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Which Fantasy Will She Live?

In the dark of the night, an enemy crawls, waiting, waiting for the right moment to strike.... After Bella disappers the day before the wedding, Edward immediatly knows something is wrong. However, as time goes by, he belives that Bella may have left him. Forget what you read in the books about her devotion. Will their love survive the separation? Will Bella even survive to ever get marryed or even tell her Edward how she feels one last time, or will her life and love be torn away from her? I would like to thank iheartEdwardCullen for the fabulous banner, above! Thank you so much! ~kenz OK thanks to the wonderful reviews...Chapter 5 is also up. I need 15 more reviews for chapter 6. It's written and ready to go!!!! ~~Kenz

This is my first story and I hope you enjoy it. I really enjoy constructive criticism. So read, enjoy, and reveiw!

1. Chapter 1: The Strike

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In the dark of the night, an enemy crawls, waiting, waiting for the right moment to strike....

"Edward?" Bella called through the now seemingly empty house.

"In here. How was La Push?"

"Fine. You really don't have to act like you care so much." She said, hearing the slight pain in his voice.

Edward chuckled and smiled, thinking of how much he loved this silly, yet more that beautiful, girl. Reaching to Bella he said, "Oh, but I do." Then he kissed her, seeing how much he had missed her presence.

"I can't believe we are getting married in two days! I hope Alice is ready..." commented Bella.

"Oh that's right, Alice called this morning saying that you should stay over at her house tonight," said Edward. Hugging Bella closer to his chest he whispered in her ear, "Or you could stay here with me, I would like that more, a lot more."

Bella giggled, "I could-" Then Edward stifled her next words with a kiss that she swore touched her soul. Then Edward carefully pulled away, letting her breath, but still trailing kisses up her jaw.

"Will you stay with me my darling Bella? My one love?" He whispered in her ear.

All Bella could whisper was an almost silent ‘I will'. She was breathless again, surly a direct result of Edward's dazzling qualities. As Edward pulled away, she let out a quite groan, making Edward, once again, chuckle.

"Bella, come on! You absolutely must stay here, the groom can't see you on your wedding day!" Alice wined as Bella told her that she would not be staying.

"I could care less, Alice. I promise I'll be over tomorrow at 7:00. That should give you a good two and a half hours to make me a beautiful bride, ok?"

"Fine." Alice muttered, still burned out about the sleep over being cancelled. "Bye Bella, If your 1 minute late, I'm going to kill you!"

"Ok, ok I'll be there. See you, Alice."

Bella walked in to the family room and pushed the ‘on button' on her new Mac, Edward had gotten her for no real reason, although he said it was an early wedding gift. As the computer was booting up, Edward stepped behind her and swept her up in his arms. He kissed her (which he had done a lot lately). When he pulled away he looked directly into her eyes, like he was searching for something. Slowly a pink blush rose in Bella's cheeks, as she asked, "What are you staring at?"

"You." Edward answered simply. "I have been thinking that since this is your last night as a single woman, we should do something fun."


Edward's plan was constantly bugging Bella, what could he be planning? As she pondered this, she went outside, and jumped into her sturdy truck. A couple of short minutes later, she pulled into the parking lot of the near by Mini Mart. She got out of her car and made her way to the store. However, when she was almost at the entrance, some one grabbed her, stuffed her into a car and zoomed away.

She collapsed.