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The Little Vampire

Who wants to be part of that world?...vampires that is! Bella Swan! Who's the man to deal with poor unfortunate souls?...and the murderers that are involved! Aro! And who wants to kiss the girl?...or eat her! Edward Cullen! Yes folks, it's Twilight.... Little Mermaid Style!

Okay, okay, I relize I am an odd person, but The Little Mermaid is a classic people! Enjoy!

1. Town of Forks

Rating 4/5   Word Count 374   Review this Chapter

Mike, Tyler, Ben:

I’ll tell you tale of the gray foggy town

And its west to northwestern coast

New girl beware ‘cause a vampire’s residing

In the small town of Forks


I’ll tell you a rumor of the eldest son of the coven

And he’s good looking to any a yummy girl

The vegetarians and freaks of the vampire world are here

In the rainy town of Forks!

Here they are

Over there

With there dad as a doctor and there family rich

And Edward’s a vampire

And his family lives

In the small town of Forks!

Edward: Isn’t this dull, Jasper? Here at Forks High, surrounded by nothing teenagers!

Jasper: Oh no, they’re simply…delicious!

Cullen Siblings: Hey!


The gossip of girls and the jealousy of boys. And the halls as they fill up with kids.

We’ve taken theses classes before and guess what? I hate them!

Alice: As for me, I’m about to go shopping!

Coach Clapp: Back to class!

Mike, Tyler, Ben:

I’ll sing you a song of the Vampire’s of Forks. And right they’re over there at that table

The mysterious of all of the children is here

In the small town of Forks!

Rosalie: A new girl you say? Why that’s nothing special. Anything but good news.

Mike, Tyler, Ben:

Bella, when it is sunny outside, the family hightails it out of here. And when they leave it’s really weird.

I’m tellin’ ya girl when the weather gets nice. How they go and camp, camp for days at that.

No one knows why, but it’s what they do


Oh, I see.

Edward: What is that? Do you smell something?

Alice: Edward please, we must go, it’s getting loud in here. We’ve got to get to class, to look like good kids and try to be normal.

Edward: That’s not what we should do now. Wait, I smell it again!

Emmett: We really want to go, Edward.

Jasper: Yeah, we do.

Edward:Not without me! Now who’s that smell? Find out, if it takes all day at that!

Emmett: Whatever, man.

Mike, Tyler, Ben:

There’s vampire’s out there in the foggy old city

And they’re not that far from you

Be careful, Bella, they don’t like strangers

In the small town of Forks!