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Pained Emotion

When Edward left Bella Victoria got her and changed her into a vampire. She isn’t a normal one though, she's a Magna. Meaning that her senses are magnified and she has a lot of powers, but she can feel pain as though it is magnified.


1. Magnafied

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Why’d you have to go, Edward?

How could you leave me here to be treated like this?

Of course, my thoughts would never reach him, I could project some thoughts but whenever I tried to contact him I’d never been strong enough.

I had to find another way to save my family and run away, I couldn’t kill Victoria and Marc, they were always together, always stronger.

My powers were what attracted Marc, he was pure evil, worse then Victoria, his power was to find a vampires worst memory and replay it until they were like piles of blubbering nonsense.

Sighing I glanced out of the window where I sat, we were in Forks again, after twenty years and I wasn’t allowed to leave, I hadn’t even eaten anything for over three months because since Marc came, I wasn’t allowed to drink anything apart from human blood and I refused to do that.

It was raining again.

But suddenly my senses picked something up, something different, I knew that the two evil vampires down stairs wouldn’t sense it, my senses were magnified, hence the name Magna. My powers were extra strong but I was in too much pain to use them.

I could smell the worst scent ever, I wrinkled my nose, and then I caught a flash of fur and recognised Sam

Sam! I screamed in my head, I saw him look up

Sam, oh thank god! Please, it’s me Bella, Victoria and this other vampire have me, I know you might hate me but please, help me!

No, Bella, you’re a vampire now, look after yourself. He replied nastily, I could feel him watching me, even as the door opened and Victoria came to me, she didn’t look out of the window, pain swept over me as she talked about killing Edward, my pain was magnified by 5, so the pain was terrifying. I screamed and doubled over, black tears pouring down my face. I saw Sam frown in human form but then turn and run off.

Victoria laughed and left me alone.

I sobbed until the pain started to recede.

Then I felt it.

One of my powers was to sense other vampires.

And I sensed Alice.

I could also connect with other people, vampires included. I screamed in my head and sent it out to her, ignoring the pain it brought from my memories.

Hello? Alice sent.

Help me Alice, please help me! It Bella, please, god help me! I screamed the last word in my head, hoping she heard the urgency.

Bella?! Bella, where are you? Alice shouted back, but I couldn’t answer, just that one conversation had brought up the painful memories, Marc came in then. He sneered at me and I could feel his hate, it washed over me, making me writhe on the floor.

He laughed and watched me for a while, eventually his happiness at my pain helped to lower the extent of my pain and I was just lying there, whimpering. I quickly sent the image to Alice, along with some other memories, my violet eyes flashing with power, Marc saw this and booted me in the stomach.

Pain was the only thing I was aware of as I screamed.

“What did you just do?” Marc demanded, kicking me again, but I rolled away this time, which caused him to growl and throw me into a wall.

I suppose the thing that happed next was a blessing and a curse.

Marc is really strong and some of my power is connected to my emotions, so the extreme pain I was in connected with my emotional power and the wall I was thrown into cracked, and I fell out of it.

Just as a black car drove by.

With the whole Cullen family in it.

Marc jumped after me and grabbed me, dragging me back into the house, I was screaming for two reasons.

a) Because it damn hurt


b) Because the pain radiating from the car, and the anger, along with my own was killing me all on its own.

He slammed the door shut and threw me onto the table.

I had a gash down the side of my face; a down side of my power is I got physically hurt more easily. So falling through a wall and being bashed around can count as a big physical pain.

Someone smashed the door down, and was trying to get through the enforced door, they would manage eventually but Victoria and Marc could cause me a LOT of pain by then.

Marc growled and yanked on my hair, I screamed in pain, I was incredibly aware that the Cullen’s sensitive ears would hear me.

Their pain only added to my own and screams flew from my open mouth as I writhed in agony on the table top. Victoria and Marc were laughing.

Then Marc used his trump card.

He started talking about how Edward didn’t care, how they would leave me to rot like they already had.

I remember when I was changed, that last scream had been the worst, I could hear Jasper screaming on the other side of the door, but mine were a lot worse. I was sobbing, screaming and writhing. Not just my pain, my hate and my anger but the added total of nine more vampires.

After what seemed like hours the door burst down, but Victoria and Marc were already gone.

I was still in so much pain, I hugged myself, still sobbing. I could hear Jasper crying aswell, although he had only been getting a taster.

I felt someone stroking my cheek, wiping away the black tears, whispering my name over and over again, somehow that made the pain go away a little, and that little was getting better and better, making me feel ok and I realised it was the feeling of love radiating around the room, making me feel warm and slightly happy, I managed to stop crying and open my eyes, Edward was cradling me to his chest.

“What did they do to you?” Edward whispered, his pain came thundering back, along with anger and Jasper and I both cried out at the same time.

“I think I get it” Jasper choked out

“What?” Alice asked, sounding worried as she held my hand.

“She’s a Magna” he managed to whisper.

I heard six sharp indrawn breathes.

“But that’s impossible” breathed Carlisle, I managed to shake my head because the pain was fading altogether , I saw Jasper breathe a sigh of relief, he walked over to were I was and, taking my hand he spread a warm blanket over my emotions, making the pain disappear completely, I smiled at him, my violet eyes stopped glowing,

“Wow, your eyes were glowing” Emmett pointed out, I smiled

“It happens when I’m dealing with too much pain or anger, I haven’t learned to block it all out yet, so when Marc or Victoria tortured me the pain would be magnified by five, they didn’t even have to hit me, although they still did, they only had to talk about painful memories, like how you guys left me…” I couldn’t finish my sentence, I screamed in pain, as did Jasper. I knew Edward would be reading Jasper’s mind to find out how much pain that one memory was causing because I heard his indrawn breath.

“Sorry” I gasped “I still can’t stop it from hurting that much” I managed to choke out, clenching my teeth and squeezing my eyes shut.

When I opened them, mostly because I could feel the anxiousness from them, they were all watching me with sadness, which hit me like a hammer, I gave a little jolt and a small pain sound and a small dibble of black blood ran from my nose and they realised I could feel it, they blocked as much as they could, while Jasper sent warm waves of love towards me.

Then I remembered something.

I sat bold upright, startling the vampires around me because I can move a lot faster then them.

“Charlie, the only reason I stayed with them was because they threatened Charlie” I whispered

“Now no ones there to protect him” Emmett realised grimly

Charlie, what have I done?