful it will be to have him as a boyfriend.

He seemed uneasy about something. Was he gay? He clenched his hands into fists.

No impossible. He cant be…gay. If he was metro sexual I would still go out with him. He's hot.

"Yes actually I did have a girlfriend back home." He answered icily. Was he lying? Trying to make me jealous I hope. "But we broke up. Long distance relationships don’t workout you know." He said very fast and turned back to the board, I knew why he was uncomfortable; it was really hard to dump his girlfriend.

Oh don’t worry Edward I am here for you.

"Oh what a shame. Have you found anyone here," I played with my hair while bashing my eyelashes, once I did that an eyelash got in my eyes, Shoot. I immediately turned away trying not to meet his eyes, he would really think I was stupid now.

I finally tuned wiping my eye, "Uh…No, I just got here. I'm not really interested right now." He said with a kind of frustrated sigh. Ouch. Don’t look farther you found her.

"Oh. Well if you need anything I am always here." I said still playing with my hair.

He turned to me and I nearly fainted, his beautiful face. I hadn’t noticed he was so pale. That is so hot. "Thank you but I won’t need assistance." Ouch.

Still playing hard to get are we? Well I still have tomorrow. He tensed again.

The class went by real fast. I wasn’t paying attention; I was only watching Edward Cullen sitting by me. He looked really stiff and uneasy though. What was bothering him?

The bell rang and he was out of his seat in an instant.

I followed him. He headed to the office and requested for a new schedule. They handed him a new schedule with his first period changed. Hmm… could this be about me? No. He probably didn’t like that class so early.

Well Edward Cullen I will see you tomorrow. I wont give up.

I skipped happily to my next class were I had Mike next. If it couldn’t work with Edward I still had Mike…Nah I’ll keep trying for Edward. If that doesn’t work I’ll go back to Mike.