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When It Rains


Victoria Strokes is your average run of the mill teenager. Well until her mom is offered a job in La Push, Washington. But some strange events began to unravel one having to do with a boy at school, Seth Clearwater. But that’s not the only thing that’s strange. Want to know? Read and find out!


2. Chapter 2: New Escort

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Seth’s POV


Another day of school down. Today was just another average day, but there had been talk of a new girl, Victoria Strokes.

I had heard form various sources that she was pretty hot, but I hadn’t seen her yet so I couldn’t judge. Well, I hadn’t seen her partially because I was gone half of the day at the “dentist” or in other worlds doing my shift of patrolling. Sam had us on a tight schedule lately because the other day we had crossed a scent of an unfamiliar vampire. But we have yet to catch him because he scrammed out of here before we had time to (probably caught wind of us). But back to the new girl, Brandon, from third period study hall, had said that she had also had study hall with us.

I walk down the hallway to the back of the school. I see the pack up a little ways so jogged up to them. When I got there Jacob was joking around with Quil. We walked out of the backside of the high school and I turn to say something to Jacob, when I see two girls leaning against the side of the building getting shelter from the rain.

One of them I knew she was Maddie Goyle but the other, I did a double take. I had never seen her before, I had also never seen someone so... so beautiful. Her piercing blue eyes locked with mine, curiosity was plain on her face. I don’t think I have ever been so attracted to someone before and so quickly. It was like love at first sight but much, much stronger. I couldn’t move my eyes away from her. I had seen, no felt this happen three times before and it felt completely different, but somehow the same. Because this time I wasn’t looking through someone else’s eyes, nope this was all me.

She looked away, no doubt embarrassed. I tried to break away but I couldn’t bring myself to do so. I saw her look up again through her hair to see me still starring, but this time she didn’t look away.

“Come on man, let’s go.” Embery said shaking my shoulders breaking my trance. I fallowed him but gave one last look over my shoulder.

Once my eyes were off of her I was able to think a little more clearly. I was able to figure out why I had never seen her before. That was Victoria Strokes.

I just imprinted on Victoria Strokes.

Victoria’s POV

I felt eagerness starting to bubble and boil over inside me.

God what is the matter with me?

Why was I eager for school? Just yesterday I dreaded school. The only difference between yesterday and today was a boy (a very, very hot boy). I added. I just hated myself for that, a boy was no reason for this eagerness, and especially no reason for these butterflies to ram my stomach. Why should I even have butterflies? I mean nothing is going to happen. The only possibility of me seeing him would be in the hall ways. I tried so hard to convince myself that there was nothing to be eager about, but it only made things worse.

The sight of the school is what broke my concentration; I told my mom goodbye and went out in to the rain. I ran with my umbrella up and got inside, despite my efforts, soaking wet. I had a feeling that was how most of my days were going to start here. I shook my umbrella out like yesterday before putting it in my backpack. Then I turn fully expecting to see bright faced Maddie standing right next to the office door, but she wasn’t.

In her place was a very tall boy wearing a black T-shirt and kaki pants. He had short sandy hair and chocolate eyes. A huge grin spread across his face at the sight of me. It was Seth Clearwater.

My heart began to pound. Stop that! I told my self. I don’t know why it reacted that way; I mean I don’t like him. Do I? No, I wasn’t going to allow myself. If there is one thing I learned with a mom in the military it was how to detach my self before I got too attached.

Maybe Maddie is inside the main office like yesterday.

I took a sharp turn towards the main office to avoid him. I go inside and take a quick glance around. She wasn’t there either and so I went back out side.

Great now I was going to have to find my own way to Math.

“Maddie not in there either?” I was guessing that he already knew that.

“How did you know I was looking--?” He cut me off knowing what I was going to ask him.

“She wanted to take a break today from being your guide.” He shrugged. “So I volunteered.”

Yes! Wait, no. I need to detach myself.

“Thanks, but I think I’ve got it.” And I start to walk straight ahead not having a clue where I was going.

“Really? What’s your first period?” He sounded amused.

“Math with Mr. Woods.”

“Oh, well it’s this way.” He said pointing to a staircase in between. I was positive that he was trying not to laugh. I was kind of embarrassed that he had caught my lie so easily.

“Oh right.” He led me up the stairs and this time I caught a few things that seemed vaguely familiar. We didn’t really talk at all, but I spared a few glances at him and each time he was looking directly at me. I think once ,when I looked over, he had opened his mouth to say something but then abruptly shut it, changing his mind. We arrived at Mr. Woods’s door with probably a few minutes to spare.

“I guess I’ll see you in a while.” He gave me a heart melting smile, instantly stunning me, leaving me starring at him like an idiot. “Um I don’t think you want to be late.” He says gesturing to the door.

“Er, uh, yeah.” I mumble just remembering that I had class. I could feel my cheeks begin to redden, so I turn to the door. I couldn’t see him but I thought I heard him chuckle under his breath.

Class hadn’t begun yet so most people were walking around, talking or sitting on top of desks. I took a seat were I had sat the day before. I take out the books that I was given and my math binder. As far as I could tell Mr. Woods wasn’t there. Since I didn’t really know anyone I just wiped out apiece of paper and began to doodle.

I was jut drawing absent mindedly when I heard someone clear there throat. So I look up to see a girl with dark brunette hair down to the small of her back, pale skin, and blue eyes. She was smiling at me.