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Just the way I'd imagined it

Its just before Bella and Edward's wedding and both of them are going crazy with nerves.

This is my first story, so be nice

2. News

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As I drove my, thoughts raced with more intensity than they had before I'd gone to see Edward. The encounter had gone the completely opposite direction I had expected and now I was filled with more relief and confusion than ever before. I drove absent mindedly back to Charlie's house, not even realizing that I'd arrived until I was walking through the door. Charlie was standing in the kitchen with the phone against his ear. When he saw me he said, "Never mind, Billy. She just walked in the door. Yes, I'll tell her if she doesn't already know. Thanks. Bye." He hung up the phone with a loud crash.

"Just where have you been, young lady? Don't think that because you're getting married in a few days, you can just throw my rules out the window. As long as you live in this house..." he trailed off, surely remembering the last time he'd tried to use that on me, and I'd threatened to move out.

"I know, Dad. I'm sorry. I just lost track of time. I'm really sorry." How long had it really been? I still hadn't bothered to look at a clock to find out just how long I'd spent with Edward.

Charlie's face softened at my apology, and he said, "Have you heard the news?"

I looked at him, slightly perplexed. "What news?"

"I'll take that as a no. Billy said that Jacob's home." He smiled at me, obviously thinking that this news would make me happy, perhaps it was Charlie's last ditch effort to get me to reconsider my decision to marry Edward. But the news did little to raise my spirits.

"That's really great, Dad." I said, trying to sound cheerful, but I was painfully aware that my tone left much to be desired in that department. Now I had more thoughts to crowd my already overstuffed brain. "I'm really tired. I think I'm going to turn in. ‘Night, Dad," I said as I trudged upstairs deep in contemplation.

I grabbed my bag of toiletries and went into the bathroom for a shower. I ran the water as warm as I could stand it and stepped into the steaming stream. Immediately, I forgot the day; forgot my intimate encounter with Edward, the news of Jacob's return, my apprehension and nervousness about the wedding, everything. I washed my hair, and took care to thoroughly wash every inch of my body, making sure to scrub away all of my needless thoughts as I did. When the water started to turn cold, I got out, wrapped myself in a fluffy blue towel, brushed my hair and teeth, and went across the hall into my bedroom and shut the door. I half expected Edward to be sitting on my bed waiting for me, but then I realized that we'd both agreed that a sleepover tonight would probably not have been the best idea.

I dressed in the dark, pulling on a pair of black cotton panties, black shorts, and a baggy t-shirt, and climbed into bed, hoping that it would be that simple to fall asleep. But sleep did not come easily; I tossed and turned, not with thoughts of Edward, but of Jacob. His return had brought with him all of the doubts I'd had about what I was preparing to do and the sacrifice I was preparing to make. I could see his face, the face of my Jacob, smiling at me, begging me with his eyes to stay with him, but we both knew that I'd made my choice. The tear in my heart had begun to heal in his absence, and it hurt much less now to tell him no. I wondered about where he'd been, what he was thinking, why he had suddenly come home. After several hours, I finally slipped into a dreamless sleep.

When I woke up, the familiar cold steel grasp that I loved so much was wrapped tightly around me. He had kept his promise, and was there when I woke up.

"Good morning, beautiful," he whispered softly in my ear. I smiled, drowsily, all thoughts of Jacob slipping away at the feel of his breath on my skin.

"Good morning," I replied rolling over to face him. At that moment, I didn't care if I had morning breath or how my hair looked, all I wanted was to kiss him, hold him tight and never let go.

"I'll be good today, I swear," he said, kissing my forehead and tightening his grip on my waist.

"You'd better be," I replied teasingly. He laughed, a quiet, light-hearted laugh, and smiled at me. "So I've heard you've got a full day with Alice today."

"Yes," I sighed, and he just pulled me closer. "Do you have anything fun planned for today?"

"That depends on your definition of fun. Final tux fitting, now that is a barrel of laughs. Actually, it might be. Emmett is less than cooperative when it comes to these things, it will probably be hilarious to watch." I thought about Emmett's hulking size and silently agreed that it would probably be a sight to see, him being poked and pinned into an uncomfortable tux. After a few long minutes, I begrudgingly sat up in bed, knowing that I had a full schedule for the day. He was beside me in an instant.

"I should probably leave you alone. I know you'd got a lot to do." The truth was I didn't want him to leave, not now not ever. I turned my head to face him. I kissed him as passionately as I could without getting too carried away, trying to express every feeling I had for him in one kiss. He was surprised but seemed to understand as he placed an icy hand on my cheek and kissed me back. When we finally pulled away, my heart was racing again.

"I guess this would be a good time for me to leave," he murmured with a sheepish smile. And after one final kiss to my forehead, he swept out the window and was gone.