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The Return

Bella never jumped off that cliff, in fact she never got the chance. Now, 2 years later, the Cullen's come back to Forks, where they learn that Bella has supposedly died. Bella, is not dead though. She's with the Volturri, when Aro sends for Carlisle to come get a troublesome newborn ( who happens to be Bella), what will happen?

Ok this is my second Fanfic. I'm having to combine a bunch of chapters though, because they are too short on their own.

1. Chapter 1

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It's been two years. Two years, since I've seen Bella. Two years since I kissed her. I can't take it anymore!

It's driving me insane! I have to find her, and win her back! Leaving was a mistake, a terrible mistake! I've spent these past two years trying to find Victoria, but I can't find her. So, I'm giving up, and going back to my sweet Bella. I pulled out my cell phone to call Carlisle. Him and the rest of the family are in Chicago.

I'm in South America.
I followed a false lead here, and Victioria's not here. The phone rang once before he answered. "Hello Edward." "Carlisle," I said, "I want to go back to Forks, I want to live there again, and I want to see Bella." "We know Edward," said Carlisle, "Alice had a vision of you telling me this, we are already packed. We are just waiting for you to get here." I was so happy. "Alright, Carlisle, my plane leaves in an hour." "Okay, see you then."

Right before he hung up, I heard I'm glad he finally decided to go back, not being with Bella was killing him It was Carlisle's thoughts.


I just got off the plane in Seattle.

Alice had come to meet me, and she drove us as fast as she could in her yellow porche that she had recieved last Christmas, to our house. When we arrived, everyone was so excited to see Bella again, except for Rosalie. She was still angry at Bella for wanting to be a vampire. She doesn't need to worry though, I won't change Bella, I've hurt her enough already. We took a vote to see who should go find Bella, and bring her back.

The vote was unanimous. I was sent to get Bella. I decided to run, instead of using my Volvo. First, I went to Bella's house, the only car there was Charlie's police cruiser. He was moping around inside, but I didn't have time to find out why.

As I turned around, I saw Bella's truck sitting in the woods. It looked terrible, like someone had beat it with a hammer. There were dents all over the truck. After checking to make sure Bella wasn't in the truck, I ran off, trying to think of where else Bella could be. Then it hit me, today was Wednesday, a school day!

I ran to the school, just as the afternoon bell went off. I hid, scanning the parking lot for Bella, but she was nowhere to be seen. Giving up, I ran back to her house, thinking I had just missed her, and she had gotten a ride with someone else. I looked through every window in that house, but never saw Bella.

The only person I saw was Charlie. He was moping around over something, I decided to find out what it was. * Gosh I miss Bella sooooooo much! I wish she were still here. It's all that Edward kids fault that she's not!* What did he mean?

Where was Bella? Did she go back to Phoenix? I knew that Charlie knew what happened to her, so I decided to ask him. I walked to the door and rang the doorbell. Then the door opened, "Hello Chief Swan."

I said, "Oh, it's you," he said, glaring at me, his eyes full of hate. I remained silent. "Why are you here?" he asked wrinkling his nose. "I came back to see Bella, where is she?" I replied. "She's gone, and it's all because of you." "What do you mean gone?" I asked, "Did she go back to Phoenix?" "No," replied Charlie, "She commited suicide."


"WHAT?!" I asked. "You heard me," said Charlie who looked like he was on the verge of tears. "No, no, She can't have!

No, I refuse to believe it! NO NO NO NO NO NO!" I yelled. Then I ran off, careful to run at human speed until I was out of Charlie's sight. At that moment it started to rain. I could hear Charlie's thoughts Yeah, that's right, feel bad, it's your fault, you left her, that was why she did it.

I ran faster. When I got to the house, everyone was already outside expecting to see Bella, I guess Alice hadn't had a vision of what happened for some reason.

I ran inside dry sobbing. I ran to my room, slammed the door, and got on my couch. Everyone came running in, wanting to know what had happened. When I explained what I knew, everyone except for Rosalie got really upset. Alice started crying as well. Jasper, Emmett, and Esme were on the verge of tears, and Carlisle was close as well.

