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When It Rains


Victoria Strokes is your average run of the mill teenager. Well until her mom is offered a job in La Push, Washington. But some strange events began to unravel one having to do with a boy at school, Seth Clearwater. But that’s not the only thing that’s strange. Want to know? Read and find out!


1. Chapter 1: First Day Of School

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Beep! Beep! Beep!

I groan, I stumble out of bed (or the mattress on the floor) and turn off my alarm clock that is on top of an empty box.

Great, first day of school.

I head down stairs, out of the attic, my new room. I stumble on a few full boxes. Then trudge into the bathroom and search the content of a box labeled “Bathroom”. I pull out my face wash and splash my face with cold water, instantly waking me up. I lather it on and then rinse the face wash away. I quickly brush my teeth to get ride of my morning breath and head back upstairs to my room.

I yank open my blinds only to reveal another rainy day. I had only been here for three days and every day so far has been rainy. Well, not that I am complaining because the rain has always given me a homie feeling. Which I guess that’s what La Push is now, my home.

I put on an outfit that I had laid out the night before that I had thought was the first day of school worthy. I guess it’s not really “the first day of school” to all of the students that have been there for about half of the year already. I look in the mirror to see my own shocking blue eyes starring back at me. I wipe away the remainder of sleep from under my eyes and apply a thin coat of mascara. I grab my brush and start to brush out my tangle mess of blonde hair. Finally I finish and Walla! I am ready for school.

My stomach growls to remind me not to leave with out a meal. I bound downstairs to my kitchen to search for some food. I open the cabinet to see what was there. The only breakfast food I can see is Frosted Flakes, which I didn’t even consider to eat because even when I was a kid I was discussed by how much sugar was in it. There was practically nothing in there I guess that my mom hasn’t gone grocery shopping since we got here. I settled for the only other thing in there, a box of croutons. This wasn’t particularly what I had in mind for breakfast but it would do. I poor the croutons in a bowl and wrench open the refrigerator door. I find what I was looking for. I pull out the Caesar salad dressing and drench the croutons with it. And now I eat.

I have to admit I do have the strangest eating habits. I always eat the fattiest foods in the largest quantities, but I haven’t gone passed 100-pounds yet. Which I guess is odd because of my height, which is 5’5” but the past three days I have been shooting up. My mom enters the kitchen and groans when she sees what I was eating.

“Victoria! All that is, is fat! It’s not healthy for you.” She only used my full name when I was in trouble or if she was nagging. In this case she was nagging, but I was used to her telling me what is healthy and what isn’t because she is a nurse.

That is actually why we moved here because they needed nurses. My mom had said that it was better paying job then the one in Seattle. She had retired from being a navy nurse about two years ago so this was the first house we have actually bought, which I guessed meant my mom intended to stay more than our usual, two years. I was kind of happy that I didn’t have to pack and unpack all of my stuff again, because this was especially difficult with a single mom and I was the only helping hand around.

“You know Tori I might actually like it here. People are really friendly.” She says with one of her old cheerleading smiles. Sometimes my mom can be too optimistic; she can also be way too friendly.

“Tori aren’t we supposed to get going?” I had been done with my breakfast but I had just been zoning out. My eyes flicker to the clock on the oven, 8:08. Crap, school starts at 8:15!

“Yeah mom we should get going. I will meet you in the car, I am going brush my teeth first.” I bolted upstairs to brush my teeth again. Once I am done I sling my backpack over my shoulder, grab lunch money, and head for the car. When I got in the car my hair was already wet from the seconds I had been outside.

8:10 said the clock on the dashboard. I turn on the radio and scan the stations looking for something decent. I stopped when I hit a station playing Modest Mouse. I stair out the window humming along and watching the green blurs pass by me. The blurs begin to slow and a large building, which I guessed was the school, appeared. My mom lifts her hand and points at one of the entrances and says

“If you go in through there it will be easer to get to the main office.” I guess she knew that because she registered me the other day. I pull my hoodie over my head getting ready for my departure then the rain fall became heaver. I glance at the time once more 8:14. I knew I was going to be late already so why rush?

“Mom do you have an umbrella?”

“Yeah, hold on.” Then she reaches her hand behind her seat and rummages through things for a while then pulls out a purple umbrella and hands it to me.

“Here you go. Have a good day honey. I love you.”

“Thanks, love you too.” Isay dashing out into the rain. I wasn’t one to show much affection, don’t get me wrong I love my mom I do, she has always been there for me when I needed her and as I for her. It’s just I am not the girl who wears her emotions on her sleeve. Not to mention those three little words terrified me to death.

I enter the building, it seems a lot smaller inside. There are about three or four students in the hall but other than that it is deserted. I turn and see a door with a label that says “Main Office”. I shake off the umbrella before I put it in my backpack. I enter the office.

There is a front desk, a bench with three students sitting on it, and two more doors labeled “Nurses” and “Principle”. In the front desk there is a lady with red hair working on the computer with a grouchy face, she didn’t seem to notice me. But the three other students were gawking at me. I go up to the front desk and clear my throat to show her my presence. She looked up forcefully, even more grouchy then before, but when she met my eyes she perked up.

