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Rosalie Makes Cookies

The title says it all really. Rosalie makes some cookies for her future sister-in-law. Triple chocolate-fudge cookies, to be exact.

This is dedicated to my baby sister, one today! (Thursday the 26th of June, 2008) Three cheers for Lily!!!

1. I ~ Bella

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“Aaaaaahhhh!” The pale, brown-haired girl screamed loudly, before collapsing to the ground, a light sheen of sweat covering her fore-head. A middle-aged and slightly podgy man burst through the door, gazing at the limp form of his daughter lying on the cold, hard linoleum of the kitchen floor.

“Bells? BELLS?” He yelled frantically, as the scene faded slowly into black…

“Alice?!?! ALIIIIIIIIICE!!!! Where is that good-for nothing over excited pixie?” I grumbled, tossing my perfect blonde hair over my shoulder, and examining my nails whilst I waited for my hyperactive sister to appear. I needed to talk to her, like, now.

“Alice! I need to talk to you! Like, NOW!” Jasper opened the door to his and Alice’s bedroom, and scowled at me.

“Rosalie, can’t you think about someone other than yourself for like, one minute? Alice has just had an upsetting vision, and now, she can’t use her power at all!”

“Well that’s just great!” I shrieked, throwing my head back. “The one time I actually decide to care, and try to be nice to Bella, and no-one’s bothered!”

“Whatever gave you the impression that no-one’s interested in what you have to say Rosalie?” Asked Edward, remarkably cool, considering the thoughts running through my brain.

“Well Edward” I replied icily. “You mayn’t believe me, but I actually care about Bella, even if she is willing to throw her life away for you. And I thought someone” I indicated to the room behind me, where my petite sister sat, no doubt trying to get a vision, and probably failing. “Ought to know that Bella…” My voice softened, which seemed to shock my two dear brothers.

Unbelievable! Do they really think I am that shallow and petty? Bella, dear Bella. Human, everything I wish I was, but still, my dear, innocent little sister.

“I'm touched you’ve finally accepted Bella as a part of this family, Rose,” Edward said softly, and kindly, “But could you please get to the point?”

“What?” I asked, distracted by admiring my perfect face and flawless figure in the window. Oooh, shiny…

“The point, Rosalie! What’s wrong with my Bella?”

“Who?” I asked, whipping out my pocket mirror to check my make-up.

“Bella!” Yelled Jasper, exasperated. “You know, human, shoulder-length brown hair, dark brown eyes, madly in love with your mind-reading vampire brother, and engaged to said brother?”

“Oh, Bella! What about her?” I gasped – my lip-stick was totally the wrong shade for my outfit!

“Focus, Rosalie! You said something’s wrong with Bella! What is it?” I smirked mentally. Edward was really p*ssed off. I grinned harder as I heard the faint strains of a rumbling engine in the distance.

Unmistakably Bella’s rusty old truck. I’d have to take a look at that for her. I loved vintage cars… My brothers were, of course, too frantic to notice.

“Oh, yeah! Bella called, she’s coming over. In fact, that’s probably her now. Well, see ya! I’ve gotta go find a darker shade of pink to go with this shirt!” Jasper and Edward stared at me, agape. I laughed musically. “Are you two trying to catch flies, or what?”

“You… You…” Edward’s face was an interesting shade of purple. Hmm… Never seen a vampire go that colour before. It clashed horribly with his pale blue shirt. Jasper seemed slightly more coherent.

“You got me and Edward all stressed out about Bella… FOR NOTHING?!?!?” He roared.

“Edward and I, Jasper. You’d think that forty years of high-school English would improve your grammar, but noooo. And no, I did not get you two all ‘stressed out’. You did that, quite successfully, I might add, all by your self. Well done, have a cookie.” I handed him one of the triple chocolate-fudge cookies I had lovingly baked for my human sister-to-be, and shoved the rest of the bag at a still speechless Edward, before skipping down the stairs, greeting an extremely surprised Bella with a kiss on the cheek, before prancing out to the garage, humming a pretty little tune, to tinker with Edward’s car. I wondered briefly how it would look in pink.

A tinkling giggle from Jasper and Alice’s room informed me that Alice had gotten her powers back, and an answering growl from Edward and Bella’s room informed me that my brother did NOT approve of my plans to modify his car. I sighed, maybe Emmet would let me play with his Jeep…

“Oh Emmet!”