Everyone went to their seperate rooms, and didn't come out. We just stayed there. Then, a week later. Carlisle got a phone call. Later, Carlisle told us that it had been Aro, a member of the Volturri who was calling.

Apparently, they had a newborn who was refusing blood, and they wanted us to take the newborn in, and teach her our ways. Carlisle agreed. He thought it would be good for us to have something new to do. The next day, he boarded a plane that would take him to Volterra, Italy.

Continued from, Carlisle's Pov

I am now in Volterra, the Volturri guard is currently escorting me to the castle, in an SUV. We pulled up at the castle in a matter of minutes. When I got inside the castle, I was immediatley greeted by Aro. "Carlisle! My old friend!

How are you?" "Fine," I answered, "My family is having a bit of a rough time right now though." "Oh," he replied, "That's sad, but at least you now have a new member of your household!" and with that he opened a door that led into a very dark room. "Bella, breakfast time!"he said,

"FOR THE LAST TIME ARO, I WILL NOT EAT A HUMAN!" yelled a musical, yet familiar voice. "What did you say her name was?" I asked, "Bella" replied Aro.

"Bella, this is Carlisle Cullen, his family drinks animal blood instead of human blood. He is going to take you to live with him and his family." Could it be, no it couldn't be our Bella could it? No, it's just a coincidence I'm sure.

"Oh Joy!" replied Bella. "Well," said Aro, I'm sorry to rush you out, but I really must eat, and Heidi has brought back an extra big group this time. So you two must leave, unless you care to join us Carlisle?" He always tries that, everytime I come here he says that. "No, Aro. That's fine, nows as good a time as any to leave.

Let's go Bella." Then Bella, who had been sitting in the corner with her back to us, got up and turned around. That's when I realized, it was Bella Swan, and she was now a vampire.


I pretended not to recognize her until we were safely on the plane that would take us to Seattle. After we sat down, I said, "Bella, is that you?" then she said, " Yes, it is. You don't have to do this you know." That confused me, "Do what?" "Take me in like this, you know I hate being a burden." Ah, so that was what it was.

"Bella, you're not a burden at all! In fact, everyone's going to be so excited to see you. We thought you were dead!" "Why would you think that?" she asked, she seemed very curious. "Because, Charlie showed Edward a suicide note, that was written by you apparently." Bella thought about this for a moment. "So, which happened first, finding out I was dead, or coming back to Forks?" "Coming back to Forks." She seemed relieved. "That's good."

"What do you mean?" I asked her. "Well, I was afraid for a moment, that you had come back because I was dead." How could she think that?! "How could you think something like that Bella?! Everyone was so upset when we found out you were 'dead'!" "Everyone?" she questioned, raising and eyebrow.

"Now Bella, I know Rosalie wasn't that fond of you, but she-" She cut me off there. "Not Rosalie!" she snapped, "You know...." she trailed off. Then I realized what she meant. "Edward?" she nodded. "Of course! He missed you more than everyone combined!" she snorted, "Yeah right!

He didn't miss me at all did he?" I was shocked, why would she think that? Didn't Edward tell her that we left to protect her? "Bella! How could you say that? Didn't Edward tell you why we were leaving?" Bella grimaced. "Yeah, he said he didn't love me anymore, and that he was tired of pretending he was human.

Oh, and that you were to young looking to be 33 which was the age you were claiming." That confused me, "That's not why we left! We left to protect you! Tell me everything that was said when Edward came to talk to you."

Then Bella said, "Why tell you, when I can show you?" At that point I was thinking WTF? Then, the scene played out in my mind. *Edward telling Bella we were leaving,Edward saying I couldn't claim 33 for much longer, Bella saying she would come with us, Edward telling her he didn't want her to come, realization dawning on Bella's face, Edward promising her she would never see him again, Edward running away, Bella following, Bella lying in the grass.


