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Which Fantasy Will She Live?

In the dark of the night, an enemy crawls, waiting, waiting for the right moment to strike.... After Bella disappers the day before the wedding, Edward immediatly knows something is wrong. However, as time goes by, he belives that Bella may have left him. Forget what you read in the books about her devotion. Will their love survive the separation? Will Bella even survive to ever get marryed or even tell her Edward how she feels one last time, or will her life and love be torn away from her? I would like to thank iheartEdwardCullen for the fabulous banner, above! Thank you so much! ~kenz OK thanks to the wonderful reviews...Chapter 5 is also up. I need 15 more reviews for chapter 6. It's written and ready to go!!!! ~~Kenz

This is my first story and I hope you enjoy it. I really enjoy constructive criticism. So read, enjoy, and reveiw!

2. Chapter 2: Panicked

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Edward sat at home pondering his plans for tonight...

I wonder what would make Bella happiest... I want to make this a special night...Oh I know what would surprise her! I'll make dinner; she'll have no idea. I need something else though, but what...

As he thought, he peered down at his watch. It was 2:30... Bella had left over an hour and a half ago. I'll just call her; make sure everything's all right... make sure. He dialed the number that he knew by heart, at inhuman speed as usual.

"Hey it's Bella. I'm not here so leave me a message, Thanks!"

Edward knew something was wrong; Bella always had her phone on her, it always on. He had forced her to do so, so he could always be in touch. Maybe she just hadn't heard it... He also sent a txt just to be sure:

Hey Bella, Its Edward. Call me. I love you. Come Home soon.

Love, your Edward

If she isn't home in 5 minutes, I'll call Alice and Esme, and we'll go look for her. He thought.


Blackness, fear swirling around... all around me.

Where am I? As I slowly rolled into consciousness, the memories of my kidnapping came back to me. Where are my eyes? Where is my mouth? Minutes passed before I realized how to move again. When I open my eyes, I was in an expensive sports car... I wondered how long I had been out. I slowly sat up making sure that the black leather stayed in place as it was supposed to, it did. I slowly turned my head to look at the man in the drivers seat. As I studied the back of his head, He seemed to notice that I was awake. He spoke in the familiar husky voice that I would always remember....


"Esme, Bella's gone!" I called frantically into the phone. I had already called all the members of my adopted family, and had them all looking for Bella.

"Are you sure? How long has she been gone?" Esme asked trying her hardest to sound calm.

"About 3 hours. Alice said she couldn't see where she was. Please help me look. I've already called the police, they're looking too." I whispered, barely able to talk as the realization that my Bella was really gone.... gone.

"Of course we'll look Edward, we are in the car." Esme assured and the line went dead. As I sped through the town, towards the police station, to show them the Mini Mart where Bella was going. I can't believe I let her go.... I can't believe I let her disappear....again, it's all my faul, again....