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It's halloween and the 'younger' Cullens, plus Bella, have been invited to Mike Newton's party. What will Edward think of the coustume Alice has chosen for Bella? What will Bella think of the coustume chosen for her?

Um, I'm sure the What-Will-Bella-Dress-Up-As-If-Forced-To-Participate-In-Halloween has been done before, but seeing as I haven't found it, I thought I'd give it a try! By the way, this is going to be a multi-chapter story... Enjoy! Much love, Sammy :)

1. Chapter 1; Life-Sized Barbie Doll

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"You girls have fun without us!" Emmett called, smirking at me and Alice as he bounded down the porch steps towards the 'older' Cullens and Jasper, who stood waiting in the driveway. Rosalie, at least, had the decency to throw me an apologetic look as she followed her sometimes-husband.

Edward was the last to leave; lingering at my side, a protective arm around me, throwing furtive glances at Alice, who was looking all-too-innocent on my other side.

Edward hesitated, tightening his arm around my waist as he glared at Alice again, presumably in response to whatever she was thinking. I squeezed his hand, not wanting him to leave me, but recognizing it was necessary.

Rose, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Edward and me had been invited to Mike Newton's house for a Halloween party tonight, and if they were to be cooped up with a bunch of humans all night, they needed to be properly fed. Alice, however, was on baby-sit-Bella-duty, so she'd gone out the night before with Jasper, who was going hunting again today as a precaution.

It didn't take Alice's talent to realize that a party and a few hours without Edward put me in the position of playing dress-up with Alice for the rest of the afternoon.

"Go on, Edward," I told him lightly, nudging his side, motioning for him to join the rest of his family.

He glanced at me, uncertainty predominant in his dark eyes. He knew it still scared me when he left, although I made the best attempts to hide it. I forced a smile, not wanting to make this any harder on him.

"I'll be fine. And you need to hunt." I said firmly, stroking his cheek with one finger. "It wouldn't go over too well if Mike's Halloween party guests found out there were real vampires in attendance."

My attempt at lightening the mood worked, and Edward smiled my favorite crooked smile, the worry and uncertainty banished for the time being. He wrapped his arms around my waist, planting a kiss on my forehead. Naturally, Emmett felt the need to wolf-whistle at the exchange, making me blush. Ignoring his older brother, Edward gave me one last squeeze, then ran off to join his family.

"I'll be back before you have time to miss me," he called to me over his shoulder, dissapering into the dark woods after the rest of the Cullens.

I sighed, leaning against the porch railing. This was going to be one long, Edward-free afternoon.

Slowly, I walked back through the Cullen's still-open front door. I only remembered Alice's existence after I'd closed the door behind me, glancing up to see her leaping off the couch, racing over to me in a movement so fast she was blurred. Stopping in front of me, she smiled; but ended up looking more like a lion staring at a particularly tasty-looking antelope.

Crap. I hadn't expected this directly after we had the house to ourselves. Note to self: never underestimate Alice's love for using me as a life-sized Barbie doll.

Correctly reading the look on my face as a mix of dread and exasperation, Alice grabbed my hand, refusing to let me escape, as if I ever could.

"Alice!" I dragged my best friend's name out and moaned, laying on the complaining early, hoping to head her off.

But dear Alice was not to be swayed.

She merely chuckled, tightening her grip on my hand and towing me along behind her as we trudged up the stairs. I groaned pathetically and dragged my feet, earning only an amused glance tossed over her shoulder.

"Oh, come on, Bells!" she said, exasperated, when she caught me giving her my comparatively weak human version of a death glare. "What's so bad about me helping you get changed?"

"Well," I started, rolling my eyes. "Seeing as it's three o'clock right now, and the party -" I paused briefly to cringe at the word, "- starts at seven, I'm sure that whatever you have in store for me cannot end well."

"It will end well. Believe me, I know." she giggled at that last pronouncement, tapping her forehead in a very showy way.

I sighed, resigned to my fate. Then another worry crept into my head. "I don't suppose I'm going to be able to forgo the costume-wearing tonight?" I asked, the sarcasm in my voice slightly marred by real worry.

Alice just smiled her beautiful smile, laying on the charm as she did with most humans to get her way without an argument.

I growled at her, and she only laughed at my attempt to show my anger in a very Cullen-ish manner. Alice stopped laughing, however, when she sensed my annoyance.

"Oh, calm down, Bella. That was a very...um...fierce growl. I'm sure any poodle would be very intimidated." Her snicker did not escape my notice. But I let it pass as we entered Alice's very large, very unnecessary bathroom.

Alice wasted no time in pushing me down into a chair in front of her two-sink vanity, giggling as I groaned at the array of beauty products spread across the counter.

I glared at my reflection in the mirror as Alice walked slow circles around me, looking me up and down like a hunter sizing up it's prey. Occasionally she consulted one of the many bottles on the counter. This was going to take a while.

Finally, she seemed to have made up her mind about something, and abruptly left the room.

Uncertain on whether I should follow, I got up from my chair, making my way towards the door and into the room Alice and Jasper shared. Alice didn't even look up from her closet as I entered the room, but she called to me over her shoulder anyways. Stupid vampires and their superior senses.

"Stay right there, Bella." she ordered, pulling a white garment bag from her closet. "You don't even get to look at this until I have it on you."

"Why?" I asked as she approached, carrying the dreaded bag over her arm. "Could it be because I wouldn't let you put it on me if I saw it first?"

Alice just smiled, fueling my dread even more.

Sighing, I let Alice grab my hand as she passed me, following her back into her bathroom in resignation; mainly because I knew there was no way in hell I would be able to prevent her from getting me to wear whatever she had planned.

I was interrupted from my self-pitying reverie when Alice cleared her throat, looking at me expectantly. Sighing exaggeratedly, I pulled my plain white tee-shirt off and slid out of my jeans, then held out my arms expectedly for whatever I was supposed to be wearing.

But Alice wasn't having that.

"Oh, no, Bella. What did I tell you? You're not allowed to see it first." she smiled at me, attempting to hold back the excitement that I knew was threatening to spill out. I knew that look. Whatever was in that garment bag would be, according to Alice, the absolute perfect outfit. I felt my resistance wavering, threatening to just give in and let Alice have her fun.

Alice seemed to sense my thoughts, and took advantage of my momentary indecision.

"Bella, this dress is going to be amazing, but I've seen-" Alice paused to put emphasis on the word- "that you'll be much happier if you don't see the dress before you put it on. It looks way better on you than on the rack." She finished her little speech with just enough flattery that I just had to listen to her.

Wordlessly, closed my eyes, sighing to let Alice know I would comply to her request. Alice, of course, could not contain her squeal of delight. I heard the garment bag crinkle as The Dress was removed, and I felt the brush of smooth fabric on my arms a moment later.

"Besides," Alice spoke up, zipping up the back. "Edward will definitely find this dress...appealing." She said the last word with a hint of distaste, as though she'd just seen a glimpse of something private that she wished had remained so.

"Saw something, Alice?" I giggled. Even though my eyes were still closed, I could feel Alice's glare on me and I smiled innocently.

"Mm-hmm." she said tersely. "I just ‘saw' Edward and you tonight..." I heard Alice faking gagging noises. "I really wish my dear brother was less... hands on. I don't appreciate seeing these things, you know." she finished in a mock-stern voice.

So... It seemed I would be able to wear down Edward's resolve in regard to our physical relationship this evening.

Who was I to object to that?