I can't believe he told her that! That was terribly mean! He just, left her there, that's why Charlie was soo pissed at Edward! I don't understand why he did that, he still loves her, you can see it in his eyes.

"Does not." said Bella. "Does not what?" I asked confused. "Edward does not still love me. I can read your mind and its not true." I decided to let it go and let Edward talk to her when we got back. Just then, the plane started to descend.

Once we had exited the airport, we got in my car, and drove to our house. I was careful to occupy my thoughts, and to keep changing my mind about going to a store, so that Edward and Alice wouldn't find out. When we pulled in the drive, I told Bella to stay, I wanted to surprise everyone. Bella argued half-heartedly, but gave up.

Being locked in that dark room for a year really took its toll on her. I got out of the car and walked in the house. "I'm Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled, and suddenly, everyone was standing around me wanting to know about what the Volturri wanted.

Suddenly, Alice and Edward came down. They were both glaring at me. "What?" I asked. "Carlisle," said Edward, " Why were you thinking about skipping through a field of flowers, in a dress?!" "Yes, " said Alice, "And why did you keep changing your mind about going to the store? You're hiding something Carlisle!" Accused Alice.

"I'll explain it all if you give me the chance!" I said. Everyone looked at me, waiting for me to tell them what happened. "Okay, well when I arrived, Aro told me they had a newborn on their hands that simply refused to drink human blood, no matter how many humans were bled in front of her. Aro said he was getting tired of her, and he wanted us to take her in and teach her our way of life, with animal blood." "We're GETTING A NEW SISTER?!" Alice screeched. "Yes, " I replied, " Anyways, he led me into a dark room, and there was a newborn, huddled in the corner, and he said it was breakfast time, she yelled at him that she wasnt going to drink human blood.

Then Aro said we must leave then, unless we wanted to share a meal with him. (eat humans) So the girl and I boarded the plane, drove here and here we are." I finished. "Carlisle," said Alice, "There's no one here." Everyone nodded.

Then Edward said, "And do you know this girl's name?" "Yes," I said, "Yes I do." "And?..." prompted Jasper. "Everybody line up outside with your eyes closed and do not look at the car. Everyone ran outside. I went to the car, got Bella and positioned her right in front of Edward, she protested, but she was still weak. "Alright open your eyes." Everyone opened their eyes, looked around, and when their eyes landed on Bella, gasped.

"BELLA?!" Yelled Edward. He leaned forward, grabbed Bella, and pulled her into a hug that put Emmett to shame. "Yes..." she whispered. "OH BELLA I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE HERE!" Edward said, still yelling. He let go of her, and looked at her. You could see the love in his eyes. "Bella, I'm sorry I left, I'm sorry for everything! I thought I was protecting you, I honestly did! It didn't work though, and look where that got you! Oh I'm so sorry!" "It's alright," Bella said still whispering.

Then Edward did something no one was prepared for, he leaned down and kissed Bella. At first she stiffened, but then she kissed him back. I walked over to Esme, who looked like she would cry if she could. "Oh Carlisle!" she said, "they are so cute! I'm so glad they are back together! The only thing is, I thought she was dead?"

At that moment, Edward stopped kissing Bella, and everyone turned to look at her, "Bella," I asked, "What happened? We seriously believed you were dead." "Oh that..." said Bella.



I can't believe it! My Bella is once again in my arms! She also happens to be like me, eternally damned. I wish that hadn't happened to her. Who could have done that to her though? Who could have hurt such an angel?! I intended to find out. All of these thoughts were running through my head as I kissed her, I didn't stop until I heard Carlisle ask what had happened to Bella.

Bella replied, "Oh, that" Apparently, she wanted to avoid this subject, but now she couldn't since Carlisle had asked about it. As Bella opened her mouth to begin her tale, Esme suggested we move inside, so we would be more comfortable. I feel so bad for Bella, I hope her transformation wasn't too painful, though it probably was, but at least she is back in our lives, and we don't have to worry about killing her. Those were Esme's thoughts.