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The Return

Bella never jumped off that cliff, in fact she never got the chance. Now, 2 years later, the Cullen's come back to Forks, where they learn that Bella has supposedly died. Bella, is not dead though. She's with the Volturri, when Aro sends for Carlisle to come get a troublesome newborn ( who happens to be Bella), what will happen?

Ok this is my second Fanfic. I'm having to combine a bunch of chapters though, because they are too short on their own.

2. Chapter 2

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Once we were all comfortable in the living room, (Bella beside me, holding my hand on the couch. Carlisle and Esme beside us. Emmett and Rosalie on a loveseat and, Jasper and Alice on another loveseat.) Bella started her story again, this time without interruptions. "Well," she said fidgeting, you could tell she didn't even like to think about this subject,

" One night, about two months after you guys left, I was in my room, wide awake. It was just after midnight, and Charlie was fast asleep. I was staring at the ceiling, and suddenly, there was this huge pair of red eyes above me. At first I thought it was Victoria, I had been worrying about her coming after the werewolves spotted her, but I found out it wasn't when I got the courage to look at the person's face. It was old and wrinkly, I tried to scream, but nothing came out.

Next thing I knew, a cloth had been stuffed in my mouth, and I was thrown out the window. I thought I was going to die, and then when I hit something hard, I thought for sure that my death was right around the corner. When I noticed my vision was blacking out I looked around, and realized I was in a small girl's hands. Then I heard the man who had thrown me out the windows voice.

He was suddenly there beside me, and said, "You didn't drop her did you Jane?" He actually seemed concerned." We all gasped at the mention of Jane. "I assume you know her?" asked Bella, "Yeah she wasn't too fond of me, she was always encouraging Aro to kill me. Oh Aro was the old man." We gasped again, "Wow, I guess I shouldn't be surprised you know him to. Anyways, Jane assured him she didn't.

The whole time though, I was worrying about Charlie, I thought they were going to kill me, but I was hoping they had left Charlie alone. After all, he had put up with me for the two months before that." What did she mean by that? I'd have to ask her later.

"Then, Jane smiled this evil smile at me, her smile eventually turned to a frown, then to a glare, I couldn't figure out what I did to make her so mad. Aro, noticing the way she was glaring at me, asked what was wrong, and put his arm on her shoulder.

Suddenly, his face lit up with, well, happiness, he then reached over to touch me, still smiling, but after about a minute he pulled his hand away, frowning. Jane was glaring even more now. " Jane," said Aro, "We've made an excellent discovery, Bella here is immune to out powers! How extrordinary!"" I was shocked, I knew Bella was immune to my powers, but Jane's power as well? And Aro's! How, well as Aro said, 'Extrordinary!'

This means they can't have done anything bad to her! If only I knew then how wrong I was, I wouldn't have built my hopes up.

I waited for Bella to continue, it took her a minute. She took a deep, unneeded, breath continued. "So they took me to this big private jet. They kept me locked in the bathroom the whole time, Jane would come in to check on me every now and then, but I think that was to see if her power would work on me.

Once the jet landed in Italy, Jane carried me out, and threw me at a bunch of guards, that were bigger than Emmett. They carried me to this huge castle, that had a sign that said, "Welcome to Volterra." They dragged me in, and threw me in a dark room, with no food, for about a week." What??!!!

They starved her!? I can't believe it! My poor sweet Bella! I pulled her onto my lap, and held her close. Everyone else looked shocked as well, that Aro could be so heartless. "Anyways, after about a week of starvation, Aro came in.

He had a plate of hot food in his hands, it smelled so great, I was practically drooling. Aro saw this, and grinned. He held the food in front of me, and waved it in my face. When I reached out to grab it, he told me I had to answer a few questions first, and if my answers satisfied him, I could have the food.

At first, he kind of beat around the bush, but finally he got to the point. " So, Bella," he said, "How did you find out about vampires existence? Which vampire clan told you? If you tell me who, then you can have the food."

Of course I wasn't going to tell, so I flat out refused to tell him. So, he waved the food in my face again, and walked out." I was ready to kill Aro, and I was so grateful to Bella for not telling, I was about to tell her so, but she continued.

"This went on for about another week. After a week was up however, they decided I wasn't going to crack that easily. So they changed their methods. They tortured me in several different ways. They made me run barefoot across hot coals, they hung me from the ceiling by my ankles, they even had Jane break a few of my bones.

No matter what they did to me though, I wouldn't say anything, I wouldn't even scream. At night, they would have Jane stay with me, she was to do whatever was needed to keep me awake. She did her job well, I didn't get any sleep for a long time. Finally, once I had been there for over a year, the pain became too much."

They tortured her!!! In an extremely cruel way! I can't believe it! I should never have left Bella, I hurt her more by leaving. Bella had momentarily stopped talking, probably remembering what happened to her. "Bella," Jasper asked,

"You said the pain became too much, what did you do when that happened?" Bella closed her eyes, I realized she was crying, real tears. Not dry sobs, but real tears. Everyone else noticed as well, but no one said anything because they wanted Bella to finish her story. "When the pain became too much," said Bella, " I did the only thing I could think of.

I begged them to kill me." We all gasped. "Of course they said no," continued Bella, "But everyday when they came in to torture me some more, I would beg whoever came to kill me. Finally, one day, it was Aro who came in, I had already begged him many times before, but I guess he was getting tired of me. So he agreed. Of course, I found out later his idea of killing me was much different than mine.

He told me he would kill me the next day, and he took me out of the room to be tortured one last time. The next day, Aro took me to another room. He strapped me down on a table, and told me he was going to change me, I begged him not to, I just wanted to die, and have everything over with.

He just laughed at me and bit me. I knew from what you guys had told me that this was supposed to be an excrutiatingly painful procedure, but when he bit me, it stung for like a minute, and then the pain was gone. Thinking it would be best for him to think I was going through the transformation, I screamed, and writhed in fake pain for 3 days."

We were all staring at her open mouthed. She didn't go through any pain at all? I wonder if- "After 3 days," Bella said, " I stopped screaming, and got up. I didn't feel any craving for blood at all, not even animal blood. Aro seemed excited. He took me into yet another room, and inside were a bunch of humans. He stood there beside me, waiting for me to kill one.

I knew vampires had cravings for blood, especially newborns, so I pretended I was struggling not to attack one. I told Aro I wouldn't eat a human. He laughed and put me back in the dark room. I suppose I could have left if I had wanted to, but I didn't know what I would do when I left, I couldn't go back to my family,friends, or you guys, so I stayed.

Everyday, after I refused to eat humans, they would force me to eat human food, and I didn't mind because I thought it tasted good. Of course, I pretended that it was disgusting. Finally, Aro got tired of me and I guess called you Carlisle I don't really know."

Wow, she doesn't even crave blood and she can eat human food. Bella really is an extrordinary girl. I feel so terrible though, for what she went through to protect us. But, why couldn't she leave, and live with us? I was about to ask, but Alice got there first.

"But, Bella, you could have come to us, we would have been glad to have you!" "Well, Alice," said Bella, "First of all I had no idea where you guys were, and secondly, I didn't think you guys wanted me around, I thought that was why you left in the first place."

"Why would you think that?" asked Alice indignant. I read Alice's mind, Bella was showing her what had been said in the forest two years ago. I felt so bad, I knew when I said it to her that she truly believed I didn't love her, but I can't believe she bought it.

"EDWARD CULLEN I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!" yelled Alice, everyone but Carlisle and I looked at her stunned. "Calm down Alice," whispered Bella. "No, I will not, not after what he said," Alice said glaring at me.