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Romeo and Juliet

My name is Quil Ateara, and up untill recently there were three things I was sure about. First, I thought I was best friends with Jacob Black, and Embry Call. Second, I was sure I was human. And third, I believed that there was no real existance of mythical creatures. How could I have been so wrong? Once Jacob and Embry join the pack, Quil is left alone and confused. When he stumbles upon a lone vampire, he doesn't realize at first what she is, or what he is to become. And when their friendship becomes closer, the pack threatens to tare it apart. Chapter 22 now up!


15. Letter

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After my late lunch I sat on the couch for a while, flipping through the channels on the old TV. Nothing caught my eye, well that wasn’t entirely true, but it wasn’t something I would be watching. It was a documentary on the Discovery Channel on wolves, how ironic. For over an hour I stared blankly at the changing pictures flashing across the screen. When I finally decided to go upstairs I had no clue as to what I just saw. My feet dragged along the steps as I climbed my way to my room. It felt like ages since I’d been in the tiny closet sized bed room. Everything looked to be exactly as I left it but when I turned to my bed I saw my duffle bag was sitting there; a note sticking out of the top. Pushing the bag over a little I sat down on the quilt and pulled the note off the bag. In a neat script it said Quil, on the front of the envelope. Turning it over I took the letter out and placed the envelope aside.

June 15th

Dear Quil,

I hope you don’t mind but I brought your stuff back to your house. The other day it rained and I was afraid your things might have gotten wet so I packed them up for you and brought them here. Please don’t be mad at me.

Where are you? It’s been days since I’ve seen you and I’m a little worried. Is everything alright? I’ve been staying with the Cullen’s for the time being and been abiding by my new lifestyle. It’s hard but worth the effort. On the plus side I don’t have to hide my eyes anymore as they are now a butterscotch color. Please contact me when you get this, if you want to that is.

Love, Terra E. Radcliffe

Cell: 267-834-9210

Holding the note with one hand I placed a finger from the other over the word ‘Love‘. I knew it was just a salutation but it still me smile convulsively. What is she truly meant it, if she did love me? Did I love her? As a friend I guess I did, but the feelings I had didn’t feel like a brotherly love for her. What would that do to our friendship? If I did love Terra in that way and she didn’t feel the same it would make everything awkward. Even if it were the other way around the feeling of awkwardness would still remain present.

But what about the monsters we were, me a werewolf, and Terra a vampire. Technically we’re not even suppose to be friends let alone more than that. Maybe Terra would want to be my friend after I tell what I am. Maybe she’ll leave. I didn’t want her to leave but if that was her choice I suppose I would honor it. Looking at my watch I saw it said 5:00 and that the date was June 16th. So Terra had been here yesterday, but how did she get in? I don’t think she would have went to the door due to the fact that last time I nearly had to drag her in. Laying down on the bed after moving my bag to the floor I was just staring up at the ceiling. Above me I could see the frame of the window that covered the wall behind my head. I never opened the window before and was probably rusted shut from so much rain pouring between the cracks.

Inhaling deeply I could make out Terra’s bittersweet scent fading from my room’s atmosphere. It told me she hadn’t been here for a while but she had been here nonetheless. Of course I knew that from the letter but still her aroma made it more believable. Closing my eyes I tried to picture Terra placing the bag on top my bed and tucking the letter slightly under the open zipper. As much as I replayed that imagined scene I could never truly believe it happened, believe that she would really come to my house just to drop off my stuff. In some ways I felt flattered that she cared enough to come in the first place, but it only left the rest of me to wonder. Why did Terra care so much? Would I do the same for her? Was it merely out of guilt for leaving in such a hurry however many days ago it was I last saw her? I didn’t think it was the last suspicion for I was more sure that she was just avoiding Sam and them as I would do now as well.

At this moment to say I was confused was far to vague to even describe my emotions. My brain was saying it was wrong for us to be together as friends or anything else, but my heart pounded a protest to that deep inside my chest. I wanted to be with Terra, even just looking at her, silently watching, I would be content. Never had I desired to be with some like this and in some ways that scared me. I heard of how you could love someone but they wouldn’t love you back, like in Romeo and Juliet, at the beginning of the play Romeo was in love with Rosaline but she felt nothing for him. What if I were Romeo; was Terra Rosaline, or was she Juliet? With the hope that Terra was my Juliet I picked up my phone and dialed in the numbers she had written in the letter.