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The Little Vampire

Who wants to be part of that world?...vampires that is! Bella Swan! Who's the man to deal with poor unfortunate souls?...and the murderers that are involved! Aro! And who wants to kiss the girl?...or eat her! Edward Cullen! Yes folks, it's Twilight.... Little Mermaid Style!

Okay, okay, I relize I am an odd person, but The Little Mermaid is a classic people! Enjoy!

2. Chapter 2

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Part Of Your Coven:

If only I could make Edward understand

I just don’t see how a life that has so much love

Could be so bad

Look at this human

Aren’t I cute?

Wouldn’t ya think I’d date a brute?

Wouldn’t ya think I’m the girl, the girl who wants


But look that vamp

Secrets never told

How many dangers can one species hold?

Thinking about it, here you’d think…

“Wow, she’s really a freak”

I’ve got Esmes and Carlilses of plenty

I’ve got Alices and Jaspers galore

You want Emmetts/Rosalies?

I’ve had enough

But who cares…

No big deal…

I want more…

I wanna be were the vampires are

I wanna see; wanna see ‘em fighting

Hunting about with those

What’d ya call ‘em?

Oh, fangs

Being a human ya don’t live to long

Anything could kill me at any moment

Walking around with such

What’s that word again?


Go when they hunt

Go when they fight

Go stay up with them all night

Just you and me

Wish I could be

Part of your coven!

What would I give if I could live for eternity?

What would I do to spend forever with only you?

I’d be a good vegetarian

I’m no longer Edward’s heroin

And he won’t ever dare try to kill me

Men and women

Sick of killing

Ready to quit

And ready to do what the vampires do

Ask for my meal and get some BEAR!

What’s up with my eyes?

And why are they so

What’s the color?


Why can’t I be cold?

I won’t be eaten

And I’ll have a marble-ish complexion

Forget humanity

Wish I could be

Part of your