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The rabid mutant hamster

Well this is co-written by me and charmingal one very boring science lesson. If you haven't read her story Dream On read it. It dosn't directly link but otherwise you'll get confused. What would happen if two of our favourite vampires and their (slightly scary) girlfriends meet a rabid mutant hamster? and why are they in hawaii?


3. Chapter 3

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After wandering around the small town and the surrounding area for the past 3 hours they went back to Robyn and Tasha's hotel.

"Well that was a complete waste of time" Robyn said obviously annoyed, about the lack of R.M.H.

"Yeah but at least we got to see more of the town and think what good exercise it was!" an unusually un-high Tasha optimistically put in.

Carlisle and Jasper shared a worried look. Tasha when she wasn't high or when she had just woken up (which was more hilarious) was quite scary. Carlisle had only seen her like this once, and though it was a bit of a relief, the short frizzy girl who he loved without her usual boundless energy just felt strange.

They walked by a dingy alley a squealing could be heard. Everyone besides Tasha continued walking.

"Wait!!!" Tasha called after them.

They all turned and looked at her just before she started squealing. Another squeal came in reply and this continued for a few minutes with Robyn, Jasper and Carlisle stood staring.

"Erm Tasha what are you doing?" Jasper asked

"Talking to this animal down here," She replied as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

"How???" They all asked together.

"I can talk to animals" she said again as if it was the most natural thing in the world " I'm like Mowgli in flares."

"Tasha. You're not in flares" Robyn replied a bored tone in her voice.

"Oh yeah" Tasha looked down at her board shorts and smiled absentmindedly.

"So anyway what did this animal say?" Jasper said while calming his girlfriend down.

"Ok. It's saying that the R.M.H. is down there in the alley and that it's managed to get it cornered," as she ran of down the alley.

"But how could it do that? The R.M.H. would have eaten it and its over 6 ft" said Robyn

"And how did it even know that we were looking for it?" said Jasper finishing Robyn's sentence in that cute way that make most people feel sick.

As soon as Jasper had finished his sentence a loud scream come from the alley. Carlisle was the first one down there with Jasper and Robyn close behind. All they saw was a bright green hamster tail disappear over the wall with a screaming Tasha who was doing everything she could to get it to get rid of her.

They stood there in shock for a few seconds.

"Ok," Jasper spoke rather calmly, Robyn thought, for the situation "now it's personal"

"What do you mean? She wasn't your girlfriend" Carlisle said rather confused.

"Yes but no one kidnaps my girlfriends insane best friend rabid mutant hamster or not and gets away with it" he said

"Awwww" Robyn said before throwing her arms around him.

"So how are we going to rescue her?" Jasper said sounding normal despite having a teenage girl practically throttling him.

"We could use her tracker" Robyn said

"YOU HAVE A TRACKER ON HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Carlisle screamed

"Well yeah," she said looking sheepish.

"Any particular reason why or just for general use?" He asked

"Well you know what she can be like when she's hyper and everything and I thought it would be a good idea to have a tracker just in case she ended up in Texas again." She said.

"And this magical tracker is where?" Jasper said trying to judge if there was any danger of the usually calm Carlisle killing the love of his life any time soon.

"Please don't say back in Forks" Carlisle prayed out loud

"Of coarse not" Robyn looked at him as if he were mad " I had it programmed in to my phone so I wouldn't forget it" She finished with a triumphant grin.

"So where is she?" Jasper asked

"Old abandoned warehouse on the edge of town" she said " so who's going to drive? How about you Carlisle? Carlisle?"

She looked up to see the blur that is Carlisle running of in to the distance.