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Edward leaves Bella for the second time...
Bella has suffered so much already, barely able to be called human almost...
She tries once again to lead a normal life as if nothing had gone wrong...
But when she goes off to college and meets some interesting people who could help her change her eternity, will memories be enough for her to accept?


9. Ignorance Is Bliss

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It wasn’t him. But it was close enough.

He held the same, topaz-colored eyes, the white pallid skin, the purple bruised-like bags under the eyes. And the god-like beauty that no human could attain.

I gasped, already breathing too hard as a sharp pain slashed through my lungs.

A look of worry crossed his face then and he came forward in a rush, almost the lightening quick speed I had never been able to get quite used to. He placed a hand on the thick blanket I carried, wrapped around my shoulders. I jerked back instantly.

“Are you okay?” he whispered in his soft, soothing voice.

I couldn’t tell what expression my face wore: a look of pain, or shock? Perhaps it held nothing, I did not know.

“What’s your name?” he asked gently, not coming any closer than he was.

I did not answer him, keeping my eyes down as much as I could.

He tried a different approach. “You fell in the ocean,” he muttered, looking at me with a muted sorrow.

I still could not speak. I was terrified. The safe, familiar color of his eyes did nothing to help me.

I stepped back from him, my voice croaking when I finally did speak. “You could have just let me die,” I said matter-of-factly.

Surprise flittered in his golden eyes. “Did you want to die?”

“No,” I muttered, looking away again.

He stepped closer again, and I stepped back away, keeping distance. “How do you feel?” he asked, sincerely.

I glared at him now. But tears soon filled my eyes and I could not even do that anymore. I couldn’t help it; I dropped the blanket and fell.

However, he caught me before I could smash against the floor.

I cried, the pain thrashing against me in several different blows. Coming and coming with no possible end. My heart burned, my lungs heaving against everything. I choked as the tears poured.

He held me against his chest, trying to keep me together as much as I couldn’t. “Shh, shh . . . ,” he murmured, stroking my hair in an effort to comfort me.

I breathed in and tried to clear my mind as my face set buried against his chest. I kicked against him then, turning away as I tried to wipe my wet eyes. He let go on cue, but made no move to go away.

“Get out!” I screamed at him, sobbing uncontrollably as my knees hit the floor. I placed my hands on the wooden floor, panting with broken sobs. “Go away,” I muttered angrily, curling in on myself.

“What happened to you?” he asked, sitting beside me. I knew he would not go.

“Go away,” I repeated, closing my eyes and wishing he would vanish.

He seemed to think about that for a second and sighed. “I’ll stay here until I know you’re okay,” he whispered, pulling the blanket on top of me.

“I’m okay,” I muttered through the never-ending tears.

He was silent for the longest time, maybe an hour or two, and I thought he had finally left. But out of nowhere, I hear him humming.

I sighed and stood up, turning to face him. Obviously I wasn’t going to get any alone time in here. “Why do you care?!” I screeched, throwing my hands up in frustration. My hands balled up into fists when he stood up, alarmed.

“ ‘Why do I care?’,” he repeated me with astonishment. He looked incredulous at my question but answered, nevertheless. “I care because you almost died and you’ve been crying for the past day and-”

“You don’t even know me,” I accused him sourly. “Why am I here?”

“Well, that’s obvious,” he huffed.

“Then?” I hedged.

His eyes turned impossibly soft. “You fell in the ocean.”

“You could have taken me to the hospital.”

“Here’s closer,” he objected. “And we didn’t want you to die.”

“We?” I asked. Up until this point I was sure he was the only one. Then I remembered the second voice, the one I had heard earlier today. Or was it yesterday?

“My friends and I,” he explained.

I couldn‘t speak for a moment, not knowing what to say as the conversation drifted to a close, I hoped. “Well thanks,” I muttered under my breath, knowing he would hear regardless of my quiet reply.

“You’re welcome,” he whispered, smug.

I sighed in frustration. “You’re not going to leave are you?”

I was almost one-hundred percent sure of his answer that it surprised me when he hesitated, seemingly thinking about yes and no. “Do you really want to be alone?” he asked me at last.

I thought about it too, not wanting to be too rude; he had saved my life after all. “Right now I do.”

He seemed to accept that and stepped back. “If you need anything . . . .”

“I’ll ask you,” I finished for him.

With that and one last look at my tortured expression, he closed the door behind him.

I immediately curled back into my little ball. There were too many reminders right now; I could barely hold myself together. Another gash opened in my heart and I gasped, shuddering as the pain took me over. I started to really think about it, I was already in pain; surely, it wouldn’t hurt much more?

I allowed my thoughts to drift, to a happier, brighter era in my life.

“Isabella Swan?” We were back in his room, with him down on one knee in front of me as I tried to breathe evenly. His eyes were scorching in the soft gold. “I promise to love you forever - every single day of forever. Will you marry me?”

I promise to love you forever.

I allowed myself to think that, as much as he had hurt me, he still loved me. Still loves me.

And it did not hurt so much. I preferred to think that he still loves me, rather than think he got bored. That it was simply for my soul’s sake he left again. Again. I didn’t think like that anymore, I could not. After all, ignorance is bliss.

And it was true, in the dark dim light that seeped into the almost-empty room, I was blissful, thinking that somewhere far, far away, he still cared, still loved and remembered me, and wished that we could be together.

Through my tears, I managed a smile while my perforated heart seared in quiet pain, trying to mend itself together.