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Which Fantasy Will She Live?

In the dark of the night, an enemy crawls, waiting, waiting for the right moment to strike.... After Bella disappers the day before the wedding, Edward immediatly knows something is wrong. However, as time goes by, he belives that Bella may have left him. Forget what you read in the books about her devotion. Will their love survive the separation? Will Bella even survive to ever get marryed or even tell her Edward how she feels one last time, or will her life and love be torn away from her? I would like to thank iheartEdwardCullen for the fabulous banner, above! Thank you so much! ~kenz OK thanks to the wonderful reviews...Chapter 5 is also up. I need 15 more reviews for chapter 6. It's written and ready to go!!!! ~~Kenz

This is my first story and I hope you enjoy it. I really enjoy constructive criticism. So read, enjoy, and reveiw!

3. Chapter 3: The Enemies Are Connected Again

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"Hey Bells! I thought you had died! You've been out a good hour..." The familiar voice said to me. As the seconds trickled by, I could feel my shock, slowly spreading throughout my body. Then, it hit me; Jacob Black. Hadn't he seen what I was like the last time I lost Edward? Why would he try to inflict that pain on me again?

"Jacob Black! Why did you do this to me? My wedding is TOMORROW!!!! " I yelled at him.

"Calm down, Bella. I know your wedding is tomorrow so I pledged that I would fight for you one last time, even though it will probably be that last thing I do.... I couldn't let you go Bells...I saw one last chance and I took it... I want you to take your other option...me. Bella if you really love me than you'll run away with me and leave the bloodsucker behind.... Do you really love me Bells??"

"You are the worst best friend ever! Didn't you pay attention all those months Edward was gone? I will die without him! So Jacob I love you I really do but I will never, ever run away with you! Take me back to my Edward, and my wedding," I shouted once more. " Please," I added a couple of minutes later, after I sensed the pain that was rolling off of him. "Please Jake take me back?"


I zoomed towards La Push at 190 MPH, until I crossed the treaty line, but I didn't care. I was going to see Billy Black; he owed us a favor from the time Carlisle had saved Jacob's life. He could contact the pack and they would help find Bella.

Knock, Knock, Knock "Billy, please open up!" I called.

"What are you doing here, Cold One? You are past the treaty line I could call the pack-" Billy threatened.

"No Billy that's what I want... for you to call the pack. Bella's gone."


"Jasper, I'm really worried! I can't see Bella! All I can see is black, which only happens when-Oh my god! She's with the DOG!" I realized. We were zooming down the one-oh-one at over 100 miles per hour. I had no idea where Bella was, but soon Edward would be insane with worry...I should call him tell him the news....

I dialed Edward's number, at my usual inhuman speed, into my EnV. He picked up on the first ring...


"Rosalie, I think we should look for Bella. Edward's your brother! We should help him. You know he is going insane with worry... what if you lost me? You know he would help you and Bella would too. Rose come on." I pleaded her.

"You know Emmett, I'm not going to look. She has put our family in enough danger, as it is. I don't care if Edward loves her, I owe her nothing, she has everything." Rosalie said stiffly.

"Rose, I'll see you later... Edward's my brother and I'm going to help him." I said as I walked out the door, grabbing my jacket. I ran to the jeep and got in, speeding off towards the forest.


"Carlisle, maybe I should go with Edward. I don't want him to do anything he would regret because Bella's gone. I think I should go with him so he doesn't overreact." I whispered cautiously.

"Yes, I think you should go also. Be safe." As Carlisle pecked me on the cheek, I jumped out of the car and started to run through the forest.

After about a mile, I stopped whipped out my cell and dialed Edward, to tell him my plans. The line was busy. I decided to go to Bella and Edward's house, maybe he would be there....