“Victoria Strokes I presume?” It was a question that I am sure she already knew, I guess word spread fast about my arrival.

“Yes, that’s me. But I prefer Tori…” I trail off because I was all most positive she stopped listening after I had said yes. She is shuffling through a pile of papers on her desk.

“We were expecting you a little earlier.” I could hear in her voice that she was a little miffed about me being late.

“Oh, sorry.” She seems to find what she was looking for because she outstretched her hand with a paper in it and said

“Here is your schedule and here is your… where did she go?” The last part was said more to herself than me. Then she was straining her neck trying to look over my shoulders. One of the girls that had been sitting on the bench was suddenly standing next to me.

“I am right here Mrs. Watson.” She has long brunette curls, dark skin, brown eyes, and she was about my height.

“Oh, well this is Madeline Goyle she is going to be your escort. She will help you find your way to and from classes. Which I think you two should be heading for right now.” Mrs. Watson says in a firm voice so Madeline led me to the door. Once we were out side starts to talk.

“Sorry about Mrs. Watson she can be bitchy at times. Oh and you don’t need to call me Madeline its just Maddie.” She informed me.

“Okay, well most people just call me Tori.”

“Okay Tori what’s your first class?” I look down at the schedule in my hands for the first time and read out loud.

“First period is math with Mr. Woods, room 232.”

“Mr. Woods he’s okay I guess, a little on the monotone side, but okay.” She began to lead me up a flight of stairs and down a few unfamiliar hallways. I tried to absorb as much as I could so I wouldn’t get lost in the future, but I gave up after the second hallway. They looked too similar to me. We stopped in front of a door labeled “232 Mr. Woods: Math II”.

“Here we are. I will be back like five minutes before the period ends.”

“Okay.” I reach for the handle on the large wooden door. I open the door to see about twenty-five new faces looking eagerly back at me. This is always the worst part of moving being the new girls, having all eyes on you.

“Ah Miss Strokes nice of you to show up.” I heard a slightly monotone voice say. I only assumed that it was Mr. Woods from what Maddie had said. I let my hair fall in my face to hide my reddening face. I take a sit in an empty seat near the back and lower my head. Mr. Woods continued teaching. It seemed like an eternity before I heard a light knocking on the door and Maddie’s face appeared behind it with a cheery smile pasted on her face.

Thank the Lord, freedom!

I collected my stuff and headed for the door. Mr. Woods stopped me before I reached the door. He handed me two books and said they had to be covered by the end of the week. I nodded, made a mental note to buy book covers, and I made my escape.

Maddie lead me to my Spanish class with Senoria Rodriguez. My day continued pretty much the same way until Maddie retrieved me at my last class, PE. This was surprisingly my favorite class of the day. I have actually always sucked at PE but today it came extremely effortlessly.

Maddie was now taking me to where my mom had dropped me off. My back is aching because my backpack is full of books that I need to get covers for. We walk outside and now its only drizzling but I still wiped out my umbrella for protection. My mom isn’t here yet so I take my cell phone from my pocket and unconsciously dial her number. It went straight to voice mail; she is probably still wrapping things up at work. Maddie and I head for what little shelter the side of the building provides.

“Maddie you don’t have to stay here with me you know.”

“Yeah I know. Its fine my mom should be here any minute.” I am glad; I kind of enjoy her company. She was the only person I really talked to all day. I had talked to other people but just stuff like introducing them selves or small talk, I hadn’t really engaged in the conversation so I didn’t count it. I guess the bell had rung because there was a steady flow of people exiting the building. After a few minutes there was only a trickle of people leaving.

Then after about five minuets of no one coming out there was a group of boys, very tall boys that left the building. There were all joking around about something and one of them turned around to say something to one of them with a huge grin stretched across his face. But instead he did a double take and my eyes locked with his chocolate brown ones. He looked confused but in a instant it changed. He was now looking at me with such intensity I had to break from his eyes. I focused on the ground near my feet, but after a moment I allowed my self to check if he was still there. Yep he was still there looking at me with the same intensity. One of his friends shook his shoulders and said

“Come on man let’s go.” This made him brake away and turn around. But before he left he spared a last look over his shoulder. Maddie seemed to pick up on this.

“What was that all about?” Her voice burned with curiosity.

“I-I don’t know… who was that?”

That was Seth Clearwater. He is probably one of the very few guys in our grade that is hot. But ever since his dad died he has been hanging out with a little gang of his…” She trailed off in thought. So many questions were bubbling in my head but they all popped when I heard beep! beep! My head snapped up to see my mom waving at me from the car.

“Bye Maddie.”

“I will meet you tomorrow in front of the main office okay?”

“Okay.” I wave goodbye to Maddie and hop in my car.

“So how was your day?”

“Fine.” It was an automatic response. It wasn’t a lie because my school day was fine. But what had happened just a second ago doesn’t go under my school day because it was technically after school. This was my reasoning for me not to expand on my answer. My mom seemed to be satisfied with my answer so I left it at that.