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Just the way I'd imagined it

Its just before Bella and Edward's wedding and both of them are going crazy with nerves.

This is my first story, so be nice

6. Dreams

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That night, my dreams came from all over the place.

First I dreamed that I was having lunch with Renee in a sunny café somewhere in Florida. Wherever we were, I could see the ocean through a large window over her shoulder.

Then I dreamed that I was sitting behind the counter at Newton's. It was a normal rainy afternoon and there were no customers. Mike was there, cheerful as always, asking me to go to Port Angeles with our lunch table group.

I dreamed of a familiar faded red house that resembled a tiny barn, with small windows and an open front door. I remembered that I was cold and there was an intense feeling of longing to go inside the house and shut myself inside the warmth. But I thought better of it and walked away.

Finally, I dreamed of Phoenix; the scorching sun, the scrubby plants and trees, the flat expanses of never ending landscape. All of these were things that I knew I would never see again outside of photographs. I was flying, soaring over the dull brown rocks and pastel colored houses, through the heat waves, higher and higher into the crystal blue sky. I blinked in the blinding light and when I opened my eyes again, I was sitting alone on a flight from Phoenix bound for my exile in Forks. The same flight I'd taken every summer until I was 14. The plane was full of people, businessmen and families, but I was alone. I was holding onto my parka for dear life, like it was keeping me afloat in the sky. I was crying. I remembered that day like it was yesterday, yet somehow it seemed like it was from another life. I hadn't known what kind of life I'd have in Forks; if I had, I'd never have shed a single tear. I would have left Phoenix and never looked back. When I landed, I exited directly from the stuffy airplane cabin and directly into the shady canopy of the Washington forest. The other passengers disappeared and I was alone again. The spongy, moss covered earth beneath my feet bounced as I started to walk into the dense forest. It was strange, but I knew where I was going, or at least my feet did. They carried me forward without hesitation. I still held my bulky parka in my hands as I trudged through the foliage.

After a few moments, my brain caught up with my feet and I knew where I was headed, and I knew what waited for me there. Without warning, I stumbled through a break in the trees into a beautifully round meadow, symmetrical and perfect with a fine dusting of orange and white wildflowers over the wet ground. I stopped and looked around, taking in the contrast of the brilliant green of the trees set against the misty gray of the sky. This place was worth leaving Phoenix for; worth leaving my mother for. This was our place. I looked up suddenly, as suddenly as if someone had called my name in the silence. Emerging from the trees on the farthest side of the meadow from where I stood was my angel; my perfect, beautiful, miracle in the flesh.

He flashed me that heart stopping crooked smile and stepped forward at a human pace. He kept his eyes locked on mine, even across the vast distance, and never broke it. His eyes were bright and golden, completely free of any sort of burden. I walked toward him too, but my strides were painfully less graceful. When we met in the middle of the clearing, the full force of his smoldering eyes was released on me and I felt my knees grow weaker by the second. He wrapped his marble strong arms around my waist and supported most of my weight, keeping me on my feet.

"Bella," he whispered. His voice fell over my ears in soft velvety waves. His eyes were still locked on mine. He pulled me closer until I could feel his icy chest come into contact with mine. He slowly, gently traced his finger tips over my cheek bones, and jaw line and over my lips. And then his were on mine, kissing me softly but with an eagerness lurking just below the surface. When we broke apart he placed his soothingly cool forehead against my feverish one. "Forever," he whispered. I closed my eyes to take in the full meaning of the single word.

When I opened my eyes I was flying again, this time along the surface of the forest clinging tightly to Edward's back, the wind whipping violently through my hair and across my face. The trees sped by in a green and brown blur. When we stopped we were standing in front of the beautiful white house by the river. He slid me off of his back and onto the ground beside him. He took my hand and stared directly into my eyes again.

