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How many times have you kissed?

Edward Cullen, the master, the playboy, the hottest, and the most gorgeous boy in the Taylor High Academy is what EVERY girl ask to life. What happens when the beautiful Isabella Swan arrives to her new school, and meets him? ALL HUMAN My first fic. Hope you like it!


3. Chapter 3: Jealousy (1/2)

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Geez, History class was awesome. Teacher didn´t arrive, so i spoke with Emmett the WHOLE class. He was really nice and i promised him i would sit with Alice, Rosalie and him in lunch.

Bell rang and i got up.

- So, where´s your next class? - He asked me with hope.

I laughed.

- Biology room.

- Oh damn it. I´ve got Literature.

I smiled at him.

- See ya.

I walked to Biology with a big smile in my face. My first day and i already had such a good friends.

When i got into the classroom, it was full and the teacher was on his desk.

- Hi. I am Bella Swan. - i introduced me.

- Oh, right. Let´s see... - He looked all over the classroom. - Oh, there´s a sit! next to cullen. - he said gently.

I frozed and slowly turned.

Edward Cullen was on the last table, looking at me.

- Is anything wrong? - the teacher asked me confused.

- No. Thanks.

Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it.

I almost threw mi schoolbag in the table, and i sat in the chair without looking at him.

- Hey - he said.

I grumbled.

- Hello - A tall boy with blond hair and beautiful blue eyes told me, from the table that was behind us. - You are Bella, right?

I smiled.

- Mike Newton - he said shaking my hand. - Listen, do you want to sit next to me in lunch? - he asked me.

- Oh thanks. But i promised it already. - i said kindly.

- Oh. - he looked disapppointed. - to who?

- Emmett Cullen. - i replied smiling. Next to me, Edward looked astonished.

- I thought he was dating Rosalie. - Mike was confused.

- We are just friends. - i said rolling my eyes. I didn´t pictured myself holding Emmett´s hand or kissing him. Ugh

- Oh - he smiled at me again and Edward rolled his eyes. - Then, what do you say about tomorrow?

- I´m sorry. I promised it already, too.

- Emmett again? - he said disappointed.

- Oh, no... - i looked desperatly at my mind for a name - Jacob.

Edward looked up to me suddenly.

- Black? - Mike´s smile evaporated.

- Yeah.

- Morning class - Teacher Warrington said. Mike turned to his table reluctantly. - Today we are watching by microscope leaf´s veins, thought i am shure you already did it, let´s just make a little review...

Edward still staring at me, ignoring the teacher. I saw him write in his notebook:


I snorted, and wrote behind him with my pencil:

What do you care, anyway?

He looked at me and answered:

I don´t like him

I rolled my eyes.

So what? Are you the one dating him?

His eyes glittered.

dating? You two are dating?

I didn´t answer. I knew Jacob liked me, and i liked him too.

He wrote again:

Bella. I know you think i am an idiot. And you´re right. But i am not one anymore. I´ve changed. You opened my eyes.

I ignored him. But what if he was saying the truth? No way!

I wrote angrily:

I just say that three hours ago. You cant change that fast!

I can - he answered.

I snorted.

I saw you this morning. You were holding hands with a girl, and you kissed her.

He looked at me confused.

Bella, that was Rosalie, Emmett´s girlfriend. I always hold hands with her, she´s my sister! and i kissed her on the cheek!

Oh, oh.

That was Rosalie?

Okay, got it. But you can´t change from a day to another Edward, no, from and hour to another. I just knew you yesterday, and you thought i would flirted with you!

He looked at me confused again.

Of course i didn´t thought that. Who tell you?

Alice - i wrote.

Edward rolled his eyes.

I didnt think that. I swear. I was just... surprised.

Yeah, right.

Bella, you and Alice were crying! - He remembered me.

So what? We were watching a sad movie.

I didn´t mean that. I was surprised you didn´t talk to me... even looked at me.

Well, Alice had just told me you were a playboy. What was i supposed to do?

I got out of th point. You and Black?

So what? I like him.

Edward did not reply and i started blushing.