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The rabid mutant hamster

Well this is co-written by me and charmingal one very boring science lesson. If you haven't read her story Dream On read it. It dosn't directly link but otherwise you'll get confused. What would happen if two of our favourite vampires and their (slightly scary) girlfriends meet a rabid mutant hamster? and why are they in hawaii?


2. Chapter 2

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Carlisle P.O.V.

We have been in the car for 2 hours already and I still have only a little idea of why we are actually driving all the way to Hawaii. Well not driving ALL the way just driving to the ferry. All I remember is Tasha babbling about hamsters with the occasional scream thrown in. Thankfully Jaspers girlfriend Robyn was slightly less high so he knows what's happening. I mean I love Tasha but she can be a bit strange.

"Carlisle stop here!!!!!!" I hear Jasper yell. I look around as soon as I've found a place to pull over. Being in a major car crash but walking away unharmed wouldn't look good. We are next to a mall.

"This is the perfect place to buy what we need" Jasper says

General P.O.V.

After stopping to buy Tasha and Robyn's mysterious gifts and a long ferry ride Jasper and Carlisle arrive in Hawaii. As soon as they step of the ferry two very scared girls come running up to them and atart madly talking.

"Whoa, slow down and one at a time" Carlisle says.

"We didn't mean to!" Tasha yells before Robyn slaps her round the back of the head.

"Remember we decided I would explain. I won rock paper scissors." she hisses

Tasha seeks comfort and protection from further assault in Carlisle's arms. Mean while Robyn explains.

"Well what happened is that we brought a pet hamster as a present for Delia but it turned out to be rabid and mutant with a particular liking for human flesh"

"It ate the maid" Tasha quickly chimed in before ducking from more slaps

"Yes it ate the maid. But that's becaue SOMEONE" Robyn said looking pointedly at Tasha" left the cage door open"

Tasha blushed and buried herself deeper in Carlisle's chest. Japer coughed.

" Well know that we've figued that out I have one question. Why did you think Delia would like a hamster?"

"I don't actually remember" Robyn replied " Do you Tasha?"

A muffled string of mumbling came from Carlisle's chest but with the distinct word moon sugar audiable.

"Well where did you last see it?" Carlisle asked looking quite calm considering that he had a girl attatched to him and he was getting strange looks from passers-by.

"By Starbucks of coarse" Tasha said lifting her head.

"Because that's where a rabid mutant hamster goes straight after it's been freed and eaten a maid" Jasper said

"Yeah didn't you know that?" Tasha said obviously missing the sarcasm in his voice.

After a walk to the shop to buy some nets, Tasha insisted that they were essential for hamster catching, they went to the coffee shop where the girls had seen the R.M.H. Six lates later and Carlisle and Jasper came to the conclusion that they would need more help for the two task that lay ahead of them. The obvious one being to catch the R.M.H. and the other to help calm down the cafiene high people they were stuck with.