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Love At First

Our own version of the Twilight skills, by 'our' I mean the opinion of addicted teenage girls


1. Danger/Edward!!!

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I'm running, running as fast as I can. I do not know how I got in this situation but I did. All I know is that I was running my morning run when all of the sudden I hit something realy hard, harder than a tree. As I looked up to see what I hit I heard this voice.

"Hi there sweety hows it going? Im sorry are you ok? Well i hope so because then you would not be as fun to drain you of all your blood."He said, smirking at me.

"Ok wait one min. you want to drain my blood so that would make you a vampire right?"I said.

"Yes my dear." He said.

"What the hell do you think this is a game or something. Well it's not, this is my life we are talking about and I want to die a death of natural causses!"I cryed/yelled. I got back up and started to run again as fast as I could trying to get away from this evil person or as he calls himself vampire.

All of the sudden the trees break apart and I see the most handsome guy in the world sitting in the middle of this huge meadow. As I walked towards him he jumped up as quick as light and faced me. His eyes got all wide with shock. Then they narowed at something behind me. I whipped around and saw the guy that was chasing me.

"What do you want with this young lady James?"the guy I just stumbled apon said.

"Oh nothing Edward dear, I just want to suck her dry!" lauphed James.

"Well your not going to do that to her as long as she is with me!" shouted Edward.

"You wanna bet!?" James said as he grabbed me."She is mine now, you might as well........" Suddenly, Edward had pinned James to the ground and I was free from the grasp he held on me. I was confused, I didn't even have time to blink as this happened.

"You better never come after her again as long as I'm around!" Edward whispered to James. Edward got off of James and walked over to me.

"Hey lets get out of here," He said to me like he has known me forever.

"......Ok......."I said a bit nervous.

"Where do you live?" He asked

"I live at the edge of the forest in Forks." I said

"Oh ok, I know where that is I live there too how come I have not seen you in school?" He asked

"Well I just moved here last Friday." I replied

"Oh thats cool what's your name?" He asked with curiousity in his voice.

"My name is Isabella Swan but Bella for short, please." I said back to him. "And what's your name?"

"My name is Edward Cullen," He replied.

"Oh we are here?" I said a bit surprised "Thank you so much Edward."

"Oh, no problem see you tomorrow at school," He said walking away.

I went in my house and got out my journal and started writting about this mornings adventure when I finally got done I realized that it was five o-clock in the afternoon. Oh crap I better get dinner started befor dad gets home I thought. So I went down stairs ,only tripping on every step down, to start cooking dinner.

The next time i looked at the clock it was Six-thirty. Oh wow dad will be home any minute I thought. As I was putting the last touches on the homemade pizza I heard dad's car pull up.

"Hey dad." I said as he walked in the door.

"Hey sweatheart what's for dinner?" He asked.

"Homade pizza, I hope you like it. Mom made it all the time it is really good." I replied softly knowing it probably hurt him to think of mom. After dinner I cleaned up the dishes.

"Hey dad I'm going to go up stairs to take a shower and go to bed ok?" I asked.

"Ok sweety, night." He said

I bounced up the stairs, having to brace myself on the rail so I woldn't trip. Then, as I cleared the climb of impending doom, I walked slowly to the bathroom.

It was odd how the hot water of a shower can make you think. Today's events flooded my mind and I felt as if I had dreamed it all...but the no doubt bruise I had on my chest was proof that it wasn't an illusion of the mind. I was actually attacked by some kind of vampire named James, and was saved by the world's hottest teenage boy!

The one question that stayed with me, as I was hopping out of the shower, got dressed, and combed my tangled hair, wouldn't leave my mind as i walked down the hall to my room. The question was...was I falling in love? I knew the answer...

I opened my door and walked into my room. The lights were off and there was still some glint of the sun in my almost dark room. Despite the sillouhette standing in the shadows, I felt oddly calm. Oh great, there was someone in my room.

I already knew who it was, before he stepped into the dazzling sunlight. It was Edward.

He flashed me a smile that made my heart flutter and I wondered if i was dreaming. He took a deep breath, "Bella..." he whispered to me.

I was awestruck. What was I suppose to say? There was a very, very hot guy standing in my room, and I was oblivious to how he got there.

"Do not be alarmed...I am not here to hurt you..." he said, sounding like he was trying to reassure himself more than me. "I have just come to tell you something, and I'm not sure how to begin..."

I didn't move, I didn't blink, i didn't breath...I was too afraid that if I even twitched he would vaninsh into thin air.

"Bella...I am in love...with you." he said to me and I had to stifle the gasp. He stepped closer to me and took my hands in both of his strong, cold hands. "My darling, I know it hasn't even been a day that I've known you...but I feel as if I had known you forever...and i feel something for you that I haven't felt for anyone else in my existence."

I looked into his eyes, his scorching gold eyes. "Me too!" I barley gasped, my legs starting to give out under me.

"But there is also something i have to admit...the man who chased you today...James...he was a vampire." He told me slowly, watching my expression.

I shrugged. "Yeah I asumed he was...and he confirmed it."

Edward nodded, then he bit his bottom lip. "Well...I am a vampire too..."

He twitched as if he expected me to scream, or pull away, or strike him...but i stayed where I was, staring at him. "You... a vampire?" I asked, surprisingly the words didn't sound rediculous...they sounded right.

He nodded, "Yes...and I hope that doesn't affect anything between us..."

I shook my head and replied. "Of course it doesn't!" I wrapped my arms around his neck. "But I am curious..."

"About what my love?" he asked me as he twined one arm around my waist and gently cupped my face with his other cold hand.

"About...how vampires kiss."

Edward let out a low chuckle and my heart started to flutter again. "Let me show you..." he whispered as he leaned in slowly, closing the space between us.

Then it happened, his lips met mine.

I knew it. I was in love. I loved Edward and he loved me, and that knowledge was almost as sweet as the kiss. The way his perfect cold lips crushed mine was something I wouldn't be able to discribe, without drooling no doubt. The passion sparked around us and I was sorry that the kiss ended, I didn't want it to end.

Suddenly, as he pulled away, a thought came to my mind. "How did you get into my room?"

He laughed and I giggled a bit. Then he grinned down at me. "I'm a vampire remember?"

I smiled. "Wow, am I lucky..." I mumbled feeling the blush rise to my cheeks. "How many girls get to kiss a vampire in their life? Honestly..."

He laughed and I blushed even harder. "Wait until you meet my family..." He said as he stepped back. "They are all vampires too..."

My smile startd to diminish and curiousity colored my expression. "Really?"

"Yes," he ran one hand through his bronze hair. "Oh Bella my love there was one thing I forgot to tell you about James....."

"Ok what is it.." I asked him curiously.

"He is a tracker and he won't stop till he kills you........or I kill him first......."

"Will you stay here tonight with me? Please!!!!!!!" I begged him.

"I planned on it if you wanted me to or not... I would have hid in your closet so you would not know." He smiled at me kind of chuckling with that georgous crooked smile of his.

I felt as if the entire force of gravity weighed me down to the floor, so I couldn't move.