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Edward leaves Bella for the second time...
Bella has suffered so much already, barely able to be called human almost...
She tries once again to lead a normal life as if nothing had gone wrong...
But when she goes off to college and meets some interesting people who could help her change her eternity, will memories be enough for her to accept?


10. Life as it Is

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I had fallen asleep on the floor, not too surprised when I found two quilts draped over me. I groaned and stretched, stiff from having slept all night, in the same position, and not on a comfortable surface.

I half-expected for him to be there when I awoke. But when I opened my eyes, he wasn’t. He had actually listened to me, well, except for the whole blanket-part. I felt horrible, almost numb but worse than that, I felt everything.

I felt the fresh-like heartbreak rumbling through my torso, like waves on the rocky shore, breaking down everything in me until it was miniature as the sand.

I felt happy, knowing that I could still remember him and my family through the strangers that lived here, wherever here was.

I felt frightened, not sure of my future, it was ghastly. I had felt like this before, and it had never really gone away, but still, the reminder of it was scary. I felt lost again, and though I had been on a different road for some time, I think I always anticipated this. For it to come back and haunt me, or to be less exaggerative, for it to always have been there, in me, just buried deep under all my useless attempts at moving on.

I sat up, flinching when I heard the bones in my back snap. I slowly got up from the floor, trying to avoid any more cracking bones. The room was brighter this time, it was probably morning or noon, the clouds probably thinner this time.

The floorboards creaked under my weight as I walked to the door, walking slowly as my body got used to the movement. I didn’t know what I should say, hi? But I couldn’t just stay in the damned room forever, might as well go now.

I didn’t try to be quiet anymore, if I was right about what they were, and I was most certainly right, they could hear me up and about all ready.

I opened the door with exaggerated slowness, stretching out the moment before the known unknown. With a final sigh, I let the door swing open in front of me.

I walked to the front room, where I was sure I had been yesterday when they took me here in the first place. It was actually quite nice, the most well-adorned living-space I had seen since I moved to Alaska.

A black leather sofa was placed a few feet from the wall on a brown accented with black square rug, a squared-off black leather armchair to its right, and a wooden coffee table in the middle with a glass core. The walls were white, with the occasional dark brown picture frame holding a painting. The whole place gave off a sophisticated vibe, like a waiting room at an interior designers office or something, like the rooms in the magazines, modern and expensive looking. But it also felt as if the room didn’t belong here in Alaska, not without the sun streaming through the windows at least.

I could see the gray ocean waters through the delicate off-white fabric that hung from the large, all-glass windows, and to my surprise, it was very near, the guy hadn’t been lying at all.

I looked around the place, trailing my fingers along the embroidered wall pattern that wrapped around the commercial room.

“You‘re up,” a voice whispered from behind me. I sniffled, swiping the salty water that slipped from my eyes involuntarily.

I evaded his gaze, keeping my eyes on the delicate patterns imprinted on the soft white walls. “Hi,” I noted hoarsely in a dry emotionless voice.

“So . . . you going to tell me your name?” he mused with pursed lips, probably hesitant as to what my reaction would be.

“Bella,” I whispered.

“Bella,” he repeated to himself, “that’s a pretty name. Nice to meet you Bella.”

I eyed him with curious eyes. “So . . . This was all just a coincidence? Nobody sent you after me . . . ,” I mused, not sure what I believed anymore. Was it really just a coincidence that in my so far, short-lived life, I had already ran into more than my fair share of mythical creatures? When was fantasy going to finally give up on me? Or more importantly, did I really ever want it to?

He stopped breathing for a moment, trying to understand my out-of-the-blue question, before he let out a breath, making it sound like a whispered hiss. “What do you mean?”

I shivered at his cold tone, finally scared after all of these years. He was sent. I knew it! This would just be the . . . second or third round of it. My life was destined to keep this string of occurrences. But this time was different than all of the others. This time, I didn’t have anyone, not Jake, not . . . Edward. After everything, this was just the way it was supposed to end.