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How many times have you kissed?

Edward Cullen, the master, the playboy, the hottest, and the most gorgeous boy in the Taylor High Academy is what EVERY girl ask to life. What happens when the beautiful Isabella Swan arrives to her new school, and meets him? ALL HUMAN My first fic. Hope you like it!


1. Chapter 1: Roomies!!

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Bella´s POV.

My father Charlie drived even faster when he was nervous. An this wasn´t the exception.

- Dad, Would you calm down, please? - i asked him rolling my eyes. - i would be all right. I promise.

Charlie looked at me concerned.

- i don´t know Bells... are you shure you don´t want to live with Renée?

- No. I think mom needs some privacy. I would be all right - i insisted.

- Yeah, whatever. - Charlie was still staring at me.

- Here we are.

Dad stopped the car, and i almost jump from the sit when i saw the opportunity of escape from him.

- Thanks for the ride Dad. I´ll call you.

- Look Bella... i know you are already seventeen and you know how to take care of yourself... but take care, okay?

I smiled at him gently. He was worried about me.

- Okay. - I opened the door and closed it as fast as i could and i walked into the campus.

It was beautiful.

They were trees everywhere. The building was white, and too big to my opinion. I looked below, at the paper i was holding.

- 312 - i repeated to myself trying to keep it on my memory. - room 312.

I walked slowly, enjoying of beeing alone. They were students in the campus already, in little groups, talking. I felt uncomfortable. I did not knew anybody.

- Hey theree!! - i heard a happy voice behind me and i turned surprised.

A short girl, with straight black rebel hair was staring at me excited.

- Are you Bella? - She asked me happily.

- Yeah. - i replied confused. How did she...?

- Oh my gosh! I am so glad to finally meet you! I am Alice Cullen - she said rapidly - your roomiee!

- Oh. Nice to meet you. - i said ashamed. Nice to meet you? Nice to meet you?!

- Oh my gosh! This is going to be awesome! You will be my new bff! - she was almost jumping.

I laughed. I felt flattered, she just knew me and she said we will be bff. I liked her.

- Come on! Do you went already to our room?

I denyed with mi head.

- Oh! Let´s go!

She pushed me to walk quickly. I smiled.

When we got in our room (Blue walls, white curtains, a small kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and two bedrooms) we sat in the only couch that was on the living and we started talking about everything, our families, friends, old schools, homes...

- I have three brothers - she told me - Rosalie, Emmett and Edward. - she rolled her eyes when she said the last name, so i got confused.

- Is there anything wrong with Edward? - i asked, trying not to sound meddler.

- Oh. It´s nothing. He´s a ... playboy.- she purse her beautiful lips - Anyway, he´s a good person.

She told me she had a boyfriend named Jasper. (attractive, blond, brown eyes...) and she asked me if i had one.

I blushed.

- Oh, dont worry. - she said laughing. - You are too pretty to not have one. I bet you would have the perfect guy soon.

I blushed again. Why that happened to me always?

- Oh, wanna see a movie? - she asked me with her brilliant eyes.

- Yeah.

She put "A walk to remember" in the dvd, and we both cryed hard. When they are getting married, someone knocked the door.

- Come in - Alice said, between sobs.

- Hey, are you crying? - the most beautiful, velvet voice i had ever heard asked. I turned abrutedly and i saw a gorgeous boy, with bronze hair and a beautiful pair of eyes staring at me. I stopped breathing.

- Edward, this is my roomie, Bella. Bella, this is Edward. - she presented us with a weird look.

- Hey... - he said looking at me, maybe wondering why i looked away suddenly.