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Scaring Dr. Cullen

This is a one-shot from Chapter Seven of My Salvation where while Jake is talking to the doctor Jenny is trying to scare him by making funny faces and such. This is my first one-shot and I hope you like it!


1. Chapter 1

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Jennifer’s POV

When Dr. Cullen came the final time I decided to have a little fun with him. When he walked in the room he looked all serious and I decided that he also needed to loosen up. Jake was focused on him so I knew that he wouldn’t be watching me for the most part.

While Dr. Cullen was talking to Jake he was still looking at me and I puffed my cheeks out and pulled me ears off the sides of my head so that I looked like a monkey. I almost cracked up when I saw his face. I started dancing back and forth to a random beat in my head and the response was even better than I had hoped for. He had such a look of shock and amusement on his face that I wanted to laugh and then show him the picture of him so that I could use in future blackmail situations.

Then, I did that funny Michael Jackson move where you shimmy back and forth with your hands out to the side and then clap them over your head. Again Dr. Cullen’s face was priceless and I was extremely happy that I had secret hidden cameras hidden in my room to keep track of the little green men, wonderbread, and the pyromaniac George, who was also a leprechaun.

Just then George jumped onto the bed with an unlit match. I glared at him and held out my hand. He sighed dramatically, but dropped the match in my hand anyways. I then had a silent conversation with him about the dangers of fire and how it’s a very bad habit. He pretended to listen and then jumped off the bed and out the window, off to find some other form of fire I suppose.

I remembered Dr. Cullen and I wasn’t sure if he had seen George or not. When I looked up he was in a deep conversation with Jake and I figured that he probably hadn’t. At least I hope he hadn’t. To distract both him and myself from the little green man that was now sitting in the corner I moved onto Thriller moves and did the freaky claw thing where they have their hands like claws and go side to side if you know what I mean. I laughed to myself and I saw some surprise and yet laughter in Dr. Cullen’s eyes. Jake was still standing there listening while behind his back I pretended to shoot myself in the head and then come back alive as an evil demon spirit. I put on my creepy evil face and wrestled silently with my sheets.

At that moment Dr. Cullen decided to ruin my fun and finish his conversation with Jake. “She is medically fine. The infection is gone, but it could take a while for her to completely regain her strength.” He said and then left.

When Jake turned back around I had to try super hard not to laugh. “Did you see his face? I wish I had a camera, that moment was priceless.” I said as I finally broke down and laughed.

“What did you do?” He asked warily.

“Oh nothing.” I said evasively, turning my head away from him. Maybe I’ll let him watch the video someday.