"Isabella Marie Swan, I will love you forever. I will cherish you always. You are my perfect match in every way." His voice was trembling slightly, as were his hands, but I'd never seen him look more confident. Why was he saying this? It didn't need to be said, I knew it with every fiber of my being- I knew it. His lips parted into a gentle smile and glanced to one side. I followed his gaze and realized that we were no longer alone.

Sitting in familiar white chairs was everyone I knew; Charlie, Renee, Phil, all of the Cullens, my friends from school and... Jake. My sun, my best friend, Jacob Black was there. He wasn't smiling, but he didn't seem angry either.

A jovial booming voice interrupted my survey of the gathered crowd, "Edward, you may kiss your bride." I turned my eyes to see Emmett grinning like a kid caught with his hand in a cookie jar. His dimples were more pronounced than I'd ever seen them. I shifted my gaze back to Edward. He looked... unbelievable, even more breathtaking somehow. His golden stare was tender, so full of love that it made my heart swell to the point that I felt like it would burst from my chest. He kissed me, more passionately than before but he was still careful.

"I love you," I heard myself whisper when our lips parted.

"Forever," he replied, all traces of his earlier trembling gone.


When I woke up, there was an overwhelming sense of peace that still hung in the air around me. I opened my eyes to see Alice smiling down at me.

"It's about time!" she exclaimed, her smile expanding. "I was just about to wake you myself!"

I sat up, the details of my dreams already becoming hazy in my mind, and focused on Alice's smiling face. She was practically bouncing up and down in excitement.

"Get up, get up!" she said as she playfully pushed at my shoulders. Her touch was gentle but hard enough for me to know that she meant what she said. I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and stood up. The action woke the swarm of angry butterflies and I clutched at my stomach.

"Hungry?" Alice asked.

"Not at all. Please don't mention food..." I trailed off.

"Ew... there will be none of that today." She wrinkled her nose in disgust. "A shower will probably make you feel better, and then we've really got to be going."

Alice was right; the shower did make me feel better. The butterflies went back to sleep and my head was clear. I felt exhilarated, ready for anything and everything all at once. I opened the door of the bathroom to head back into my room and was surprised to see Alice standing at the top of the stairs.

"I laid some cloths out for you. I'll be waiting in the car," she said just before kissing my cheek and skipping down the steps. I heard her call a cheerful greeting to Charlie when she reached the bottom.

Sure enough, when I opened the door to my bedroom, my favorite jeans and a flannel button up shirt lay folded on my pillow. I knew how impatient Alice could get, so I dressed quickly so as to not keep her waiting too long. Once I was dressed, I hurried down the stairs, and sprinted for the door.

"Bye, Dad. I'll see you later," I called, one hand already reaching for the door knob. There was only silence from the kitchen. Charlie's lack of response struck me as odd, so I turned on my heel and went to say goodbye face to face. Sure enough, he was sitting in his usual chair, reading the paper when I walked into the tiny room.

"Dad? Did you hear me? I'm going with Alice to start getting ready."

"Okay, Kiddo," he replied, without removing the paper from in front of his face. His response seemed strange and I was about to press him further when I noticed that the paper he held was quivering ever so slightly in his hands. Charlie was never one to display his emotions openly and I knew he was using the paper as a shield from something he didn't want me to see.

"I love you, Dad," I said, my voice a little softer this time.

"Love you too, Bell," he said quickly. I smiled at him from the other side of his shield. I knew he couldn't see it, but I hoped that he could feel it. I then turned and rushed out the door to where Alice was already revving the engine of her Porsche in impatience.

"Could you have gone any slower?" she said, smirking. I knew she meant for her remark to be playful but there was a definite edge to her words.

"Sorry, Charlie was... sad, I think."

"Oh..." she hesitated for a second, staring through the windshield. "Don't worry; he'll still be there to walk you down the aisle." Her voice turned into a high pitched squeal on the last three words and she clapped her hands. She then threw the car in reverse, backed out of Charlie's driveway, and sped off down the main road and out of Forks.