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How many times have you kissed?

Edward Cullen, the master, the playboy, the hottest, and the most gorgeous boy in the Taylor High Academy is what EVERY girl ask to life. What happens when the beautiful Isabella Swan arrives to her new school, and meets him? ALL HUMAN My first fic. Hope you like it!


2. Chapter 2: Sreaming is good.

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Edward, this is my roomie, Bella. Bella, this is Edward. - she presented us with a weird look.

- Hey... - he said looking at me, maybe wondering why i looked away suddenly.

- So, what do you want, Edward? - asked Alice with original interest.

- I wanted to ask you if you knew where Jasper was.

- Oh. Well i saw him with Emmett and Rose in the office.

- Thanks. - I felt Edward´s glance at me. I didn´t look at him. - See ya. - He almost run to the door, and then he slammed it.

I sighed with relief.

- What´s wrong with him? Why was he looking at me... like that? - i asked Alice worried.

Alice laughed.

- I think he was surprised you didn´t flirted with him... you are the first! - I lookes at him not believing her.

- I am talking serious Bella. When a girl saw him, even he is a stranger, she almost runs and flirted with him... You know, kissing him and that stuff. - she explained me with diaprovve.

- And HE thought i would flirted with HIM?! - i screamed indignanted.

- Oh bella, my ears, my ears! - joked Alice.

- Alice, i am NOT kidding! he is and idiot! - i was angry, an when i am angry, i AM angry.

- Okay Bella, calm. I didn´t know if he thought that, anyway... - Alice got nervous.

- He is your brother! Of course you know what he thought! Oh my.... i can´t believe this! He is SO arrogant!

- Hey! i know that, but dont spit in my face!

I rolled my eyes.

- I didnt know him and i already hate him. That´s ENOUGH for today. Night.

I went to the switch and turn it off. Alice kept silent. I knew she knew Edward had hurt me.

- Night... - she whispered in the dark.


Next day i got up early. I put on a pair of jeans, a red shirt and comfortable shoes. I brushed my hair and put it in a pony tail. I had never been that kind of girl who puts a lot a make-up in her face, but i put a simple gloss on my lips and i felt satisfied.

Alice had already gone, though i got up early, she won me. I sighed and got out from the room.

According to my agenda, my first class was History, with Teacher Mathew. While i was walking, i ate a granola bar and a apple juice. I wasnt what hungry.

I frooze when i saw Edward walking in the campus holding the hand of a girl. I hurried my walk, not wanting him to see me.

- Hey - I turned.

A boy was staring at me with a beautiful perfect smile. He was dark-skinned, and had black long hair in a pony tail. I inmadiatly thought he had a really beautiful face.

- Hi - i said shily.

- What´s your name? I don think i had met you before. - He said smiling at me.

- Bella Swan. I am new. - I explained.

- Oh, thats why. I´m Jacob Black.- Nice to meet you.

I gave him my hand, thinking he would shake it. He kissed it softly. I blushed.

- Where is your next class? Maybe i can accompany you. - He offered.

- I don´t think so.

The velvet aggresive voice came out from nowhere. I frozed. Damn it.

- Oh. Is he you boyfriend Bella? - asked Jacob confused, looking at the girl who had just kissed Edward.

- Of course not! - i said angrily. Edward looked at me with his beautiful eyes full of surprise.

- Well Then. Want to me to accompany you?

- Yeah. Thanks. - I smiled at him, ignoring Edward. What was wrong with him? Why did he said that?

- Bella. - said Edward, hurted. I rolled my eyes.

- Oh, come on! You don´t even know me! I heard about you!

He frozed

- What?

- Yeah. What you just heard. I know you are a playboy. So leave me the hell alone! - i exploded and walked, Jacob behind me looking pleased.

I left Edward with an idiot face. I smiled, satisfied with myself.

- Whoa! Thanks! - Jacob hugged me. - You are the first girl that puts him in his place! Well done!

I blushed.

- Thanks. I needed to do that.

Jacob laughed.

We arrived to the History classroom a few minutes before it started.

- Thanks Jake. - i said smiling him. I liked him.

He smiled me back and went to his first class.

I wide my eyes when i saw who i was sitting next to.

Emmett Cullen.

Oh Geez. What did everything had to happened to me? Why?

I walked with a terrible face to my sit. Emmett smiled at me.

- Hey

- Hey.

He stared at me, still smiling.

- What?

He hugged me.

- Oh my! Thank you very much!

- For what? - i asked confused.

- For screaming to Edward! Jesus, he needed a lot that!

I laughed.

- I felt awesome. You have to do it sometime.

- I will. You almost left him deaf! You are good!

I laughed louder.

- Thanks.

We spoke a lot during class. I liked him, a lot. Emmett told me about Rosalie, his girlfriend. He obviously was in love.