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Edward leaves Bella for the second time...
Bella has suffered so much already, barely able to be called human almost...
She tries once again to lead a normal life as if nothing had gone wrong...
But when she goes off to college and meets some interesting people who could help her change her eternity, will memories be enough for her to accept?


2. Broken with Realization

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Chapter 2:

My eyes fluttered open. I squinted into the sudden bright light that filtered from above.

And there stood Angela . . . and Mike.

“Bella!” Mike exclaimed in joy. The worried look seemed to slip off his face as a wide smile climbed upon it. He swooped down and placed his arms gently on either side, as if to hug me, then shot back up.

Angela was smiling as well, a small light smile. However, her face still wore a look of worry.

She knew.

“What are you guys doing here?” I whispered hoarsely, looking down at myself. I was wearing a white gown and lying down on a small hospital bed. The hospital?

Angela took a deep breath and blew it all out before speaking. She looked down at her hands and fidgeted with her bracelet. “We were passing by your house and . . . we kind of found you on someone else’s yard. I don’t know, we tried to wake you up and it was drizzling and we couldn’t -” she stopped abruptly, noticing that she had begun to ramble. Which was quite an unusual thing for her.

“What happened Bella?” she whispered, eyes twinkling with sympathy as she looked down at me.

Tears swelled in my eyes as I remembered. My heart began to throb as the holes in it started to grow.

“Bella, this . . . can’t happen. It is . . . an impossibility. Bella, I think you know how much I care for you. I have never meant to hurt you Bella, but I cannot do this. This is not what I want to happen. You don’t deserve this . . . and neither do I.”

… I held on to my mid-section as it hit me, this time stronger than all others.

“Bella, do you think it would be fair if I had you hanging on my side for the rest of eternity? Do you think I would like to . . . waste your life like that?”

“He left,” the words escaped my lips involuntarily. He really had left this time. And unlike the last, he really was not coming back.

Well, he hadn’t exactly come back to me last time. But he had accepted me, which was all I could ask for.

“Bella, I’m so sorry,” Angela murmured, taking hold of my hand. She pushed my hair back, out of my face and continued to be there for me.

“Edward“ - I winced at the sound of his name - “. . . left?” Mike sounded astounded at the thought of this.

I sniffled a little and slowly nodded, a tear slipped out, rolling slowly off my face. I closed my eyes, picturing his face once again. I was already beginning to forget . . . . His soft voice, his perfect face, the beautiful topaz color of his eyes, already blurring . . . .

“I’m sorry . . . Bella,” Mike choked, clearly not having expected this to happen twice. As much as he had probably wished Edward would go bye bye in the beginning.

“Is there anything I can do for you?” Mike asked, wiping my forehead with a damp towel.

I did not understand why I was here in the first place. Was I sick? Did I get hurt when I fell?

I felt nothing wrong with me. Aside from the nausea, I felt as normal as anyone who had just had there life taken away from under them, broken soul, heart, lungs, everything. “Why am I here?” I whispered, bewildered. They had taken me to my house last time I had been like this, no need to waste another’s time.

Just then the door opened a fraction and Charlie peeked his head in. “Is she awake yet?” he whispered, as if not to have woken me if I had been asleep. I turned my head to its side so he could see me.

“Yeah,” Angela responded, moving away from the bed to let my father closer. “She just woke up a few minutes ago.”

“We’ll be back later,” Mike informed Charlie, walking to the door and opening it before looking back at me, “bye Bella,” he waved.

“Feel better,” Angela, whispered, closing the door behind her.

As if that were possible.

I turned back to Charlie, already knowing how hard this was going to be for him. “How long have I been here?” I croaked.

“Well, I’m not exactly sure,” he admitted. “They called me a few hours ago saying they found you on the sidewalk somewhere and couldn’t get you to wake up.”

“So they couldn’t have just left me at home?” I asked, anger pulsing through me this time for no reason whatsoever. I sat back up, more careful this time and begun to swing my legs over the edge of the bed before Charlie pushed my shoulder back down.

“You have to see the doctor first, Bella,” he informed, getting all parental on me.

I shoved against him, pushing him out of the way and hopped down, walking hurriedly to the door.

“Bella come back here,” he warned.

I twirled around to face him, my anger skyrocketing. “No! I don’t want to be here! I don’t want to be anywhere right now! Can’t you just leave me alone?”

My anger transformed, making me drop to the ground. I wrapped my arms around my chest, heaving with waves of emotion. I lay on the ground of the room, shaking as the sobs came and went, got stronger and weakened infinitesimally and then skyrocketed again until I was left screaming.