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It's halloween and the 'younger' Cullens, plus Bella, have been invited to Mike Newton's party. What will Edward think of the coustume Alice has chosen for Bella? What will Bella think of the coustume chosen for her?

Um, I'm sure the What-Will-Bella-Dress-Up-As-If-Forced-To-Participate-In-Halloween has been done before, but seeing as I haven't found it, I thought I'd give it a try! By the way, this is going to be a multi-chapter story... Enjoy! Much love, Sammy :)

2. Chapter 2; Incredibly Frustrating Doesn't Even BEGIN to Cover it

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Edward's POV

“Alice, I look ridiculous,” Bella’s voice floated downstairs to my intently listening ears as I crept through the front door, trying to be sneaky. Maybe, if I was quiet enough, Alice wouldn’t notice my approach - perhaps her thoughts would be too focused on Bella to pay any mind to my near-silent footsteps on the first floor… Perhaps I’d be able to see Bella that much sooner -

Emmett laughed his baritone, obnoxiously loud laugh behind me; he was listening to the girls upstairs too. I moaned as Alice’s thoughts turned from the five different types of mascara she was contemplating to the noise downstairs…

“Thanks so much, Em,” I growled, heavy on the sarcasm as Alice forced me out of her head by singing ‘I’m a Survivor’ at the top of her mental lungs.

“Anything for you, Eddie,” Emmett grinned, ruffling my hair with his vampire’s strength. If I’d been human, I’d probably have a concussion. Or severe brain damage. I groaned as the rest of my family - sans Bella and Alice, of course - filed into the house behind me.

“Calm down, Edward,” Jasper lamented, rubbing his forehead exaggeratedly. “You’re giving me a headache.”

“Giving you a headache?” I asked, suddenly more aware than usual of the voices in my head that were not my own. Jasper, trying - and failing, for once - to calm me down; Emmett, who was feeling rather…er…romantic as he stared at Rosalie’s low-cut sweater; Rose’s thoughts were focused on nearly the same thing. Carlisle and Esme were in the kitchen, talking in low tones about the plans for this evening. And Alice, upstairs in her bathroom, keeping her thoughts from me with a new Britney Spears song that had more references to drugs and alcohol than a public school. And as for Bella… Nothing. As per usual.

“Why don’t you go tell your little Alice” - her name came out like an expletive - “to stop that infernal singing before I -” I cut myself off, taking a deep breath through my nose, trying to calm myself down. I wasn’t going to see Bella until Alice saw fit, apparently. There was no use in arguing.

I took another breath, and I could smell Bella, even from downstairs. Her scent lay heavily on every surface of our house. The familiar, perfect, freesia-and-dew scent calmed me down, somehow. The thirst was only a dull ache in the back of my throat. I grinned.

“Can I see Edward now?” Bella asked Alice upstairs, and I imagined just how her brow would furrow at the words, how her flawless lips would push out into a pout; one that was made that much harder to resist because she didn’t mean for it to be irresistible…

“Nope,” came Alice’s response. Bella was silent.

“Awwww, little Bella wants to see her Eddykins. How sweet,” Emmett teased, feigning a loving expression. It was all rather overacted; so it didn’t really get me angry.

“Sweet indeed,” Rose grumbled. Her thoughts told me that she wanted Emmett’s attention back on the way she looked in her new sweater. She didn’t exactly like having to share the lime-light with someone else - especially not Bella. Shallow. And very Rosalie-ish of her. She was true to form, I had to give her that much.

Then Bella’s voice from upstairs caught my complete attention again, along with the sound of her suddenly speeding heartbeat. “Whoa, Alice, where did you get those?”

I groaned. How incredibly frustrating it was that I could not read her mind! It seemed as though she was giving just enough information with her words to pique my curiosity while her mind remained enigmatic as always…

Emmett laughed, again. I considered challenging him to a wrestling match, just for fun; but I decided it wasn’t worth it. I was feeling rather full - almost uncomfortably so - from our hunting trip; and I was far to interested with torturing myself waiting for Bella to do much of anything else. Masochist, I accused myself. It was probably true.

“Online, actually,” Alice was telling Bella upstairs. “You like?”

“Um… Well… I don’t know,” Bella said uncertainly. “Wouldn’t that be drawing unnecessary connections? I mean, you all have them.”

What. The. Hell. I had no idea what their conversation was about. Not an inkling. I felt like I was about to implode from the aggravation of it all. I thought daggers at Alice, cursing her for this unnecessary secrecy that was driving me absolutely insane. For a hundred-year-old man that was used to knowing everything at the drop of a hat, it was killing me not to understand. Bella’s mental silence was infuriating enough. Why, oh why did Alice insist on torturing me further?

“Just because you’re exceptionally observant, Bella, you can’t just assume that every other human is,” Alice said with a laugh. “I can see the future, in case you’ve forgotten. And the children that will be in attendance tonight are far denser that even Edward gives them credit for.”

Both girls laughed softly together, and Bella’s perfect, beautiful voice was soothing to me, like some sort of drug… A painkiller, perhaps. She’d always done that for me. I smiled, finally, and threw myself to the couch next to Jasper; Emmett and Rose had retired to their bedroom to ‘get ready,’ which we all knew was just code for something that both Jasper and I would rather not contemplate.

“You know, Alice, I’m just as much a child as any of them by Cullen standards,” Bella said, so quietly that even my heightened senses had to strain to pick it up. There was something in her tone; a mix between sadness and sharp pain, together with defiance, maybe… And something else I didn’t recognize.

Alice didn’t know what to say to that, I assumed by the way she paused. “You know, Bella,” she finally said, just as quietly. “I’ve never really thought about it. It’s just…you’re not like them. You’re one of us; you belong with us.”

“I’m only temporary,” Bella muttered, and her pain pierced through me like a bullet - if my skin were not diamond-hard, impenetrable.

“The future isn’t always how you expect it, Bella,” Alice said, a slight smile in her voice. “And if I’m seeing things correctly, you were never ‘only temporary.’ You belong here. Somehow, you’re going to stay here.”

“Thanks, Alice,” Bella said softly, but she didn’t seem entirely convinced.

“Besides, you’re my best friend. Who else is going to be my unwilling shopping buddy for the rest of forever?” She laughed, and the words had the effect she wanted, lightening both of their moods, I could tell through the lens of Jasper’s thoughts where he sat beside me, focusing on our loves just as intently as I was.

I didn’t allow myself to consider the meaning behind Bella and Alice’s words. I would not allow the reason for my existence to be frozen, trapped like me, forever unchanging at eighteen; never moving forward, never changing… It was not an option. I would never allow myself to be so selfish.

“Hold still for a minute,” Alice was suddenly saying. I heard Bella hold her breath… “There. Finished,” Alice said.

“Oh. Well. Alice, are you completely sure about this? For Edward, I mean.”

“Positive,” Alice told her, her voice exuding nothing but pure confidence.

“Can I see him, then?” Bella asked, her voice lighting up with that endearing excitement to see me, an excitement I’d never comprehend.

“Not until I get him in his costume!” Alice said in a singsong voice.

Bella and I groaned in unison.

Jasper only chuckled.